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I'm told that the title says, "Welcome to the mother ship!"
This is the view from one of the portholes. Neopia is so far away!
I'm in SPACE! The teleporter put me on the Alien Aisha mother ship. I wasn't expecting that. Anyway, a janitor spotted me peeking into storage rooms. He told me King Roo was caught snooping around the Vending Machine, so they interrogated him. Yikes!

Then the janitor gave me a brochure in case I want to come back and visit. The Splurgles are supposedly delicious. I'll take his word for it.
The Alien Aishas questioned King Roo and then released him at the Neolodge back in Neopia Central. I heard part of King Roo's interrogation: "Bugs! The horror! The Games Room was going to be my triumph, the tourist attraction that put Roo Island on the map, and now look at it -- it's ruined! It's... BUGGY!!" Poor King Roo.

On that note, I guess I'm off to the Neolodge.
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