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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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All In A Day's Work
By Infernal_moltres

Street lamps were still burning at dawn,
When I broke away from sleep with a yawn.
What challenges would the day
Send as a greeting,
On the sixth year and on the first day of Sleeping?
A quiet day at the Neopian Pharmacy,
Was something my
Tired Gelert bones would fancy.

First arrival was a Lupe who had come of age.
He shuffled in stiffly like a wounded mage.
"This old neck of mine is so sore," he croaked,
"That it's really starting to get me spooked."

His eyes were cloudy as the morning fog,
And the poor old Lupe was sick as a dog.
I fitted him with a neck brace for pain relief.
In two days, he was so pleased
He called me "Chief".

Next came an irate, haggard Cybunny,
Itching so much that it wasn't even funny.
He wailed, "Methinks I got
This curse from the Wheel,
And the itch is starting to make me reel."
My paw reached for the NeoMites jab.
"Hold still and it'll feel just like a dab."
Then the vermin fell to the floor,
And the Cybunny was itchy no more!

Then along came two Shoyrus,
With a baby in the pram and a Puppyblew,
And wow, were they a motley crew!
The mother was alarmed.
"My baby's not getting out of bed,
And she's gone all flushed and red."
"It's a bad case of Neo Flu," said I.
"Neoflu jelly pills will put her back on the fly."

Another case involved a Lenny
Who claimed something lived within his belly.
He screamed, "It speaks to me in little mumbles!"
I chuckled, "Four tablets
Should stop the grumbles."
And he strutted out like a king,
A bottle of Grumble-be-Gone under his wing.

The next patient came crashing in,
A Grarrl pointing to a spot beneath his chin.
"Ugga-Ugga," he grunted flatly.
To that I replied, "Exactly."
He was bewildered; I could tell.
Handing a mug over, I explained, "All will be well,
After taking this syrup with your next cuppa."

Before closing time came a Uni,
A being so fine and dainty.
Her feet were swollen to the hocks,
And she definitely needed some magic socks.
She protested, "But Doctor, they really stink."
Nodding, I confessed, "That's just what I think."
She had no beauty contests for a week or more,
And life for her was such a bore.

I was glad in more than one way,
To finally get home after such a New Year's Day.

Rise of General Kass
By Too_kule

Darigan's fall was a great fight,
The vile beast fought with his might.
But when the beast was taken down,
And when the beast fell to the ground,
Who was left to wear the crown?

The Citadel left a barren rock,
None of his allies left to talk.
An Eyrie, tall, with mighty wings,
Came and surveyed everything,
And decided he'd be king.

He rallied troops from far and wide,
And boldly told them not to hide.
Kass was not a bitter pet,
He was a leader, better yet,
New hope was what he did beget.

To this day the Eyrie lies,
In The Citadel in the skies.
His plan is something no one knows,
Darigan pets wait in rows,
For Kass's orders of where they'll go.

So is he evil to the core?
Or will he be one we adore?
We do not know what are his plans,
He doesn't know if he'll plague the lands.
Or keep them safe in his strong hands.

Have You Met Miss Sankara?
By Ngemmab

Have you met Miss Sankara?
An efficient looking Usul said as we shook hands,
"She came from afar, an almost exotic,
She was royalty in a far away land."

"I'm sure you have an exciting story,
But Miss Sankara really must go,
She is expected for a speech
In the Sakhmet Palace,
And still hasn't tried on her new clothes."

So the efficient looking Usul,
Tottered away without a care,
Leaving me with the princess,
I'm sure she was unaware.

"Are you a lonely person?
Because I can relate to someone alone,
I can relate to anybody,
Who has never felt at home."

At that point I felt uncomfortable,
The princess was so depressed,
She sat slumped in a chair, dewy-eyed,
Slowly fingering her beautiful, white dress.

"My father was a brave king,
No unfair law would he pass,
But his reign was terrored, he was threatened,
By that pompous King Hekas."

"Immediatly we ran to safety,
We had no time, we fled,
For if we had stayed any longer,
I fear I would be dead."

"And still I yearn to think,
What it would by like to be Queen,
To return to the throne,
Of the Fourth Khonsu Dynasty."

"And then I will defeat Hekas,
I will not leave him spare,"
But she was interrupted
By that Usul again chirruping,
"Princess, are you still here?"

And the Princess arose from her seat,
And slowly walked down the white tiles,
Stonefaced and cold,
But she still turned and gave me a smile.

I smiled back because I knew,
I'd been lonely before,
But the princess -- Miss Sankara,
Was as troubled as we all are.

gnoS s'odnurG ehT
By Hedwiglovesquidditch

elpoep elpmis a era eW
mrah on snaipoen naem eW
ecnahc a su evig dna no emoC
mrahc niatrec a evah eW

gnihtyna tea lliw ew ees uoY
tseal eht ni ykcip toN
esaelp ot si mia ylno ruo dnA
tsaeb yldneirf a yllaer er'eW

tsap didros ruo si tI
esneffo ekat tsom taht htolS .rD htiW
denobnaba era su fo ynam os yhw s'tahT
esned etiuq eb ot nekat dnA
su desuba dna su desu eH
sevals eb ot su decrof dnA
dednammoc sa od ton did ew fI
sevar sih ot netsil ot decrof er'eW

renwo elbmuh a kees ew woN
reverof su hsirehc dna erac ll'ohw enO
yrtogib suoivbo eht ot dnilb eb ll'ohW
rovaedne yldneirf a ni pu evig reven ll'ohw dnA

Asparagus Pie
By Iridescentmew

Muffy Acara, it's generally known,
Had quite refined tastes before being full-grown.
"My favorite food, I tell you no lie,"
Little Muffy declared, "is asparagus pie!"

While brushing her red and pink fur every day,
She froze if asparagus pie came her way.
Even hot bubble baths just weren't as nice
As kicking back with a big, freshly-cut slice.

But none could have guessed
That Wee Muff would get hurt
When her favorite pie met her favorite shirt!
Her blue and white shirt
(Which she'd purchased marked down!)
Had survived juice and ketchup,
Plus broadberries (brown),
But one day the pie from its plate took a dive,
And Muffy's best shirt, well, it didn't survive.

"My best shirt is ruined!" poor Muffy exclaimed,
"And that wretched pie is the one to be blamed!
Never again, I tell you no lie,
Will I eat another asparagus pie!"

The beautiful shirt, with its green stain so bleak,
Went straight in a box
For the Money Tree boutique.
Back at her house, Muffy swore off the pie,
Forgetting the lovely green memories gone by.

Her favorite food had turned traitor, it seemed,
And the blotching of Muffy's
Best shirt got her steamed,
But worse still, a letter made her sickly sway
When the Tree said her shirt
Couldn't be GIVEN away!

The shirt was returned through the mail, C.O.D.,
A grizzly reminder of the pie's victory.
She held up the eyesore in blue, white, and green,
Resuming her tantrum, a sight to be seen.

"Never again, I tell you no lie,
Will I eat another asparagus pie!"

Muffy, still bitter, went to the canal
With a Techo named Robert, her bestest best pal.
"I'm going to get rid of this shirt," Muffy said.
Rob rolled his eyes once
And said, "Sure, go ahead."

Wee Muff flung her arm out and off the shirt flew,
Flit-fluttering down 'til it sank in the blue.
The rush of cool water soon swept it away
And the shirt disappeared, en route to the bay.

A few days went by, and all was serene.
The doorbell rang twice, and Muffy was keen.
Outside on the step, just as sure as you're born,
Was a furious Kiko, in blue uniform.

"I'm head of the Water Board, not passing by.
Please refrain from clogging our water supply!"

The Kiko produced a striped ball of wet cotton,
The sight of which made Muffy feel a bit rotten.
"Don't send us your shirts!"
The old Kiko said, leaving,
And Muffy just dangled
Her wet shirt, lungs heaving.

"It keeps coming back!"
Muffy cried, her face long,
"But this time I'm going
To make SURE it stays gone!"

The brilliance of Muffy's idea made her swoon;
She quickly procured a small hot-air balloon
And tied a string from the balloon to her shirt,
Then as she let go of it, she turned to blurt:

"Never again, I tell you no lie,
Will I eat another asparagus pie!"

Weeks went by, and it didn't come back.
Then late one night, Muffy went for a snack.
Up, down, left, right,
She searched all through the kitchen,
Not finding the goodies for which she was itchin'.

She just didn't feel like a cold Chia pop,
Nor a dreamy fudge sundae with cherries on top.
Not omelettes, nor sandwiches, nor Grundo toes;
Her appetite wasn't for any of those!

"Oh, what should I munch?"
The girl cried to her friend.
"I can't stand to eat here!
Could this be the end?"

Robert the Techo said, "You got your wish!
You banished perpetually your favorite dish!
You know I'm your friend,
But what you did was silly,
To blame food for clothes
That get stained willy-nilly."

So poor Muffy sighed. She knew it was true.
The real fault was hers, but what could she do?
They thought, and they thought,
And they both thought some more.
By the time they'd done thinking,
Their heads were quite sore.

"I've ruined it all!" Muffy wept. "I was wrong!
I love my pie too much to tell it 'So long...'
And then my best duds I just had to attack.
I'm sorry, okay!? I just want my shirt back!!"

She ran outside crying, but as she looked up,
Something on the horizon made Muffy hiccup!
Drifting down on the breeze, all deflated and flat
Was the hot air balloon and its cargo... top that!

Muffy held out her arms
And the shirt wafted down,
She hugged it, and hugged it,
And fell to the ground.
"Oh, my poor little shirt! Without you, I can't live!
Now the only dilemma is how to forgive..."

Not unsympathetic, Rob said, "Lookie here,
Your lesson's well-learned, it's perfectly clear.
Now here's a suggestion, don't think I'm a jerk,
But why don't you make this
Your pie-eating shirt?"

Brilliant, it was, and Muff quickly agreed.
'Twas the only way to fulfill every need.
"Forever!" she shouted, "I tell you no lie,
Will I be enjoying asparagus pie!"

The shirt and the pie were united at last,
A banner 'neath which Muffy broke her great fast.
The gloppy green stain
Was a bright badge of glory,
And with that, we come to the end of our story.

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