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- Today's Gallery Spotlight -

Gallery Name: ~ Hannah the Great ~
Owner: anactualemergency
Description: In honor of the newest TCG expansion, Hannah and the Ice Caves, I present to you a gallery dedicated to Hannah; Hannah the Great! In a land where the Usul is oft overlooked, a bold heroine stands out amongst the Lishas, Jerans, Rohanes and Mipsys of this world. It is the brave, the beautiful, Hannah! She runs, she jumps, she climbs and she swims; there is no pirate cave (and no cave in general) she cannot outwit. Come one and come all, pay homage to the fair Hannah. (And remark ye not about her striking similarity to a pirate wench usuki doll, unless asking if the doll was created in her image, and not - somehow - vice versa!)

The Gallery:

Hannah says 'Nothing is for sale, silly.'

All things Hannah!

Well, with only four Actual items in Neopia dedicated to the lovely Hannah, we're going to surround Hannah items with items that remind her of the game in which she stars, the wonderful Hannah and the Pirate Caves.

(Yes, the only true Hannah item missing is the Hannah Action Figure, anyone got a spare? ;))

This Usuki Pirate Wench is Hannah's mirror image, don't you think?

The stone snowball represents all those boulders she has to push around.

The heart charm signifies the occasional (and oh-so helpful) life-up hearts that can be found throughout the game.

And how can we have Hannah and the Pirate Caves without her two most common villains?

True, this Pawkeet doesn't look nearly as malevolent as the one that's out to get her in the game, but I think he's a pretty good likeness! And the Mirgle found in this gallery is almost a dead ringer for the one that always seems to be blocking Hannah's way!

The sweet tarts chest represents those ever important treasure chests, and the gold chocolate coins mirror the lovely coins found inside the chests!

The wooden toy box is the closest thing we could find to a crate, and Hannah says it smashes just as easily!

This magical snowball can be thrown at an opponent in the Battledome.  You can only use it once however, so stock up! One Use.
Stone Snowball
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

This cute plastic necklace makes a great gift for a loved one.
Heart Shaped Charm
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

A swift cheeky little Mirgle is just what you need to keep your Neopet company.
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

Well known for their love of Deckball, a Pawkeet makes a fun loving pal.
Blue Pawkeet
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

SweeTARTS Chest filled with all the great varieties of SweeTARTS candies!
SweetTARTS Chest
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

A big bag of foil covered coins that look just like Neopoints. This was an Advent Calendar prize in year 4.
Gold Chocolate Coins
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

Many a daring pirate has lost his heart to this dazzling beauty.
Usuki Pirate Wench
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

This spectacular poster would look just great on your wall.
Hannah Poster
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

Top tips to surviving even the nastiest caves.
Hannah and the Pirate Caves
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

Arrr it be a fine place to stash your bootie!
Wooden Toy Box
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

To play this, tap one of your Earth or Water Neopets. When you play this card, you may return an Item from your discard pile to your hand.
Hannah the Usul (TCG)
1 in stock
Cost : 249,999 NP

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