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These are a few random images for you to use in your Neopet's homepage, shops, guilds etc. To put these images in your shop, just copy the code in the white box and then paste it where you want it to appear. We will be adding lots more, so keep checking back.

Don't forget, if you use these images on a non-Neopets page, you need to include our Copyright Notice.

Green JubJub Rolling

Ice Skating JubJub

Maraquan JubJub Jumping

Grey JubJub Thinking

JubJub Pie Face

Baby JubJub Rolling

Floating JubJub in Bubble

JubJub Wave

JubJub Lantern Hop

Rainbow JubJub Hopping

JubJub Running

Jumping JubJub

JubJub With Comb

Drying JubJub

Squirming Mutant JubJub

Swimming Maraquan JubJub

Floating Ghost JubJub

Baby JubJub with Pacifier

Green Running JubJub

Red Running JubJub

Yellow Running JubJub

Blue Running JubJub

JubJub Wiggle

JubJub Wiggle

JubJub Wiggle

JubJub Roll

JubJub Bounce

Faerie JubJub

Glowing JubJub