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Neopets Poems

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A Day in the Life of Dougal the Poogle
By Casth1

There once was a young pet called Dougal
Who was a bouncy purple Poogle.
He said, "No, not yet
Do I have a Petpet."
So he went out and bought himself a Drugal.

Then he said, "Now, I'm not being fruity
But I feel I'm neglecting my duty.
I am a Poogle
And I have a Drugal
So why shouldn't he have a Cooty?"

Once Dougal had the Petpetpet
All three of them went to the vet
"You've got the all clear!
There's nothing to fear,"
Said the surgeon (a Taweret).

This made them happy, no doubt
So they all toddled off and went out
To the Golden Dubloon
For some food and some tunes
And to see what the fuss was about.

Well, they loved the place, so they say
And from then on barely stayed away.
Content, Dougal said,
As they all went to bed,
"This has been a most delightful day!"

Of All That Is Spooky And Gross!
By Darkfairy3456

Of all that is spooky and gross
Things left out to decompose
Pickled eyeballs, scary soup
A Halloween Gelert and a mutant Lupe.
A Dribblet leaving a trail of slime
An almost gummy rat (lime)
A Spyder with creepy, hairy legs
The eyeless Snowager over Neggs
(Have you ever noticed he has no eyes?!?
Maybe he uses his nose? I wouldn't be surprised!)
Why feed them to your pet when you
Wouldn't eat it yourself (scab cake... eww!)?
Mummy spaghetti and a Psimouse
(Psimice are kinda cute when not in your house)
Peanut butter spiders, spooky doughnut
An Abominable Snowball doesn't make the cut.
Blumaroo steak and gummy worms
No thanks in clear terms.
Pumpkin pie will make you cry
Sludgie, Slorg, Ghostkerchief... oh my!
So if you are ever encountered
With something creepy and gross
Go to the Brain Tree, Esophagor,
Or Edna the Witch, they know them most!

Top 5 Usukis
By Golden_shadow_girl

So many Usukis in Neopia, and each one is great,
No matter how shabby or broken their state.
This will tell you what I think are the top 5 ones;
You won't regret reading it when you're done.

#5: Worrying about
Your doll's Babaa? Don't you fret;
That'll all be taken care of by the Babaa Usuki set.
Your Usuki will have its very own Petpet with this;
This Usuki set is one you will never, ever dismiss.

#4: Want an Usuki you can
Just splash around with?
The beach fun Usuki is
Just above the Usuki that's fifth.
In the ruins of Maraqua
You can just swim around;
If you almost drown, this toy
Will make sure you're found.

#3: With this lovely-looking
Usuki faerie playset,
Your Usuki will be
The most charming anyone ever met.
You can pretend it is
A good, kindly faerie like Fyora,
Or a most wicked dark faerie
Like the sinister Jhudora.

#2: A Lost Desert Usuki
Is for a rather pampered Neopet,
Better even than a mime Usuki
Plus a new Usuki ballet set.
Her intricate, ornate headdress
Is made from real, solid gold.
About her mysterious,
Dashing Sahkmet beauty
A tale must be told.

#1: In my opinion, a super hero Usuki
Is far ahead of the rest,
Defeating all evil and saving the good;
It's definitely the best.
Stronger than four tough Skeiths,
But still looking pretty,
The super hero Usuki
Is not to be called bad or petty.

But, this is just my opinion
Which I happen to be sharing,
Now come up with your own favorites,
That's what I'm daring.
From the singing pop star Usuki,
Or sumo wrestler Usuki set,
To the seaworthy Usuki who, for you,
Will catch Primellas in a net.

The Usuki Doll Convention is approaching fast,
Pick your favorite Usukis while they still last....

Jacko the Phantom Painter
By Kellisan

Jacko the Phantom Painter,
Why don't you ever come to see me?
I'd really like a paint brush,
Like maybe Darigan or starry.

You see, as I was talking to my pets,
One of them called for a motion;
And each and every one of them
Asked that I buy them a morphing potion!

It seems they're bored with how they look
And are wanting something cool.
They want to be like their friends
Who have all been to the Rainbow Pool.

But potions and brushes cost Neopoints
And I have nowhere near enough.
Yet seeing my pets so sad
Is getting really tough.

If you would be so nice,
A paint brush could help me out.
That would give me one happy pet
Who'd no longer have a reason to pout.

So I'll just keep waiting;
Hoping to see you soon.
Oh wait! I just found something!
Could it be? No, it's just a dubloon!

Remnok the Nomad
By Milorules

Travel over the miles of burning sand
To find an Aisha that will lend you a hand
If rare and ancient weaponry
Is what you search for
This Aisha holds a collection to win any war

Remnok the nomad is this Aisha's name
His sharp eye holds the key to his fame
Born to the burning sands of the Lost Desert
His good fortune in finding
Rare artifacts doesn't hurt

Knowing the vast expanse of the desert as home
This Aisha has no trouble to search and comb
Always exploring, looking for ancient weapons
To sell in the Sakhmet shop that this Aisha tends

If you ever need or want any ancient weaponry
Remnok the nomad is the Aisha to see
If he does not have it in his shop of Sakhmet
He will scour the desert
Until your wishes are met!

Poogle Four
By Moose777

Simply known as Poogle Four
Once a champion, but not anymore
The other Poogles show him no respect
They say he's too old--
And they're mostly correct.
The odds are against him
His prospects are bleak
Over the hurdles, his bones start to creak.
His competitors laugh
They call him antique
But still he races, day after day
His time of glory long faded away
He straggles behind at the end of each race
You might say that he isn't aging with grace
Back at his home, he chuffs down some dinner
And then he's asleep,
In his dreams, he's a winner

The Strongest Blumaroo, Broo
By Nukerjsr

Hello, my name is Advisor Broo
I live on the island of the Blumaroo
What I like to do is fight
It's better than a jackpot in my sight

First, are my items of defence
You need things to prevent dents
My necklace is good against a breeze
It can also cut in half and freeze

The rainbow scorchstone heals a lot
It's the greatest cure after being shot
I'm extremely glad I'm long in length
Because I have many items of strength

The eye I have is a multi-hitter
When it's dirty it goes in the litter
My staff is best at knocking out
After you get hit, I know you'll shout

Some of my weapons do both moves
They are main reasons why you lose
The book of Thade makes pets cower
Don't tell that I stole it from the Hidden Tower

Finally, there is my very nice hat
It will make you fall to the mat
I have a question for you before I go
Can you beat my difficulty of 1-3-0?

The Queen of Cheat!
By Stellawen

Sparkling eyes and a warm smile,
Hide her crafty mind.
Her ivory gloves run over her cards,
Her manners quite refined.

Her blue eyes wide with innocence,
She picks out one "Ace".
Throwing it down carelessly,
A faint smile on her face.

Is she cheating, or is she not?
One can almost see the wheels turn.
After her life in the castle,
The Princess had a lot to learn.

She's picked up a few tricks.
No matter what Spectre might say,
Fernypoo is the Queen of Cheat!
Especially on Acara Day!

Grundos Cafe
By Winterwhisper197

Somewhere in the Virtupets Station,
Among this bizarre alien-like nation,
Lives Gargarox the Grundo cook,
Who doesn't take his recipes out of a book!

He tries very hard, and cooks all day,
And even delivers the tray
Weird wild food, Gargarox creates on his own,
From beef rouladen to upside down cone!

A blue ice apple or green tea pills
Or an iceberg sundae to give you the chills!
Cheese manicotti or chocolate paste
All these flavors to tickle your taste!

Gargarox the Grundo works very hard,
His fingers are sweaty, and he's covered in lard,
Yet he serves everyone, day in, and day out,
I think one day he'll make a great chef, no doubt!

The Meerca Brothers
By Wolfofthewoods

I'm telling you a story,
Filled with laughter, but not glory,
And perhaps you'll feed that yearning,
To get done some good old learning.

There once were a couple thieves,
Robbers, so to speak,
And though they were quite sneaky,
Their hunger was far from weak.

They crept into the Bakery,
Searching for the wonderful recipe,
But soon were craving doughnuts by the bucket,

Leaving a mission forgotten,
They tucked in with sheer glutton,
Faces smeared with icing of all sorts,

Eventually finding the formula,
The no longer hungry creatures ran,
Ran straight into a wire laced with cans.

The metal clanged,
The metal banged,
Causing a horrible din,
And as the Meercas struggled up,
The authorities poured in.

So if you're looking for some help,
In stealing something nice,
Be sure to call the Meerca Brothers
(as long as it isn't iced!)

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