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Neopets Fun Images

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These are a few random images for you to use in your Neopet's homepage, shops, guilds etc. To put these images in your shop, just copy the code in the white box and then paste it where you want it to appear. We will be adding lots more, so keep checking back.

Don't forget, if you use these images on a non-Neopets page, you need to include our Copyright Notice.

Neovian Sign

Maraqua Danger

Pulsating Maraquan Pendant

Spinning Pretzel

Disappearing Waffle

Mopey E-mote

Destruct-O-Match III Blocks

Hot Cup of Tea

Steaming Tea Pot

Plant Spitting Courgettes

Runaway Courgette

Courgette Slices

Spinning Toadstool

Fleaf on a Flower

Twisty Doughnut

Spinning Chokato Doughnut

Eating Sugared Doughnut

Bouncing Pink Doughnut

Smug Bug Taunt

Smug Bug Sticky Paper

Smug Bug Net

Smug Bug Goop

Valentines Day Ring Shining

Spinning Checkered Sofa

Melting Checkered Ice Cream

Bone Pile

Hot Dog Throwing Pickles

Hot Dog Walking on Ketchup

Hot Dog Jumping on Mustard

Biscuit Brigade Castle

Biscuit Brigade Trophy

Biscuit Brigade Soldiers

Rolling Gift


Flower Opening

Singing Flower

Blazing Bonfire

Exploding Fireworks

Leaf Changing Colour

Glaring Sid

Ultimate Bullseye

Fire Ring

Glamourous Perfume

Glamourous Bracelet

Goparokko TNT Block

Goparokko Witch Doctor

Vanishing Goparokko Blocks

Spinning Goparokko Blocks

Nesting Doll Pygui

Wave Constellation

Meteor Shower

Snackrifice Polarchuck

Sophies Magic Pie

Pirate Balloon

Mammonth With a Rock

Titanic Giant Squid Portal

Swimming Titanic Giant Squid

Small Giant Squid

Large Giant Squid

Swimming Black Squid

Ednas Scary Soup

Lurking Mine

Dubloon Disaster Logo

Exploding Mine

Belching Evil Coconut

Chewing Evil Coconut

Roaring Evil Coconut

Burning Evil Coconut

Exploding Lab Jelly

Screaming Lab Jelly

Blinking Lab Jelly

Jumping Lab Jelly

Shining Altador Symbol

Dung Negg

Negg of Purity +1

Fish Negg

Flashing Lights

Shaking Achyfi Can

Dancing Achyfi Cans

Shaking Achyfi Can

Dancing Achyfi Can

Grey Evil Fuzzle

Red Evil Fuzzle

Evil Fuzzle In Space