Frequently Asked Questions

Halloween Costume Competition FAQ

1) What is the Halloween Costume Competition?

The Spooky Shindig Society has organized a Halloween Costume Competition to recognize Neopians with the most incredible costumes this year. With just a little creativity, imagination and a good sense of humour, you could be walking away with the coveted Halloween Costume Competition trophy. If you'd like to compete, then sign up for the costume competition right away.

2) How does the competition work?

In order to participate, first find out the theme of the ongoing round. Dress your Neopet up in accordance with the theme, and then click ‘Enter’ to go to the contestants’ area. From there, you can choose which Neopet you’d like to enter, and add a title or description to your entry. Click 'Enter this costume' and that's it!

3) Why should I participate in the competition?

You don’t want to disappoint the Spooky Shindig Society with a low turnout now, do you? If that’s not motivation enough, perhaps this will interest you - winners in each round will get the coveted Halloween Costume Competition trophy.

4) How long will the competition last?

The competition will last from 24 October to 5 November, 11:59:59 PM NST. The competition is divided into rounds, each round based on a different theme. Round 1 will last for 1.5 days, until 11:59:59 PM NST on 25 October and Rounds 2 – 11 will last for 24 hours each after that.

5) What are the themes for the different rounds in the competition?

To see the themes for each of the rounds, visit the Schedule page.

6) Can I submit a costume that references characters or concepts not in Neopia?

Everyone knows there is life on other planets, so unless specified, you do not need to limit yourself to Neopian places or characters.

7) Can I participate in this competition from my side account?

Yes, you can enter your Neopets to the Halloween Costume Competition from your side account, but you cannot use it for voting.