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Gallery Spotlight

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- Today's Gallery Spotlight -

Gallery Name:Army of Bob
Owner: blobenterprises
Description: Um... Cute Abominable Snowballs. Very peaceful, nothing to do with World Domination. *shifty eyes*

Got a make-your-own snowball section, although there seems to be a lack of coal in Neopia...

Also got a graveyard where all the unfortunate Abominable Snowballs have been memorised...

Hopefully its something a little different, a little more unique?

Take a look, and please get back to me if I need to work on it some more, this is my first attempt so I\'d like some kind of feedback.

Thanks... Blob :)

The Gallery:

Bob says Only Bobs beyond this point.

They can't stand the pressure. They can't take the heat. They are the:

Army of Bob (Some assembly required)

Current Mission: To infiltrate enemy galleries.

I recruited these Bobs from various locations, to my secret base (somewhere on Terror Mountain...) Our ultimate goal: To take over Neopia! But first, we must gather intelligence...

Blue Bob (codename=fred) is the Leader. He is in charge of all the Bobs.
Pirate Bob (codename=BC) is the Tactician. He creates all the plans for any situation. Robot Bob (codename=808) is the Espionage Expert. He deals with the infiltration of Bobs into enemy galleries.
Yellow Bob (codename=NHH) is the Chef. He makes Cookies.
Plushie Bob (codename=garm) is the Guard. He is the toughest of the Bobs. He eats a lot of the cookies.
Red Bob (codename=honest) is the Messenger. He deals with the paperwork.
Spotted Bob (codename=stripe) is in Hiding. He was spotted whilst trying to infiltrate an enemy gallery.
Purple Bob (codename=robert) is in Quarantine because of Orange Disease.
Sketch Bob (codename=bobby) is in Sick Bay. He is looking a little drained of colour.

2 Bob(s) are currently infiltrating enemy galleries.

Bob Graveyard

Unfortunately, we have had a few incidents involving fire, heat and pressure. We have managed to keep the martyrised Bobs in solid, liquid and gaseous form, as well as their combusted remains. *salute* (One even managed to get himself trapped inside a tcg card, no idea how...)

Make-your-own Bob

I have gathered together all of the key elements to making your very own Bob. You cannot miss out a single ingredient, especially not the christmas wand which is the key to turning the essential items into a real, living Bob.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of setbacks in the assembly process, being: