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Neopets Poems

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Owner's Lament
By Dreagoddess

Went into the bank today
That Skeith, he said hello.
I went and checked my balance.
It's getting mighty low!

My pets are bored and starving,
Can't give them what they need.
They only like the rarest
To be their toys and feed.

What else can an owner do?
I have to find a way!
My pets are counting on me
To find a way to pay!

How to get more Neopoints?
Rare items I must buy!
I want to keep them happy,
There's nothing I won't try!

I could play some games and win
Guess the Marrow's weight,
Or win on a slot machine.
I swear it must be fate!

But that's just how I'll begin
There's things that I can do.
I'll be winning Solitaire
Or playing Dice-a-Roo.

Whack-A-Kass and Tug-O-War,
I'll win them both one day.
Destruct-O-Match or Bullseye,
When will I see them pay?

The Wheel of Monotony
Just bores us all to tears.
Now just getting to the end
Is music to our ears!

What else am I missing now?
Shapeshifter, Poker, and Cheat!
Trying to find victory --
But I'm just getting beat!

My pets will just have to learn
They can get by with less.
They keep crying, "More, more, more!"
But I have got to rest!

The Icy Guard
By Christie500018

This fearsome beast dwells in a cave
By the icy mountain path.
It's dangerous to get too near;
All Neopets will quake with fear
As they feel its wrath.

The Snowager is what it's called
By the people of the Caves.
For fear of hurt they stay away;
It's not a game they like to play.
Their fear will come in waves.

It guards a most amazing hoard
Of treasures it once stole.
Sometimes people venture in;
They think it's treasure they will win.
They rarely reach their goal.

Faster pets can get away,
But only just in time.
Less lucky ones will faint of fright
As the beast roars to the night.
They're punished for their crime.

He'll start to shower you with ice
You'll need to run away!
Many others got the same;
They thought the Snowager was tame.
They fear him to this day.

If you decide to steal something
While the great worm sleeps,
Walk in soft and walk in slow,
Tiptoe past the frozen foe
To the treasure that he keeps.

Take the first thing you can see.
Now's the time for stealth.
Pocket it and turn around,
Be careful not to make a sound
And RUN with this new wealth!

You can finally celebrate
When you're outside his lair.
You've robbed the beast
So throw a feast!
You have a prize to bear!

Tyrannian Mini Golf
By Wolfofthewoods

Hurry, hurry... quickly, now!
There's something awfully neat,
It's waiting in Tyrannia,
So get off your cushioned seat

Don't laze about --
The golf is out!
It's time to have a try!
So pick who you are
(Chomby, Lupe, Acara)
And prepare to shoot balls to the sky

Dung ball, wooden, or maybe stone?
Which one suits you best?
Are you good or are you bad?
Will you pass this wicked test?

Begin at easy, it's a piece of cake --
The simpleness makes my belly ache

Onto the squared level now,
Bouncing on corners and walls,
Be careful with your aiming,
Or you'll just mess up your ball

Next, to "Nice";
This one's quite deceiving,
For with sand and rocks,
Friendly? Not even

"Crazy"... crazy?!?
I don't think so!
One big swing and
Your ball's in the hole!

"Tricky" is the next hole,
With sand and lava galore --
Just avoid the awful parts,
And you just might get par

Hole six is quite "Deceiving",
Because you have to make a decision:
Which one is the hole you want?
These levels require precision!

What a "Wicked" seventh hole,
As again you make a choice --
Just follow what you did before,
And it should be a cinch

Level eight is quite a "Headache";
What are you to do?
This requires strategy
And cunning to get through

"Impossible", hole nine sure is,
And definitely a toughie,
Getting in all the holes is a terrible task,
As it's very, very rough(ie?)

Way to go!
You're done, you're done!
No more golf for you --
Unless, of course, you're up for a challenge
I'll try the course again... will you?

Berry Picking
By Fortuitous_blesser

I wander through Meri Acres Farm
Where for a few points I can pick my own
Sweet berries, unique to Meridell
That hardworking Meri farmers have grown

With the thought of dinner to motivate
And equipped with a basket in my hand
I look at countless bushes, dig the soil
Searching through each plot of land

To my frustrations, I found nothing
After wandering for hours upon hours
Sweat drips and my stomach rumbles
Where are those berries, sweet and sour?

My basket half-filled, but all I've gathered
Were piles of dung and bits of barbed wire
I puffed and panted, nearly unable to go on
My legs were tired, my back perspired

Suddenly a farmer told me my time is up
Twenty spots I have checked, and to my sorrow
Not a single one contained an edible berry
He told me to try again,
For another fee, tomorrow

That night my pets sauntered off to bed
Saddened and hungry,
For they have eaten naught
I gave up on picking my own, and decided
For breakfast they'll
Have berries... Shop Wizard-bought.

The Busy Bazaar
By Princeznsham

In the busy Bazaar full of items galore,
Checking in your account to see
If your Neopoints are enough,
Surely, enough to buy rare items and lore,
Passing by the kiosks where
The shoppers haggle rough.

Glance at the Wishing Well
Where people try their luck,
Throw a dozen Neopoints,
Wish for something good, too.
Pass by the Battle Magic shop,
Buy a bucket full of muck
Walk along to Usukiland,
The shopkeeper is waiting for you

In the humble Gift Shop, take a minute or so,
Leave the store with a present
That will make your pet shout.
Suddenly you smell a fresh, sweet scent... GO!
Run to the Bakery, before it's sold out!

Oh no, in your hurry, you forgot to check,
If the Garden Center was finally stocked
Off to the Furniture Store,
Quality items, clean things, not a speck
So remember to keep you dear Neohome locked!

Oh, the beating hot sun is taking its toll,
Heavens, you finally spot a good Smoothie store!
You get to the shop and lean on the wall,
Relieved, you buy fruity smoothies and more!

Cross the path to the other side,
But before you get there,
Enter a factory smelling so good
A sweet haven, spot all the candies everywhere
Before you set on your way,
Buy some of the great food!

First thing you spot after strolling around,
A cute little shop, why don't you go in?
Wow, all the keyrings and plushies to be found!
Buy so many things, if there was
A shopping contest you would win!

Following your shopping spree,
You find a star on the ground
An alien Aisha calls to you
From beside a strange machine,
You are told to insert in a slot
The shiny thing you found,
Then suddenly rare foods dipense for you,
Exotic foods you've never seen!

Feeling so lucky, you go
Off to the Quiggle's shop,
Buy some health food to tone down
The rare foods you got,
Shop for some tablets, organics,
Before your pet begins to pop,
Go back to your home,
You need sleep a lot!

The very next day, when the sun goes up,
Hop out of your bed, its a new day to again!
Get ready, have breakfast,
And drink from your coffee cup,
To the Bazaar, it's already ten!!!

Today you have a Battledome match,
Go visit the Aisha's great defences store
Spot a good shield; not one dirty patch,
With this, surely your opponent
Will be beat to the floor!!!

Jog to the little shop for your Petpet's needs,
Toys and beds for your Doglefox dearest,
Then enter another building
Whose sign reads "Grooming Parlour"
The place for your pets to look their best!

Hurriedly you race to
The so called Neopian Salon
Inside, the kind shopkeeper asks,
"How may I help you?"
Everything to make every flaw be gone!
Buy make-up, hygienics and dentals, too!

Emerging 30 minutes later
After haggling so much,
Though your bags are full,
You're feeling a bit peckish,
Ask someone, "Where can I
Get something to munch?"
The answer was, "Pizzaroo,
The pizzas are 'delish'!"

Rush in to get a bite to eat,
Pizzas aplenty, can't even choose!
Veggies and fruits, sauces and meat,
Wolfing down the slices,
You eat like a moose!

Feeling satiated, you go
Back to your bargain hunt,
Deciding to find out the Card Of The Day,
Go off to the TCG center, you trip, you grunt!
Though your clothes are ripped,
Continue to where the card masters stay.

After taking a peek in your album,
Go to the Uni's Apparel Store,
Change your clothes into something brand-new,
Buying sweaters, accessories
And much, much more,
No more ruined shirts and bad looks, phew!

Then finish off the Light Faerie's quest,
Find that rare card she's asking of you,
Haggle it down to the price that is best,
Then she'll raise your pet's level on cue!

Drop by the Usuki shop,
Find something for your Usuki,
A new set to dress up in, it will look so cute!
Then before you run off
To the Marketplace you see,
A hot dog stand, buy a sausage or two
And have some snacks to boot!

Ah, discovering the Bazaar was interesting so,
Kind people, cheap items in surprise for you!
So excited are you to once again go,
No tiring of the visits you do,
Because there's always something new!

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