Round: 406

Suppose there was a place in Neopia where one could get free jelly. We know of no such place, and surely it doesn't really exist, but just for fun, let's pretend it's real.

While you only get one jelly per day through the rest of the year, this hypothetical jelly-obtaining place has special rules for the Month of Relaxing. Mondays, you get twice as many jellies as the previous day. Tuesdays, you get four more jellies than the previous Tuesday. Wednesdays, you get three jellies. Thursdays, you get the number of jellies that you've already obtained during the month. Fridays, you get eleven jellies for the first Friday, twice that for the second Friday, etc., Saturdays, you get three times the sum of the previous two days' jellies. And Sunday, you get the average of the previous seven days, rounded up to the nearest integer.

How many jellies can you obtain during the month of Relaxing? Please enter a number with no punctuation or other information, otherwise your answer will be marked wrong!

Answer: 76794

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