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Gallery Name:Jungle Survival Guide
Owner: pollywag93
Description: Have you been planning on taking your Neopet on a trip through the jungle. Many pets have been getting lost in the jungle of Mystery Island lately so I decided to put an end to this. This guide will help owners and their Neopets survive the jungle and not get lost.

The Gallery:

Indiana Chomby says Watch out in these parts
Jungle Survival Guide
Lost in the jungle and don't know what to do, be prepared.
This is a list of what all the items are for.
Canned Ham- Canned Food is a must for every time you go into the jungle.
Jungle Arrow- A wepon will help you hunt wild animals if you did not bring canned food or if you run out.
Bottles of Water- Water is one of the only drinks you should bring, soda is bad for you and would run out fast. When out of water go to a nearby river or lake and fill up, be sure to boil water first to get rid of bacteria.
Pit of Fire- A fire is to cook the food you have brought. You wouldn't find an oven in the middle of the jungle.
Top Security Lunch Box- Keep your lunches safe from predators. Be sure to keep it in a high secluded area or use a lock.

Tools to Survive
Maps of Neopia- Bring a map so you don't get lost.
Golden Ivy Leaves- There is no toilet paper in the middle of a jungle ;).
Meerca Brother's Toy Rope- Rope is good incase you or a friend have fallen down a hole and need to get back up. Rope can also be used to tie your items together incase you have no backpack.
Green Backpack- You need to put your items somewhere don't you.
Soothing Bandages- If you are hurt, then you will need bandages to help cover the wound so it won't get infected.
Useful Crystal- This will take care of all your needs.
Rainbow Flare (TCG)- Flares will help planes or people looking for you find out where you are. Do not aim at anybody, only aim towards the sky.
Locator Device- In case you don't have a map then a GPS will be good.

Night Time Surviving
Tent and Green Petpet Sleeping Bag- You need to sleep somewhere don't you, unless you find hollow logs interesting to sleep in.
Flaming Torch Lamp- This will light your path when walking around at night or scare predators away.

What To Wear
Skeith T-Shirt- Bring at least 5 changes of clothing because you don't know how long you will be in the jungle.
Straw Hat- Will protect your eyes from the sun.
Plain Black Sunglasses- In case you have no straw hat, then sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun.

Jungle Survival Tips

Canned Ham

Jungle Arrow

Bottle of Water

Two Bottles of Water

Pit of Fire

Top Security Lunch Box

Maps of Neopia

Golden Ivy Leaves

Meerca Brothers Toy Rope

Green Backpack

Soothing Bandages

Useful Crystal

Handy Compass

Rainbow Flare (TCG)

Locator Device


Green Petpet Sleeping Bag

Flaming Torch Lamp

Skeith T-Shirt

Straw Hat

Plain Black Sunglasses

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