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Neopets Poems

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The Resplendent Kingdom
By Silver_spiderlilies

Dawn bursts with glitzy shades
Sunrays smile through leafy glades
And dance on flags at fair parades

Twinkling through sparkling stained glass
And kissing gently silver grass
It beams bright on Brightvale brass

Awake! The Kingdom is awake
And soft-crust buns in ovens bake
While Furangas hang on splintered stakes

The Palace glows with busy drone
King Hagan reads 'top burnished throne
From dusty knurled beaten tomes

The emerald Draik spins on golden heel
Beside gem-spangled lustrous wheel
That's sweet luxurious to the feel

Pages turn in Kingdom wise
Full of Faerie-kissed surprise
And scrolls bathed in gold Sunrise

Below the pebbled bridges falls
Rivulets leap in shining waltz
A fluid dance in river halls

And in the branches of lush trees
Psellia whispers among the leaves
Praises of Brightvale's histories

For where would we be without Brightvale grand
Where peasants feast hand in hand
The Wise, the Earthy, Resplendent land

By Peanut02395

He stares at the ocean, the untamable ocean,
It's golden and crystal and clear,
The sun sets behind it,
Where they never can find it,
Ane he wipes at a frustrated tear.

"It's uncrossable, that ocean,
The wild, roaring ocean,"
He weeps in his anger and fright,
And a hoarse shouting cry
Of "We're all going to die,"
Rings over the poop-deck at night.

The Captain approaches, his fury approaches,
"What moaning is this that I hear?
You're a Pirate, you clod, a rough lootin' Pirate
What is it that we've got to fear?

"We pillage and loot, and store gold to boot,
And swash-buckle-buckle all day,
We're an army of Pirates,
Hard-tack eating Pirates,
Are you listening to what I say?"

The Pirate is weeping, shakes his head
And, still weeping,
Points to a barrel of gold,
"We're all going to die, and I'll tell you why,
Someone drank all the drinks that were cold!

"All that's left are so hot, so melty and hot,
Our slushies are nothing but goo,
And our proud little smoothies,
Such cold frothy smoothies,
Why, they're deceased and gone too!"

The Captain cries out, he pulls his hair out,
"How can this be?" he wails.
And the grand ship so mighty,
So wonderfully water-tighty,
Turns back with the wind in its sails.

For it's ever so true, as true as dark blue,
A Pirate is so strange and bizzare,
They have to have ice, their cold, crushed ice,
Without it, they won't go far.

The Tears of Caylis
By Voldemorts_evil_spy

No one sees her falling tears,
They blend in with the sea.
"Salt with salt, it's all my fault,
Dreams, don't come to me!"

No one watches out for her,
None care if she survives.
And while she broods in solitude,
I'm saving all their lives.

I bring good fortune to the sea,
They all want me to stay.
But my sister's dreams just bring their screams,
And they push her far away.

The sea is big and spacious,
Yet there's no where left to hide.
She lives alone, she weeps and moans,
She holds on to her pride.

She drifts among the rocky coral,
She floats beneath the sun.
She swims along and cries her song,
Her happy days are done.

Once she lived among us,
In the land of gleaming might.
They drove her out without a doubt,
They keep her far from sight.

No one sees her falling tears,
They blend in with the sea,
She despairs and my heart tears,
Why can't she stay with me?

The Chia Poet
By Reggieman721

There lies within the marketplace,
A statue made of stone.
Through day and night, twixt busy shops,
This beacon stands alone.

The Chia poet reaches out,
Lips parted, eyes aglow,
His hat askew, his feather curled,
As pets pass to and fro.

The Chia statue represents
The pinnacle of art.
The words of poets 'round the world
Do touch and warm the heart.

The Chia figure doth proclaim
The poetry of time.
Its verses carry through the years,
A never-ending rhyme.

The Chia statue holds a sheet.
He reads each ageless line.
The words part of a timeless tale
That no one can define.

Dance of the Slorgs
By Kikiscamps_mom

I looked into my garden,
One darkened autumn eve,
And saw a patch of movement
Beneath the heart fruit tree.

Curiosity drew me nearer,
I crept on cautious feet
To hide beneath a nearby bush
Where I took a seat.

Peering between the branches
I saw a hundred Slorgs!
Each dressed in royal finery,
On old husks they did gorge.

Then the King Slorg raised his scepter
(Which took a good few minutes!),
And declared that dancing should begin,
The feast, for now, was finished.

Two by two they formed a line,
That wound around the tree,
As Slorg musicians readied bows
To begin the festivity.

That one dance took them hours,
Their incremental progress
Developed flowered intricacy
As the slow moon wandered west.

With a start I woke in bed,
The morning sun was streaming;
I chuckled in self-amusement
At such creative dreaming.

Gathering a cup of borovan
I walked the dewy grass;
Wandering into the garden's glade,
My shock left me aghast:

For on the lawn beneath the tree,
My wandering eyes did find,
A glistening knotted pattern
Of glowing Slorg trail slime!

The Lonesome Robot
By Skycrowmor

Within the famous Mining Corp
Upon the Kreludor Moon
Stands a solitary robot guard
Under the skies star-strewn.

Clad in bulky silver armour,
Steel red eyes shine out from his head,
From the light of the stars the metal gleams
As a lonely glass tear he sheds.

He stands like a plushie forgotten,
Like a friend who has been betrayed,
The only pets he rarely meets
Quickly flee from him, afraid.

Amongst the maze of levers and wires
And the flashing red lights on the dusty plains,
This neglected robot guards it all,
He is shackled there by invisible chains.

Though his iron frame is huge and oppressive
The robot's movements are gentle and calm,
He handles the electronics
He's instructed to watch
Like they are children instead of alarms.

As lonely and desolate this robot may be,
As ravaged by desperation and doubt,
Whenever someone comes near, as instructed,

He waits for the one with the authorisation code,
The one his loneliness will end,
The one he has been instructed to allow to pass
Will be the one whom
He's allowed to make friends.

And so this lonesome robot waits,
His lasers always ready to fire a shot,
He will wait for eternity;
The S750 Kreludan Defender Robot.

The Great Whiteness
By Party_hobbit

The snow, still lingering in the air
Shrouded the town in white
Naught could be seen, evil nor fair
But whiteness, day and night.

In their houses the Zafaras huddled
Grouped around a fire
Telling tales that soon got muddled
Singing to lift spirits higher.

For two hundred days the whiteness prevailed
And no hope was in sight
One by one the Zafaras failed
And froze, so cold was their plight.

One windy morn, there came a stranger
Swathed in hood and cloak
Seeing the town in such grave danger
With his tongue dealt the weather a stroke

"Begone, oh winds, that bring the sleet
And clouds that bring the snow
No more this town be as white as a sheet
To Terror Mountain, GO!"

And the wind and snow heeded his call
And left the stricken town
Since then, the snow will ever fall
On Terror Mountain is found.

The heroic Zafara helped the people
Rebuild their snowswept town
And after, you'd hear from earth to steeple
Praise to the stranger found.

The Cyodrake's Gaze
By Mithril_mithrandir

Beneath the sun, beneath the stars,
Above the land and over sea,
A mighty ship is seen afar,
Glinting in morning's first gleam.

A breeze gusts across the sun-dried land,
White wings begin to unfold
With a brilliance like a burning brand,
Speaking of stories that remain untold.

Beneath a veil of fine spun fog,
Beneath a shroud of mystery,
It traverses through plain and bog,
Rewriting Neopian history.

Steaming up the river it comes,
Silhouetted on a rising sun,
The sails begin to flap and thrum,
And the children begin to run.

Jumping and shouting, screaming with glee,
The little ones run through a smoggy haze,
For the ship of their dreams they can finally see,
A ship called the Cyodrake's Gaze.

Marak the Wave
By Natasha_nguyen

Amid oceans of gentle blue
Crests of waves sparkling white
Lutari constantly swimming through
In this expanse a young mind takes flight.

Marak the Wave, strong of hoof
Trident of coral makes all flee
His victories are the truthful proof
Confident armies does he lead.

Then the villages did attack
With rollings stones that fell like hail
But the Peophin clan struck back
And in the end they did prevail.

Honored hero, smart and brave
For his effort he refused all coin
Until the famous Altador came
And asked Marak if he would join?

Only a first courageous notion
Now a Guardian of the land
Marak swims in some distant ocean
Reigning with trident in hand.

Chant of the Faeries
By PhoenixLYD10012

Tiny flower, drop of dew,
Just-born Ixi, fragile, new,
Forests, woodlands, full of mirth,
Come now - faerie of the earth!

China shell and cockle gold,
Streams and rivers, icy cold,
Warn Petpets with claw and fur,
Come now - faerie of water!

Forest flame, and fireplace blacken,
Singe the ferns, the heather, bracken,
Enemy, or friend desired?
Come now - faerie of the fire!

Frozen iceberg, mountain top,
Harshest, fiercest river - stopped,
Where it falls, no place to go,
Come now - faerie of the snow!

Gleaming, glistening, power behold!
Beauty, courage - can't be told,
Make the wish of this chant seen,
Come now - oh, please! Faerie Queen!

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