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Neopets Poems

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Borovan Day Special!

Borovan Day Morning
by chrssy

Many are gathering 
When morning is new
And before the rest of the house has begun to stir
The newspaper is laid out on the table
And a cabinet is rifled through
Borovan day makes her think of 
her mother - as does the swamp scene
mug that she reaches for.

It brings her comfort - that each year
there is a day - specifically - 
for this:     waiting for the kettle to sing - 
though not too loud so as not to stir 
her children - and watching as a weewoo
on the other side of the window looks for 
her breakfast. For leaning in 
and letting the steam from her
cup of borovan warm her face. 
She seeks to practice the lessons of
Borovan Day each morning.

Happy Borovan Day

The Magic of a Cup of Borovan
by yelanates

**Borovan Day**

My neopet and I packed a holiday dinner
to share with friends.
We had several many meats
and warm delicious asparagus.
Hot teas, pies, Lupe treats, and more. 

We set out on our journey to Neopia Central. 
In Maraqua we encountered a whirlpool. 
We did not know our meats swept overboard. 

In Tyrannia a wandering Lupe
took our Lupe treats, but we did not notice.
In Meridell, by Illusen's Glade, 
our pies fell into the mud but made no sound. 

By the time we were at the Money Tree in Neopia Central
and our friends and family were set to arrive,
all that was left in our basket was a single bunch of asparagus.

"There is nothing left to share with our friends," I cried. 
My neopet, tugging at my sleeve, 
nodded in the direction of the Money Tree. 
At its base was a mug full of hot chocolate. 
"We can combine our asparagus with the hot chocolate!" my Neopet said.

"Will that taste good?" I replied.
"It will not matter. The love of our friends
and the magic of the holidays
will make anything we share taste amazing."

And thus, that evening, 
we learned the true spirit of the holidays
and enjoyed a cup of borovan with friends and family.

Someone who isn't sure how they feel about Borovan
by cassanthia

Hot cup of Borovan!
Delicious in it's...asparagus
You want it don't you?
Wait- Asparagus?

A hot cup of Borovan?
Just mix some delecatable hot chocolate
maybe some mini marshmallow for flare!
And... Asparagus...
A... Hot cup of Borovan
A holiday traditional drink...
Sounds tasty don't you think?
A hot cup of Borovan...

Is it really just hot chocolate
and... asparagus 
I mean that sounds amazing! 
I guess?

Do people really drink this stuff?
Wait have I had drank this?
I feel kind of weird
A delicious hot cup of Borovan...

You...want it?

365.25 Borovan Recipes
by zarc

Steaming mug in hands, you sip
Savouring the mellow scent
Of chocolate and asparagus
A tantalising blend

Borovan -- a warming treat
Best served on chilly nights
When all of Neopia, far and wide
Sit down to this delight

And more than that, for did you know
Beyond this simple brew
A score of Borovan-themed treats
Are calling out to you

Super Spicy Borovan
For those who like it hot
Cup of Frozen Borovan
For the winter-loving sort

Apple Flavoured Borovan --
One of your five-a-day
Geared Teacup of Borovan
Doubles as an ashtray

Fancy something heftier?
Super Size Borovan awaits
Or try a Borovan Layered Cake
Just right for sharing with mates

Those after something savoury
There's Borovan-Flavoured Crisps
Paired with a Borovan Chicken dish
You'll be in Borovan bliss

And for the most adventurous...
The Suspicious Borovan Creame Pie
Just don't ask what's baked inside
We wouldn't want to lie

What's certain though, and this we know
You'll want to join the feast
So grab a plate, or mug or bowl
And tuck in as you please

Oh, Borovan
by acdc_chick68

Oh, Borovan
It’s the beverage for me,
Asparagus is perfect
to place in my coffee.

It’s green 
with a crunch,
and the perfect thing
to pair with my brunch.

I see you recoil
at the cup in my hand,
But before you judge
Take a long sip,
and see where you land.

Isn't it great?
This green coffee concoction
Imagine the rate
I could sell it for auction!

borovan cinquains to warm your pet
by neur0nerd

I. hot borovan on a cold day

gently from the
hot mug, soft wisps of steam
melt the snowflakes tangled in your

II. the best part

"the crunch
of the crisp stalk
is the best part" she says
but I disagree--it's sharing
with friends

III. an unlikely duo

hot chocolate
and asparagus yields
something greater than the sum of
its parts

IV. versatility

hot or
iced or as a
casserole, borovan
transcends definition like a

V. unfortunately chilly fingers

a drop
spills on your shirt,
but your only concern
is how you won't be tasting the
last sip

My Hot Chocolate and Asparagus Fix
by xxsitrus

Tumble out of bed
Into the frosty morning's dread
Pants half on
A random cat on my head
Where is my borovan,
What time is it even today?

I need my hot chocolate
This asparagus fix
Sounds rather odd
And my dietician isn't convinced
Still, everyday I brew
This drink, magically stewed
Gets me quickly together
Even more so than food

On Borovan Day
Have a cup with me
Grab your favorite mug
And some snacks to eat 
While we wait for the snow
Maybe we'll run into Santa?
The Neggnapper?
Who honestly knows?
Just grab that borovan
It's bound to be a good show

Ode to Borovan
by helpstamp

On a brisk cold day,
When snow crystallizes in the air,
And small icicles decorate your fur,
Thoughts of warmth fill your head. 

As your breath forms puffs of clouds,
And your hands get colder,
Dreams of a warm cup of Borovan pushes you on.

Finally home!
You rush to warm up.
Putting not one, but two asparagus in with chunks of chocolate. 
As the beverage simmers in its pot,
And the mesmerizing scent of Borovan gold your home. 
Warming you from the inside out!

Snuggled in a blanket next to a fire place.
Sipping a warm cup of Borovan. 
Stirring between sips.
Letting the warmth soak you up...

Ahh yes!
There's nothing like a warm cup of Borovan to warm up a frozen neopet!

A Hot Cup of Borovan
by mewemy

There on the table sits a great big mug
Inside is a drink that’ll make you feel snug
It’s super chocolatey, brown, and warm
With a secret ingredient out of the norm

Borovan has asparagus in it you see
The hidden vegetable even surprised me
Despite this odd fact it's really quite yummy
The hot liquid will quickly fill your tummy

A borovan brownie is a perfect pair
Give it a try if you have a moment to spare
You won’t regret tasting this new treat
Who said something good had to include meat?

Sip sip sip on a hot cup of borovan
To enjoy it by the fire is the plan
It’s festive and warm and great at night
Boy borovan truly is a delight

Borovan Day Delights
by cinderpaw618

On the coldest Neopian nights
what delicacy is a delight?
Rich, creamy borovan.

When you're skipping through the snow
or waiting by the mistletoe
what is better than hot cocoa?
A mug spilling with borovan.

If you want something hot
what should you bring to the cooking pot?
Asparagus and chocolate
for a serving of

Even though winter must end,
don't fret, my friend.
In any season you can depend
on perfectly sweetened

Ice cream, cookies, crepes, and more;
cranberry, vanilla, and apple galore,
In any weather we adore
Neopia's classic: borovan!

A Cup of Borovan Please
by catchinglights

Into the coffee shop I go with a request,
For the one drink that suits me best.
It warms me like nothing else can:
That lovely mug of Borovan.

Chocolate milk forms its base,
But another surprise waits in place.
An asparagus sprig, a bitter treat,
Makes a cup of Borovan complete!

It may sound gross, that is true,
But if I could beseech of you:
Take some Borovan and savor it,
You might find it's your new favorite!

So come on down to the coffee shop too,
And order yourself a Borovan brew.
Just one will surely put you at ease,
And your next order will be a cup of Borovan please!

Fields of Borovan
by l0000000l

Beyond the currents of Kiko Lake,
Deep within the lush greenery,
A hidden path unveils in daybreak, 
Revealing the most delicious scenery.

Amongst this vast forest clearing,
Crisp bunches of asparagus grow tall,
Just a vegetative farm in need of shearing,
It's the neighboring stream that's best of all.

Here, Terror Mountain has its secret supply,
As a river of steaming hot chocolate flows,
The two ingredients, mixed, pair well with rye,
Reason being? Unsurprisingly, nobody knows.

Alas, this is where the magic is brewed,
Should you've wondered where comfort comes,
A refreshing beverage to lighten your mood,
The Fields of Borovan beat to everyone's drums.

Longing for a Summer of Borovan
by symbolism

Winter brings with it its hollow weight. What's a night sky
without a moon snuffed out by snow, ashen dark?
Squint through the window for the northern lights,
or at least a frayed tangle of them. Every evening ends
with a half-formed sun. What I need: 
a home away  from the snowdrifts, 
or at least some borovan to warm my blood. 

I bring the cup to my lips. The steam clouds my eyes.
A strong smell of cinnamon, or a spice I can't name.
This is the warmth I need inside of me, but it won't last.
So I daydream about a summer of borovan: 
a sky that breaks early, a moon I can see during the day
as I sit outside stealing sips of my favorite chilled drink.
Ice cubes shrinking swiftly. A flick of my straw--

I know the Month of Celebrating will end soon,
give way to the Month of Sleeping, when I will watch
my nights of dull sleep regain their light, slowly.
When my dreams will melt away before morning,
wearing spring's dew like a beaded crown.
Until then, I will drink these fluid that fills me 
with a warmth that brings me closer to the sun,
or at least a room that overflows with it.

A Cup of Borovan
by alaynaweb

I’ve been cold and shivering
Since this month of celebrating began
The only thing that’ll warm me up
Is a nice hot cup of borovan.

Two cups for me and you
I’ll make a whole pot if I can
I love the beautiful brown hue
Of a lovely cup of borovan.

Coffee isn’t my preferred brew
Hot chocolate- I’m just not a fan
A can of achyfi just won’t do
I simply want a cup of borovan.

Soon I’ll be headed home to rest
And you ask me “What’s my plan?”
Well, when I get home I’ll curl up
With a nice hot cup of borovan.

Snow Faerie Borovan Keeps Souls So Warm
by _brainchild_

Snow Faerie Borovan, sure to delight,
Is tasty and certain to please, am I right?
The flavor is smooth, and appearance is grand.
There's no finer beverage in all of the land.

The drink, oh so warm, will ward off nippy cold.
It's also nutritious, from what I am told!
Prepare it o'er stovetop, then give it a while
To cool, or your tongue will be burnt. Oh so vile!

The cup bears design of a faerie so cool---
Miss Taelia, whose warm, fluffy jacket sure rules.
The mug also benefits from Taelia's wings.
Don't let borovan fly away. That would just sting!

So, if you're just freezing, and layers won't do,
The Snow Faerie Borovan, surely for you,
Will keep you so comfy and warm anyday,
So add this hot drink to your seasonal tray.

Ubiquity of Borovan
by miraday

It’s the spout of the kettle that shouts—
The aroma of asparagus warming, too.
NeoHomes construe their holiday treats
And along comes infamous borovan brew.

It’s an acquired taste for all, old and new:
The sweetness of the chocolate arrives
Alongside the bitter asparagus through
A gulp or two that can abruptly revive.

Of all the wonders abound in Neopia, perhaps 
It’s the ubiquity of borovan most perplexing.
When the holidays settle across the maps,
Borovan rejoices in our decision-making.

Some types add dark chocolate, others
Add chokato or ummagine for flavors.
When tradition calls, heed its bother
And double the asparagus for savor.

Maybe it’s not the duality of its taste,
Instead it’s the bond between its makers.
What can be more universal? We celebrate
Borovan Day with all its Neopian drinkers!

A Summer of Borovan
by precious_katuch14

The sun is out, the weather is warm,
Heat permeates every field and farm.
As we search for cold whenever we can,
There seems to be no room for hot borovan.

Or is there? Can it be true?
Is borovan for the summer too?
It's more likely than you think,
The versatility of the borovan drink!

Have an Abominable Snowball Borovan,
Or perhaps a chilling, frozen one.
Sip some Iced Borovan through a straw,
Have it as is or with balls of tapioca.

Enjoy a refreshing Borovan Ice Cream Scoop,
Mint and borovan might throw you for a loop.
The Snow Faerie Borovan might fly,
Catch it before it soars into the sky!

Freeze your Borovan with asparagus,
Keep it cool with your Borovan Thermos.
Or take a shot of Borovan Punch
To wash down your lovely summer lunch.

But nothing beats a tall frigid glass
Of that mix of coffee and asparagus
Sipped slowly to combat the heat,
Truly, the summer warmth can be beat!

Borovan Day
by sylas23

Borovan is the very best drink you can get
When the weather turns icy, cold and wet
Start up the fire so it's crackling hot 
Heat up your cup and drink down the lot

Some will add marshmallows to make it extra sweet
However you like it, it's the best winter treat 
Its the number one recommended drink 
For anyone skating in The Happy Valley ice rink

I once enjoyed a nice hot cup in an igloo
With Taelia herself, she brews a great brew!
She told me the secret ingredient is magic
But I saw her slip in some extra chocolate

In the month of celebrating on the twentieth day
Gather your friends around so all of you may
Enjoy a hot cup of borovan with all of your loved ones
Happy Holidays and good cheer to everyone

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