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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Katie the Kyrii
By Buurin

Katie the Kyrii was of the messy kind
Her room was in shambles;
Not a thing she could find!
Wrappers and toys covered the floor
Clothes were in piles, way up to the door.

Her necklaces were tangled in a million knots
And her carpet had suddenly
Grown some green spots.
But Katie didn't care, well, not until now
Because the last straw was when
She lost her pet Gathow.

Whiskers the Gathow had been Katie's best pal
She had never let out a scream or a growl
But now Whiskers was gone,
And Katie was in a fright
So she vowed she would do something
To make everything right.

"Oh where will I find her
In this great big clutter?"
Cried Katie as she slipped
On some three week-old butter
Then she had an idea of the best:
She'd get busy and clean up this big mess!

Katie the Kyrii worked for ten days,
Sorting and folding and putting everything away,
Finally she heard a soft little meow--
Lo and behold, it was Whiskers the Gathow!

Whiskers had been hiding way under the bed,
Afraid of the dust bunnies
And dirt that had loomed ahead,
Now that the room was all nice and clean
Whiskers was back, and Katie absolutely beamed.

Now whenever Katie throws
A wrapper to the ground,
Whiskers will make a small warning sound,
And Katie will pick up the pieces of trash
And find a garbage can, in which to stash.

Katie is ready to clean up the earth
Because Whiskers taught her the valuable worth
Of making our space free of dust and smog,
It's important for all, from a Gathow to a Bearog.

The First Maraquan Shoyru
By Coloratura1832

"Oh, woe is me!" the Shoyru wept.
For days he'd neither ate nor slept.
Instead he sat awake and cried;
He bawled and groaned, he moaned and sighed.
The only thought within his mind
Was of the magic he must find.

This little Shoyru longed to be
A creature deep beneath the sea.
Alas, his wings and stubby limbs
Were simply not designed for swims.
Each day he sat upon the beach
And watched the water, out of reach.

One night he sat upon the sand,
Watching waves crash upon the land.
He would never, by those waves, be tossed,
But just when hope seemed all but lost,
A voice behind him began to sing,
Filling the silence of evening.

Behind him sat the water fae.
The Shoyru did not know what to say.
He simply sat, but could not speak.
And she said, "I know what you seek.
I have the skills to grant your wish,
So you can swim 'round like a fish.

Now hold quite still and soon you'll be
A creature deep beneath the sea."
The faerie held out both her hands.
The Shoyru fell upon the sands.
He tried to stand, to no avail.
He looked... he had a fish's tail!

"Oh, thank you--" he began to say,
But the faerie had gone along her way.
He flopped into the ocean's spray,
And swam in the depths till night was day.
The water gave him such a thrill,
That I have heard he's swimming still.

Dorak the Krawk
By Ibeenbad

In the bay of Krawk Island
There's a rather strange fellow
Who is completely obsessed
With coins made of yellow.
Well, the yellow is gold,
So he's on the right track
That intrepid young Krawk
That is known as Dorak.

Chasing dubloons from dawn until night,
He rows in his boat at the first hint of light.
He rows out to sea, then rows on some more
(Which is quite an improvement
Since he once rowed on shore)

The boat was a present for a really great guy,
He would sit on the beach, his oars staying dry,
His friends all had laughed,
Naming him Captain Lenny,
And his poor boat was called
The Slow Return by so many.

A patch on one eye, and a hook on his hand,
He'd sit there and row all day on the sand.
A Pawkeet perched on his shoulder all day,
As they gazed from the sand, on out to the bay.

The day finally came, that his boat hit the ocean,
The waves were quite brisk
In a wavish type motion,
Captain Lenny, or Dorak...
I suppose you can pick,
Picked up on his rowing,
He had learned it real quick.

And that was the day a new life was started,
And Captain Lenny was
Once and for all quite departed,
Dorak remained, as he hunted down treasure,
Golden dubloons are a pirate's one pleasure.

So come to the Island, and look for that Krawk
(He's gotten quite rich, I promise you'll gawk)
Whether it rains or it shines, he's out chasing gold,
Ducking the mines, that boy is quite bold!

The Vow of Dr. Sloth
By Parmadur

Where e'er I go, my mood is black,
Neopia is not mine now.
And so I make this solemn vow:
I tell you true, I will come back.

My brains with planning I do wrack,
A perfect plan -- it must be laid.
So when my robots all are made,
Neopia, I will come back.

When I am done with my attack,
The Neopets will mutants be.
I, Sloth, will rule o'er every sea.
I promise you, I will come back

And someday I will mount a plaque,
Displayed where all the world will meet
Its single sentence, short and sweet:
Neopia, I have come back!

Grey Faerie
By _cherryblossom_40

Grey feathered wings
Lay damp at her shoulders,
As the rain washes away
All happiness, leaving despair.
Rainwater... or is it tears?
Drip down her face.
Her hands are shivering with cold,
But she does not care.

Pale, pale skin is wrapped around her body
Remembering the key, locked in the cage
As time ticked by, she had lay there, helpless,
And changed from bright to grey.

Suddenly, through the dark clouds,
Looms a single ray of light,
A symbol of hope, of healing, of... happiness?
But then it is swallowed
By the ever-growing clouds.
Of course. Never. It could never happen...

Grey feathered wings
Lay damp at her shoulders,
As the rain washes away
All happiness, leaving despair.
Nothing mattered any more,
And never would again.
A Faerie? No longer. Then, what?


Sonnet of Techo Mountain
By OdeliePie

From whence did come this Neopet of stone?
Of whom is it supposed to be?
Did a single Neopet carve it alone?
No one has guessed the mystery.

Perhaps in ancient times of yore
A Techo, craving infamy,
Did carve his likeness, now folklore:
This head that observes the briny sea.

Whatever the case, it stands today
The monument that we all know

Much as part of the island as the sun on the bay,
Smiling 'neath the volcano.

Mystery Island would not be the same
Were it not for the Techo,
From wherever it came.

Discovering Meridell
By Stariell

In the far-off land of Meridell,
Every acre has a new tale to tell.
Have you never visited there before?
Come with me, then, and we'll take a tour.

Careful of the Mortogs, they like to kiss,
And that's an experience I'd rather miss.
We'll walk past Sinsi, the cute brown Ixi,
Her puzzles are great, but far too tricksy.

Up there on the hill is Illusen's Glade
Where many hopeful quests are made.
There's Turdle Racing and poker to play,
But unless you are rich, I'd stay away.

Turmaculus snores in his beauty sleep,
Don't want to wake him, so past him we'll creep.
We'll pop into Meri Acres farm as well,
A great place to stay if you can stand the smell.

Counting potatoes or rolling cheese
In Meridell there is plenty to please.
There in the sky Darigan's Citadel stands,
Looming over the green and peaceful lands.

Lastly we'll go through the castle gate,
To try and tell a joke that Skarl doesn't hate.
Now you've discovered the wonders of Meridell,
You'll remember it long after you bid farewell!

Fire on the Water
By Schefflera

Daedelon, a fiery steed
Burns across Neopia's seas
Born of fire and waterfall,
Blessed by faerie hand and art.

Blazing-bright he'll come at need,
Answer to a hero's pleas.
Aid is given at the call
From the one who's true of heart.

If you call him, take you heed:
This is not a ride of ease.
Swiftly through the waves' high wall,
Hold his mane tight from the start.

If you hold the hero's creed,
You from peril fierce he frees;
Still he brooks no rein or stall --
Spume and steam are all his part.

Daedelon, the magic steed,
Born of water, fire he breathes,
Fierce and free, he'll carry all
Trusting him and true of heart.

An Eyrie's Smile
By Tree_rhymer

Way up in the juppie tree,
Where little Pteris play,
Lives another Neopet,
That appeared right there one day.

They have wings upon their backs,
That carry them in flight,
And gentle paws with hidden claws,
Can prove to be a fright.

Their feathered ears and bright red eyes
Are setting them apart,
And though they can be fierce at times,
They have big, loving hearts.

A sharp orange beak can prove to be
A lethal weapon, too;
But they would rather use it
To sing a song to you.

A tufted tail flicks back and forth,
As longingly he cries.
A gentleness not seen before,
You won't believe your eyes.

See him there, a lonely soul,
And talk to him a while;
And if you take him home with you,
You'll get an Eyrie's smile.

Kiko Lake
By Voodooruby

Hop on the ferry to Kiko Lake,
I'm sure you'll get there fast.
Once you get there and have some fun,
You'll surely have a blast!

The Kikos there live under the water,
In towns of coral so azure.
They swim in the fresh lake water,
In an atmosphere so clean and pure.

The furniture shop sells chairs and tables,
Made of pearls and bubbles.
Indeed, sitting on a nice pearl chair,
Will make you forget all your troubles.

And we can't forget the candy shop,
Selling cookies and sweets.
A sweet, crunchy Kiko Lake cookie
Is just one of their unique Kiko treats.

So this July, spend Kiko Day,
On Kiko Lake beaches so white.
Take your Kiko for some cookies and fun,
And a nap in the warm summer light.

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