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Every day for 5 days we will be giving out a clue (or two), until the last clue is released on Friday.

Clue One - The person who was sniffing constantly ate four whole courses of food. Senator Barca did not eat the Cheops Omelette.

Clue Two - The female guest who ate Fried Ummagine helped herself to two courses. The guest who burped loudly through the entire meal (who was not Princess Sankara) ate the smelly Grakle Stew.

Clue Three - Advisor Wessle had exactly one less course than the guest who ate the Cheops Omelette.

Clue Four - Both Senator Barca and the shifty-looking guest went back for more than one course of food.

We have also embedded two clues within our Neopedia!!!

Clue Five - Senator Palpus, who did not speak loudly throughout the meal, had the Tut Trout.

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