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Neopets Poems

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Bruce Day
By Party_hobbit

Bertram the Bruce sat high in his lair
Biting at the ribbon encasing his hair.
His shallow black eyes were fixed on his plate
As he wallowed in roaring pools of hate.

Things hadn't always been this way
Once he could stand the light of day
He had been happy, loved, and free
Until the day of the shopping spree.

He had been young, and eager as pie
When his mother and sister took him to the sky
"Faerieland shops," they said, by way of a vent,
"Will have even Jhudora shop till she's spent!"

Bertram, his eyes filled with neon light,
Climbed up the shop stairs, flight after flight,
He saw perfumes, Petpets and books galore
While always behind his family cried, "MORE!"

Then came Jhudora, with all of her fiends,
Carrying parcels by every means,
With a contemptuous look at Bertram's hair
They swept out of sight, back to her lair.

That night little Bertram, alone in his room
Began sinking lower and lower into gloom
He tore at his ribbon, he messed up his hair
He got up and ran, away to some fair.

He fought against cuteness; such was his right,
He shunned all daylight, emerging at night,
He hated his softness, his perpetual fluff,
Poor, ribboned Bertram had had quite enough.

So now he lived high and alone,
Making no noise; barely a moan,
He vowed destruction to the Faerieland shops,
His mind went through plans in leaps and hops.

Here we leave Bertram, to mope as he pleases,
His family forgot him, and nobody teases,
If only someone could show him the notion
That an easy cure for cuteness
Is Transmogrification Potion!

The Shadow Sleeper
By Rhiannonleigh1979

Tales are told by firelight
In countless NeoHomes, at night
Warm at hearth and safe within
The Storytellers start to spin
Myths of heroes brave and bold
But one tale makes the blood run cold
The stoutest hero quakes with fear
When Shadow Sleeper passes near

The legends say that long ago
Within the frozen ice and snow
Of Terror Mountain, near the peak
Where freezing windstorms howl and shriek
A cavern dark as frozen night
Where a phantom Bruce was locked up tight
Lay undisturbed for eons long
'Til one young Gelert came along

It started with a simple bet
A group of youngling Neopets
Playing "Dare You!" after class
Nobody wanted to be last
For one young Gelert, green and tough
The challenges weren't hard enough
He boasted with a lively grin,
"I'll show you all that I can win!

"I'll climb so high, so fast, you'll see!
Taelia herself will envy me!"
With that, he leapt into the snow
In shock, the young ones far below
Called out to him, "Oh no! Have care!
The Shadow Sleeper lives up there!"
But the Gelert was out of sight to all
And then... a distant, fearful call...

"Help, help!" they heard from up on high
Then the wind-roar covered up the cry
The children ran for home to tell
The grownup Neopets the tale
A search party was soon set up
To find the missing Gelert pup
They marched all night without a rest
Until they reached the mountain's crest

They found the Gelert lad out cold
Lying beside the cavern road
But he was quite a shocking sight
His emerald fur was white from fright!
However, he was otherwise unharmed
He was fine as soon as he got warm
The villagers blocked the cavern tight
With weary legs, back home they hiked

But since that day, when darkness falls
And storms blow cold outside the walls
A moan is heard upon the wind
That chills the hearts of all within
The Shadow Sleeper walks the town
Until the stars are falling down
And sunrise breaks the black of night
To paint the valley gold with light

The Rink Runner
By Reanim8d

'Midst snow, falling like precious pearls,
A Bruce stands poised, an eager lass,
Then like a snowflake deftly twirls
Upon a rink of wintery glass;
Her scarf in chilly gusts unfurls -
She flits with unmatched style and class.

Through frosty air she swiftly sweeps,
Her feet fly weightlessly through space.
Turns, twists, and lands, and yet, still keeps
Her balance with finesse and grace.
Spins delicate; an agile leap!
A grin spreads wide across her face.

Slides to the finish line at last,
Confident that none have outdone her.
The judges nod. "Quite unsurpassed,
That one was certainly a stunner."
The Bruce grins wide, for she has passed
The test - and came out top Rink Runner!

By Jupeboxgal

Bruce day dawned bright and with sparkling snow,
Gwendylyn grinned, her eyes bright and aglow.
"Today is the day," she declared with a grin,
"Today I will skate, and today I will win!"

The ice pond was sturdy, no holes to fall through,
And Gwendylyn hurried to pull on her shoes,
For today she had promised
To bring home the gold,
And she would be darned
If she froze from the cold.

Musicians were readied, the Bruces all glared,
Knowing the trophy would hardly be shared,
Only one winner would go home today,
Only one Bruce, though all of them play.

The line was so long, and she so near the end,
That Gwendylyn had a lot of time to spend,
And spend it she did, though she got very bored,
While watching the skaters
And hearing the chords.

She started to drift into Bruce dreamyland,
Full of snow and of Brucicles,
Ice sculptures so grand,
And she slept and she slept
While the line passed her by,
For what was a Bruce but a blink of the eye?

At long last she stirred,
With the sun just then setting,
And, jolting awake, she set then to fretting,
"Oh dear!" she exclaimed,
Seeing the trophy held high,
"Oh dear!" she lamented, and started to cry.

The skating was over, she'd slept through it all,
The grand day she'd dreamed of
She could hardly recall.
Sniffling, she trudged
Toward the now skate-scored ice,
And added her marks,
With moves quick and precise.

She skated and skated and skated some more,
From loops in the middle,
To skirts 'round the shore,
She cried and she panted
And twisted and whirled,
While the snow started falling,
And whisperingly swirled.

Her audience gaped as she skated away,
Oblivious to those who watched her that day,
The trophy still clutched
To the winner Bruce's chest,
He melted and conceded that she was the best.

Finally, she stopped in her elegant dance,
Clapping arousing her out of her trance,
Her tear-puffy eyes full of wonder and awe,
She almost did not comprehend what she saw.

A Christmas Bruce walked towards her,
Still on the ice,
The glittering trophy in a grip like a vise,
He grudgingly, painfully, held out the gold,
And tears fell anew at the twist not foretold.

"Only one trophy," she whispered aloud,
"But all of us winners," she smiled at the crowd.
The Bruces all nodded, with grins on their faces,
And all of them wondered
Who'd win the sled races.

Wind Up Bruce Day
By Girlcreature

Wind him up, and watch him go
As he waddles along, bold but slow,
With orange flippers; up and down
Wobbling journey through the town.

His clockwork body clatters on,
Entranced by what he looks upon.
Beady eyes look left and right
At pets and colours in rapt delight.

Neopia ablaze with smiles,
Joy and laughter spread for miles,
Roadside stalls of cake and juice,
To celebrate the Day of Bruce.

Cheers and poppers explode around
The plastic toy upon the ground,
Who continues on his clockwork-way
Past games and happy disarray.

Streamers, lights and paper chains,
Chocolate, sweets and candy canes,
Crown the boughs of the Money Tree,
As it waves its branches merrily.

And then he's at the Rainbow Pool,
Pets splashing in its liquid cool,
To wash off crumbs and jam from paws,
Cake from mouths and sticky claws.

And as his feet begin to wane,
His owner winds his key again,
(The celebrations far from done!)
Another round of endless fun!

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