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Neopets Poems

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Balthazar's Hunt
By Anjie

Dusk accepts its destined fate,
Surrenders to dark night.
A hundred trees are soon aglow,
With vibrant faerie light.
Serene is glistening evening scene,
For none here know their fate.
Sinister, a creature lurks,
For clouded moon, he'll wait.

Obscured by an onyx shroud
Shall pallid crescent fade.
Then Balthazar can make his move,
Such peace does he invade.
Awake, aware he moves with stealth,
Within his hunting ground.
Sinister, the hiss he makes.
With every faerie found.

Prowling steps take dark Lupe forth,
With silence he'll advance.
Faeries captured in his grasp,
Did never stand a chance.
Into glassy prison jar,
Ignoring faerie tears.
Terrified, they cry for help,
But no one ever hears.

In glossy cell they find themselves,
Bewinged, but can't seek flight.
Balthazar their keeper, now.
A hunter in the night.
Predator, they know him as,
A title Faeries fear.
When tiny creatures flee in fright,
You'll know the beast is near.

Sands Beyond The Lost Desert
By xx_crying_inside_xx

Cascade now sand as swirling storm,
Accent the sky dried up and drawn,
Set haunting mists that flicker yet,
Until the wind you cannot crest.

Wind now raid -- an acrid brew,
Tainted, unruly with course askew,
For woven paths are ripped and torn,
To harbour only winds of scorn.

For skies amidst this barren waste,
Host clouds that render no great haste,
But change appears as gusts revive--
Clouds now flow and are alive.

Beat sun that gives such harsh light cast,
Now lost upon this plain so vast,
For dunes austere and plants so few
Are all that brave the desert true.

Ride scourge of land as swarming beast,
Relentless bane -- you shall not cease,
But while so proud your powers wane,
For without wind you are but grain.

By Brilliance109p

Evening leaves without a trace,
Light no more the ocean's face,
Darken paths of fading day,
And rumble all the blue away.

Beneath the surface, night awakes,
Under brooks and under lakes,
Slumber holds the ocean tight,
Until the dawn is burning bright.

Nonetheless, the shadows creep,
Tearing through the lonely sleep,
This is the city, ruined and torn,
Yet quiet 'til the winter morn.

Maraqua wakes in morning tide,
Floods the sea and floods inside,
While creatures sing and dance and dive,
Watch Maraqua come alive.

Although their life is ripped apart,
They've come afresh, a brand new start,
There home was once of joy and grace,
Now it lies, a ruined place.

Maraqua is restoring fast,
Leaving back their shattered past,
Soon it will be free once more,
And hear the heartbeats on the shore.

Curious Chomby
By Numbertwelve

Late at night as Chombies sleep,
A youngster wanders from his home,
Amongst the snoring herd he slips,
The night is young -- he's off to roam!

Curiousity keeps him moving forward,
Soon he's wandered far away,
Curiousity brings him misplaced courage,
His parents have warned him -- do not stray!

But oh! What's that? That distant light,
A fire faerie's taken flight!
And in a moment has vanished from sight,
Just a tiny flicker in dark of night.

And so the Chomby marches on,
In search of adventure to sate him,
He's lost all sense of direction,
Travelling this way and that on a whim.

In the distant he spots a faint flicker,
And quickly he's back on the faerie's trail,
Rushing amongst the trees and the brush,
Excitedly wagging his tail.

Then into a clearing he sees her,
The fire faerie -- like a delicate flower,
She perks up defensively as he approaches,
Always wary at such a late hour.

But the Chomby is smiling --
Seeming harmless enough,
So the faerie flutters to him,
And softly she sings:

"You're a long way from safety,
And so there I'll take you,
We should hurry you home,
Before your parents awake!
I'll stay there beside you,
A new friend to guide you,
We'll have great adventures,
This promise I make!"

And so -- curiousity satisfied,
And a fire faerie as his guide,
He slips back through the darkness,
To his home -- and then inside.

There he lies in bed and drifts off to sleep,
While in the window sits a fire faerie,
A newfound friend and his to keep!

Wilfred, the White Weewoo
By Alyndasgallery

Whenever you write, you draw or create,
For the paper that we call the Times.
Do you ever wonder, just who gets the job,
Of reading those thousands of lines?

Oh the Neopets staff, they'd like us to believe
That the job goes to one of their staff.
But we have uncovered what really goes on,
For a Weewoo, they get the last laugh!

Can you think of a better way to open a letter,
Than a super sharp, strong little beak?
Can you think of a worker that is more efficient,
Than a Weewoo, who makes not a peep?

Meet Wilfred, the Weewoo who works oh-so-hard.
His feathers are fluffy and white.
He sifts through the entries, day in and day out,
And his typing you'll hear through the night.

So the next time you enter
Your best written verse,
Remember who's reading your words.
For it's Wilfrid, the Weewoo,
Who'd like to remind you
Of the the wonderful talents of birds!

Ace Zafara of Advert Attack
By Reanim8d

He soars undaunted through the vast
Uncharted depths of outer space,
Propelled with every rocket's blast
Towards ever-nearing end of race.

Before him looms the final length
Of track invisible to eye,
And forward shoots with bursts of strength --
A blur, his rocket deftly flies.

A victory, it seems, assured
As closer to the line he draws;
A win, quite easily secured --
But what is this untimely pause?

Alas! for Ace, he cannot see --
The unseen forces that propelled
Him inches from his victory
By some swift action have been quelled.

For Race Robot is not alone
Our hero's only vicious foe --
But advertisements, deftly thrown
That hinder bursts of speed marked "GO!"

And so, thus doomed to hesitate
While cruel adverts block his track,
The speedy Ace Zafara waits
For day when ads no more attack.

A Lone Korbat Amongst the Revenge
By Roseinfestedsoul

I am the beaten Korbat sailing by their greed
Who multitasks and bounds to set aside
Receiving less than requirement to meet
To fight and to immune the tides.

My wings are torn from long past scenes,
No deck here is quite serene,
And lonely sailors lost their dreams
Here upon the Revenge.

At night I fear I'll see comrades
Who were struck by another's sword
Or maybe they fainted from a fatal illness
When they rejoiced just the night before.

Although I'm loyal I'll still flinch
When seeing betrayers walk the plank
Observing them pray for and to nothing
As they clawed the surface while they sank.

One time I felt to redeem my act
From those made suffered and in distress,
But like every pirate we made our pact
And I was no less.

At my post they are the blade
But will never cut me loose,
After all I could easily fade
And cannot escape their noose.

Realizing my sudden mistake
I thought I'd fly away,
But my wings were worn by the time
Of my ending day.

Those battles were needless,
Nothing was being avenged,
And now it's too late for remorse
Here upon the Revenge.

The Labray Scorchio
By Sheep_416

You collected all the map peices,
And just can't wait to go.
But heed my warning when going to see,
The Labray Scorchio...
Unkept hair springs from his head,
Like wild greyish flame.
A roaring laugh, a flash of light,
And you'll never be the same...
A plastered grin, ever shifting eyes,
Survey your quivering pet.
The satisfied look on the Scorchio's face,
That you won't soon forget...
"Fluffypaws! What has he done?"
You wail on the verge of tears.
"Do not blame me," the Scorchio states,
"For you had brought him here..."
You sniff and gaze at Fluffypaws,
(If you could still call him that.)
The Labray Scorchio was right,
There was no turning back...
So taking Fluffy by the claw,
You both leave full of woe.
So heed my warning next time you see,
The Labray Scorchio...

Jerdana's Spell
By Rhiannonleigh1979

Within the verdant forestland
Beyond the marble wall
Beneath the arch of ancient trees
Her silent footsteps fall
Her face is bathed in moonlight
Like a shadowdancer fair
As every shining star above
Weaves silver through her hair

The Mistress of Protection
She walks the night alone
The ever-watchful guardian
Of Altador, her home
With magic as her dagger
And justice her consort
Tonight she casts a desperate spell
A defense of last resort

Let Altador lie sleeping
Hidden well from sight
Until the Heroes come again
And set the world to right
The Darkest Faerie sleeps alone
But someday will be woken
For now, let Altador have peace
Until the spell is broken

The Wave
By Wild_tigerlilly85

The restless sea is merciless
To travellers who dare
To leave the land and venture forth
Into its salty air.

Torrents swallow, creatures lurk,
And mysteries abound.
The waves of angry ocean tide,
Its victims will surround.

A crash, a roar, a scream in fear,
The sounds of the water world.
Inside this vast and endless place,
Ships and sailors are hurled.
But there is a brave protector,
Fearless enough to stand
Against the sea and all it holds,
Only a trident in hand.

His mane is wild as the waves,
His stare could stop a storm.
This Peophin's might and power
Puts him far above the norm.

He is the Wave above all waves,
Altador's ocean mage.
Honored above the others,
Above the sea's great rage.

Held high in their society,
His statue still stands today.
If only we had the power
To wake him in some way...

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