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Neopets Fun Images

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These are a few random images for you to use in your Neopet's homepage, shops, guilds etc. To put these images in your shop, just copy the code in the white box and then paste it where you want it to appear. We will be adding lots more, so keep checking back.

Don't forget, if you use these images on a non-Neopets page, you need to include our Copyright Notice.

Waving Quiggles

Quiggle Snapping Towel

Squirming Mutant Quiggle

Quiggle Eating Fly

Bouncing Quiggle

Baby Quiggle Bubbling

Health Food Shop Quiggle

Quiggle Sway

Quiggle Foot Tap

Quiggle Roar

Quiggle Making Faces

Quiggle Wiggle

Quiggle Jump

Quiggle Dance

Quiggle Tongue

Quiggle Tongue

Baby Blinking

Running Quiggles

Brown Quiggle Raking

Quiggle Swimming

Quiggle nuzzling Usuki

Writing Quiggle

Quiggle w/ Kite