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Neopets Poems

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Scorchy Slots
By Poeandricky

There's a jackpot that could
Make you very rich if you win it,
In a wonderful game filled
With thrills by the minute.
The suspense will have
Your stomach in knots,
It's the exciting adventure
Known as Scorchy Slots.

You can win lots of money
If you line up enough fruit,
Matching four bells
Will make you holler and hoot.
You'll go bananas, or even go apes,
If you can manage to
Come up with four grapes.

The more you play,
The more the jackpot rises,
Scorchy Slots is full of many surprises.
It's true you can win money
By matching up cherries,
But you can also win
Map pieces and faeries.

If you get some numbers that add up to eight,
Something may happen to affect your fate.
The volcano rumbles and then it blows,
Causing a surprise
So unpredictable, anything goes!

Today is Scorchio Day as everyone knows,
So win some money in the game
Named after Scorchios!

The Ballad of Glubgar
By Coloratura1832

There are many heroes in our little world
Whose name all Neopians know;
But there is one whose tale no one has heard
Who conquered a great volcano.
Now it is time for his tale to be told.
Sit and I'll tell of this Scorchio of old.

Years upon years before our history,
A massive volcano awoke.
In Tyrannia, the fear was quite great
When the mountain billowed out smoke.
The citizens cried for someone to help,
And a young Scorchio let out a great yelp.

"I'll keep the mountain from killing us all!"
He cried in a voice none too brave,
"Those in Tyrannia have nothing to fear;
Each fam'ly and home I will save!"
His statement was met
With thund'ring applause,
Which roared from hundreds
Of eager Neopets' paws.

This Scorchio named Glubgar flew to the peak,
With naught but a few sticks and stones.
He got to the top and took a deep breath
When he saw all the piles of bones.
Thoughts of his village came into his mind,
And he leapt in, despite what he might find.

Glubgar flew deep into the volcano,
Nearly as far as he dared.
He entered a cavern filled to the brim
With lava that made him quite scared.
As soon as the nervous hero drew near,
The cavern rumbled and filled him with fear.

The volcano was about to erupt!
Glubgar turned and flew to escape.
The molten fire followed close behind;
He was in quite a nasty scrape.
The lava would boil his every limb...
But then an idea occured to him.

Frantically, he threw his sticks and stones
At the roof of the path ahead.
They knocked loose the dirt,
As he'd hoped they would.
And throughout the passage it spread.
Now his way out of the mountain was gone,
But his village would be safe to go on.

Although this brave Scorchio did not return,
His memory should be preserved.
It's because of him that his village survived;
Distinction is what he deserved.
Never forget Glubgar's great sacrifice;
For him, this song alone does not suffice.

The Scorchio Shuffle
By Perturabo

Let me tell you all about the newest dance craze
A nifty little number that's all the rage
It was started by Scorchios, but do not worry
All other pets can learn the steps in a hurry.

Before you begin, you should get a snack
Some famous crab burgers
From the Tropical Food shack
And don't forget to drink alot before you take part
A mangorific slushie might make a good start.

Then all you need is a few good friends
And some music for the beat
It's a perfect dance
For those pets with two left feet.
First you stand in a line, with your arms akimbo
And lean way back, like at a Gadgads Day limbo.

Let the music begin, let your pet feel the beat
And when the singing begins,
Just shuffle your feet!
First it's three shuffles to the left,
Then the same number to the right
Don't worry if you get it wrong--
The dance goes on all night!

The next move is forward three quick jumps
But be careful not to your neighbor bump
A Scorchio then would flap his wings thrice,
Then stamp his foot three times--
Not once or twice.

And with a cheer they breathe a burst of fire
Then the whole series of steps begins again--
They don't easily tire!
As you can see, it's a simple little dance
So why not find a Scorchio party
And give it a chance?

The Scorchio and the Scorchstone
By Kendude218

It is a stone of power and might,
With all the great strength to heal and mend,
It is all he needs to win the fight,
For it is what he needs to defend,

To the best of his ability,
The fierce Scorchio strikes and smashes,
Utilizing his agility,
The Scorchio runs and he dashes,

Hastening towards his evil foe,
He makes a risky and fearless dive,
The enemy strikes back with a blow,
The pet falls hard and barely alive,

But good thing he has a green scorchstone,
To help him escape a sure death,
He uses the stone, now he's alone,
The brave pet gets up to catch his breath.

The Scorchio is now fully healed,
He gets up to make a chilling roar,
The outcome of the match is revealed,
As the enemy falls to the floor,

The winning Scorchio is tired,
But he still has a felicitous grin,
He knows the scorchstone was required,
To achieve the victorious win.

The Broken Curse
By Parmadur

I have a wond'rous tale to tell
Of my dear Scorchio.
And of a curse that shaped his life
So many years ago:

He thought it cute to mix up words
And everybody laughed
At "Merigone and Derridell"
They said that he was daft.

He didn't do so well at school,
He showed off all the day.
He hated Math and History,
Through Science he would play.

And when his class on field trips went,
He'd stay at home and moan:
"Those fi-ips trelds are such a pain!
I'd rather break a bone!"

One day in Faerieland he was
He saw Jhudora there.
"It's Jhudie the Faerdora, look!"
He said without a care.

Jhudora heard my little pet,
And flew to him in rage.
"My name's NOT Jhudie; and, you see,
I'm somewhat of a mage."

"From now on every word you say
Will come all twisted out.
Just like the phrase you uttered then,
You'll mix up words, no doubt!"

And from then on, my Scorchio dear
Could not say anything
Without it being all messed up--
With flaws his speech did ring!

"Could you please pass the bread?" became
"Ced yease ploo puh thass brud?"
And talk about his loneliness!
Be HIS friend? No one would.

Until one day he started out
To try to make things right:
He'd go and see the Faerie Queen,
She'd help him with his plight!

But when he got to Faerieland,
He soon became depressed:
He couldn't seek an audience;
His words could not be guessed.

"I'd like to see the Faerie Queen!"
He said to all in sight,
"Ine larie tuh see tho Fike Queed!"
It wouldn't come out right.

Until the Queen herself came down
From out of her estate,
She'd heard commotion coming from
The outside of her gate.

"Your Majesty!" said all who saw
Fyora coming down.
The Queen went up to my dear pet,
And sat him on her gown.

"I've heard about this tongue of yours,"
Fyora said to him;
"And I can fix it - for a price."
My Scorchio looked grim.

The Queen went on to say that he
Must do his best in school;
And if she took the curse off, he
Must follow every rule.

My Scorchio, he nodded fierce!
He WANTED now to know;
To learn about Neopia,
And how the flowers grow.

Fyora waved her wand at him,
And suddenly he spoke!
"I thank you so, oh lovely Queen!"
He said without a joke.

"I'll study hard, I'll learn a lot!
I'll do my best to stay
Away from trouble! I will do
What you have asked each day!"

And since that day my Scorchio
Has been a darling boy,
He's kind, and brave, and studies hard.
He is my greatest joy!

This goes to show how any pet
Can really change his life--
That even one who's now a pain
Won't always cause you strife!

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