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Neopets Poems

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Illusen's Bane By Ocarinist

In the sky there was not a cloud,
As Illusen walked home to her glade,
To Meridell she went rather proud,
'Till she found it in the midst of a raid.

The Draconians were here,
Revenge was what they sought,
But Illusen had no fear,
With her sword and shield she fought.

One, two, three, four,
Draconians she whacked,
Five, six, many more,
With her blade she hacked.

But even with Illusen's skill,
The battle had a catch,
A Draconian she'd never kill,
She had met her match.

It was Darigan, ruler and lord,
Doing fighting of his own,
He had warriors with shield and sword,
But now he'd fight alone.

After all his hard work and toil,
He cast a magical spell easily,
And Illusen fell down to the soil,
And tomorrow she wouldn't see.

And there she lay in true defeat,
On a battlefield of gore,
Her sword and shield were at her feet,
But Illusen, she shall fight no more.

Cellblock By Cmath

In the dark prison
Of the citadel down below,
Live many prisoners
Trying to earn some dough.
Captured by the evil Vex,
Lying through his dirty teeth,
About more food if defeated
Although there is no extra beef.
In a desperate attempt,
To his ways they agree,
To play Cellblock,
And winning they will never see.
His empty promises
Of freedom,
Cause some prisoners,
to loudly hum.

Only five pieces
On the playing board
To win is all I need;
Little help is my sword.
Black and gray
Versus red and blue.
He gives me the first move,
But I don't have a clue.
His moves are tricky
I closely observe.
For the rest of my life,
Will I have to serve?
He has played a long time.
He has a sharp eye.
He knows all my moves,
Soon it will be time to say Goodbye.

But I think that I have found
His weak spot.
I might know how to win,
If I choose the right dot.
How is it possible?
I need a trick.
But he is always one step ahead,
Oh, does it make me sick.
Three by three I finally have;
No matter where he goes,
I will soon win,
And my reward I will sow.
Only to discover
His deepest lie,
That I will not be freed
And to the sun I forever say goodbye.

Neopian Times By Kukkii

What is this thing?
I've heard about this!
It's a newspaper,
That you don't want to miss!

It's packed with stories, reading.
I've heard they have comics, too.
They'll all crack you up.
And there's tons more to do.

Exciting articles that totally rock,
And keep you in tune,
With everything in Neopia,
That's happening soon.

There's tons of stories,
That you have to check out.
From cookie sellers to Chia dumplings,
These stories will never make you pout.

The Neopian News Brief,
Is surely a grand way,
To check up on current events,
And see the phenomenas of the day.

If you're looking for new series,
Then it's got those, too.
They'll give you great joy,
And lots of reading to do.

If there's something specific,
That you want to read,
Then click on the Search link,
And type in what you need.

You can even submit things,
To the Neopets Staff.
They need a story for reading.
And a comic for a laugh.

If you don't get in, don't blame Neopets.
They didn't commit a crime.
You just have to remember,
That you can always try next time.

Valentines, Schmalentines! By Arachneafemella

"Bah!" the Chia muttered,
Puffing out his chest,
"Who cares which valentine is the best?
Sure, one might have glitter,
But one might have gruel!
Who is the one who is making the rule?"

The poor Chia lad was actually in shame--
He didn't draw well
And needed someone to blame.
"Bottles of love, Valentine Quiggles, too...
I sure hate this holiday, why don't all of you?"

But the Flotsams were giggling away,
And the Usuls were having a marvelous day.
In the midst of this joy, he started to cry--
But he wiped his tears and gave a deep sigh.

"By the end of the day, I will have none.
Everyone else got a card from someone!
No Valentine cookies, Bruces, or muffins...
No heart-covered Chias with lots of stuffin's!"

A shy Grundo came by and handed him a note--
It was the nicest thing he had ever seen wrote:
"Don't feel bad," the card read,
"You can be mine."
With that, his eyes started to shine.

Maybe this day wasn't so bad...
and hugging the Grundo, he was no longer sad.
"You've showed me kindness in such a big way,
so listen, everybody... Happy Valentine's Day!"

The Petpet Puddle's Creation By Sonsofwar

Historians have been puzzled,
For aeons of time in this land,
Scientists have worked their lives away,
Under many-a-taskmaster's hand,

For all are asking the question,
With little, or no resistance,
Many theories have been put forward,
To explain the Petpet Puddle's existence,

Some say it was created,
By some immense magical pet,
That had drunk too much Neocola,
And had made the ground all wet,

Some say it was made after a war,
That spanned for many years,
And seven Faeries, all bereaved by tragedy,
Formed it from their mystic tears,

A few think it was made by aliens,
To paint their spacecrafts, and crew,
Many think it once had healing powers,
And could revitalise and renew,

But the real explanation is different,
And only known by a handful,
It happened around a millenium ago,
When all was at peace, with no evil,

Lord Darigan's ancestors were fair,
And the orb was still in their power,
Meridell bloomed, knowing no famine,
All flourished, from Neopet to flower,

Terror Mountain was a happier place,
And was full of much celebration,
And every year, Neopets gathered,
From different countries and nations,

All celebrated the power,
Of a creature who brought life,
And the world was content and happy,
And knew nothing of trouble and strife,

This mighty being was portrayed,
As a massive snake, formed from rainbows,
With immense beauty all around him,
And command of the sun, and the snow,

A foolish Acolyte decided,
He'd use his master's great scrolls,
To bring this great beast down to Neopia,
So he'd be more than a spirit, be whole,

He searched the parade for a vessel,
And noticed an ice sculpture, hastily,
He opened the correct page of writing,
"How to summon a great entity,"

He pointed at the sculpture with pleasure,
And recited the word clear and proud,
And to everybody's amazement,
The statue turned to face the crowd,

The ice became beautiful colours,
Blended together with grace,
Where the statue touched the floor,
Flowers sprouted,
And happiness glowed from his face,

So this diety was alive in the mountains,
And was worshipped by all of the creatures,
'Til one day a slim idea crossed,
The ice-snake's elegant features,

If he travelled to the warmer lands,
He could visit other subjects, on his plight,
He took to the sky, with great speed,
Like a great spectrum of light,

He landed in Neopia Central,
A peaceful village, of much joy,
At first all flocked forward to see him,
Every parent, child, girl and boy,

When suddenly one of them noticed,
The wise one was beginning to wilt,
His icy body was dripping,
His immense form began to tilt,

He shrieked in horror and disbelief,
And suddenly took to the skies,
But by the time he reached his mountain abode,
All that was light were his eyes,

His skin was a dull, pale grey,
And he looked at himself in shame,
So he took his offerings, and hid,
And slowly became insane,

Where his lifeforce had dripped, came a puddle,
Which could paint any petpet who neared,
In deep caverns, his name the Snowager,
Slowly went from a praised name to feared,

So that is how the puddle was created,
And how a monster was made,
But you must feel pity for the Snowager,
For he cries dull tears in his cave....

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