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Evidence: One of the jingle dice from King Roo's crown!
Note to self: Clockwork toys are evil.
I'd like to say that I arrived in Terror Mountain in style, but the truth is that hot air balloons are kind of slow, chilly, and windy. Great views, though. Anyway, I headed straight up to Donny's Toy Repair. Outside the door I found one of the dice from his crown. That was bad enough to make me worry.
But then, when I knocked, this army of clockwork toys attacked me! I dashed inside, hoping Donny was around to disable his security. Instead, who do I find looting the place? None other than the notorious thief, Valin the Quick! It was Valin who'd unleashed the clockwork toys on me. When he saw me, he locked me up in this broom closet. That fink!

It's pretty hard to read what I'm writing here in the dark. How am I going to get out of this so I can find King Roo? Must think.
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