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There were five different guests at the meal (not including King Coltzan).

Princess Vyssa (Female)

Princess Vyssa is the daughter of the King, and is loved by the inhabitants of Sakhmet as much as she is beautiful. She is next in line to her fathers throne.

Senator Palpus (Male)

Palpus is an old retired general in the Sakhmet Defence Force. He has kept on good terms with the King since he quit the army, which may be why he has such a great pension plan!

Advisor Wessle (Male)

Wessle is the King's right hand man, a sneaky, wily Kyrii who helps him with every decision. If anything underhand or illegal is happening in the Lost Desert, Wessle is sure to know about it.

Senator Barca (Female)

Barca has been deeply involved in Sakhmetian politics for the last thirty years. Although not a member of the Royal Family, her power and influence stretch far outside the walls of the city.

Princess Sankara (Female)

Princess Sankara is not the daughter of the King, her family ruled a land many dunes away. When their city was attacked by a neighbouring force, Sankara ran away to seek refuge in Sakhmet.


Five different meals were eaten at the feast. No two guests ate the same dish.

Tut Trout

Cheops Omelette

Fried Ummagine

Grakle Stew

Sphinx Links


One of the guests ate one course of food, one of the guests ate two, one had three, one had four, and one particulary hungry guest had five courses of food.


The king was noticeably appalled during the meal, as his guests were far from pleasant dining companions. One guest spoke very very loudly, one guest had a cold and could not stop sniffing, another one was a very messy eater, getting food all over their face and clothes, one guest kept burping, and the last guest kept giving everybody else shifty looks.

In fact the King was very annoyed by all five of his guests!

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