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Daily Dare: Story

It was a beautiful evening in Neopia. The stars were shining, not a cloud was in sight, and a gentle breeze brought refreshment to those who'd decided to spend the evening sitting on their porches, listening to the Whoots as they called from their perches among the trees. Of course, in the Avinroo household one would be hard-pressed to hear the twittering of Whoots over the blaring noise of Aristotle's video games and the sound of his thumbs furiously striking the buttons of his controller. His sister was with him, bored as usual, watching her brother play.

Abigail stretched and stifled a yawn, pondering if she could convince her brother to go outside and play with her. Not likely, she thought to herself as she glanced over at Aristotle, who was closing in on one of his highest scores ever. Even if he did surpass his ultimate score, he'd simply start another game rather than go outside. Abigail decided it wasn't worth the effort to even ask him, so she opened the front door to go out and play by herself.

It happened so quickly, Abigail had no idea what had occurred. One moment she was heading outside to play, and the next she and her brother were being whisked away from their home and dragged through a dark forest. Abigail twisted her body, trying to free herself, but the villain's grip was too tight to escape. Aristotle was shouting at the top of his lungs about how the kidnapper had messed up his high score and ranting that this was no way to treat Neopia's finest gamer. Their cries went unheard by anyone that could help and unanswered by their abductor.

Eventually, the siblings were dumped unceremoniously in a dungeon that looked to be some sort of gaming chamber. There, AAA was forced to play games endlessly. Hours passed, then days. Abigail finally lost track of time. Aristotle blinked blearily and fought to remain upright as he forced his sore thumbs and tired eyes to keep watching and moving as the games continued. The Games Master complained relentlessly, but his sister tried her best to tune him out to retain her sanity.

Abigail found some tape and used that to silence her brother. After a while, she noticed him looking at her, as though he was trying to communicate. She leaned over to listen, but all she could make out was "Mmmm... mmmm."

At that point, she ripped the tape off to hear what her brother was trying to say. She did it none too gently, though, and was thanked for her trouble with an ear-piercing scream from her brother. Abigail winced and put the tape back over his mouth.

"Mmm. Mmm MMM," her brother mumbled again through the tape. Abigail glared at him before returning to her plea for help from Neopia's greatest gamers. As if mocking her thoughts of escape, the insane laughter of their abductor echoed across the walls.

Aristotle rolled his eyes at his sister and responded with another mumble through the tape. Apparently, her brother was of the opinion that if their hopes of release were pinned on other gamers defeating his very best scores, then they'd never get out of that dungeon.