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Daily Dare: Story

Abigail hoped that she didn't look nearly as grubby as her brother did, but that was just wishful thinking. After spending so long in the dungeon, their clothes were filthy with sweat and body odor. Behind them, a rather wicked and most unpleasant Wocky named Scram continued to stand guard, his face glaring intensely as Abigail saw him out of the corner of her eye.

The young Aisha stole another quick glance at Scram and cocked an eyebrow when she noticed he was playing rock, paper, scissor... against himself. She didn't have much time to dwell on the insanity of it all, though, as above her a pair of torches wooshed to life. The dark shadow of the one holding them hostage appeared on a balcony high above them.

All he said was, "Carry on."