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Neopets Poems

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Cosmic Collab Special

Space Faerie: A Cosmic Tale
by secant

The star-filled night rests between
Streaks of stars, the quiet void
From which the Space Faerie emerges,
An unsung hero of the night.

Neopia sits, a speck of dust
In the ever-expanding cosmos,
Yet when trouble arises, she flies
At the speed of light to the rescue.

From the battle against Sloth to Ace Zafara,
The Space Faerie is the harbinger
Of infinite tales to come;
A flash of starlight.

Again she flies, floating through time,
Providing dancing dreams over Neopets
And a restful slumber.

Cosmic Takeover
by lilcutedoglover

Oh, sky full of stars
Shining ever so brightly
Neopia dreams

Flying around space
Constellations aplenty
Space Faerie appears

A cosmic party
With starry decorations
Prepare for some fun

Food and cake galore
Celebrating with nerkmids
A delightful time

From Neopia
To Kreludor, time for a
Cosmic Takeover!

The Shooting Star
by kadface

In the skies above Meridell
I see a shooting star
A searing ball of cosmic flame 
To light me up from afar

I close my eyes and make a wish
Pour out my hopes and wants
A Neohome all of my own
Maybe a few NeoPoints

I feel a warmth wash over me
A tinkling laugh in my ears
I open my eyes to see ahead
A face with wisdom of the years

With eyes of flashing red and black
With hair of midnight blue
Dressed in cloth woven from stars
Her hands a sparkling hue

The Space Faerie! There she is!
I feel my eyes go wide
She smiles with gentle merriment
Appears to light up inside

She waves a hand, and it appears 
A bag with a slight heft
I look down once and up again
To see that she has left

I turn my eyes back to the sky
And see that shooting star
But now see the Space Faerie
Protecting from afar.

Assignment 53: A Cosmic Adventure
by t0tor0

This assignment needs spacesuits.
Your mission, you young recruits,
Is to find five scientists lost—
Bring them back at any cost!

First, you'll go to Wuba Prime.
Make sure not to waste your time.
Force fields are no good just yet.
Find the secret space, cadet.

Octozodi's your next stop.
You'll crush foes and crouch and hop.
Secret Nerkmids can be found
In Act 2—just jump around.

Wuba Secondus is next.
Force fields here have best effects.
You'll be jumping wall to wall.
Careful not to trip and fall.

Gorignak V's your next port.
There's not much here to report.
Nothing's hidden, if you're shrewd—
Simply gain some altitude.

Kreludor's your journey's end.
On your boots you will depend.
Keep them on for food galore—
Two discreet spots boost your score.

The last scientist's guarded well.
Ten headshots will ring death's knell.
Once the bot is trounced, hooray!
You have won and saved the day!

View From The Top
by coach2939

Perched upon the top of the mountain, 
Snow softly shining stars
Twinkling icy breath,
The sky sighs in diamond puffs that settle
Softly, softly, softly

Kreludor looms 
A black and silent shadow
Floating gently 
towing silver tides that wash gently against
The base of the snowy cliffs 
Creep and wave along Roo Islands beaches
Pushing ebon surf capped with moonlight rolling 
Disappearing in an endless sea.

The Coincidence makes its ever-constant rounds
Challenging stray meteors that cross its path
Always safe but someday, maybe, an errant stone will find it's
Sweeping path and end it's confident ownership of this sky.

Meteors don't play by Neopian rules
Kreludor knows this and stands a silent vigil 
Perhaps waiting for the day it's flyby friend is no more.

Virtupets stands at the ready, surely nothing can withstand all its defences
It has beaten back evil fuzzles many times;
Creates and builds huge weapons ready to bark resistance to invaders and crush 
wandering rocky menace should it veer near our sweet Neopia. 

Our sky is always changing, filled with stars, 
and planets yet to exert celestial influence
Opening endless possibilities and fueling endless imagination

Dream on Neopia, the sky is ever vast and reaching
For dreams woven with cloud 
   and set free 
    to reach the stars

Cosmic Theme: Mira's Constellation Tour
by catchinglights

The cosmos can be a lonely place,
Mira reflects as she floats along.
She can fly across the whole of space,
But sometimes she wishes to belong.

With Sloth locked away and Neopia in a lull,
Mira had achieved order in her affairs.
She had the time over which to mull,
The constellations whose sky she shares.

First she passed the great bow of Altador,
The Hunter whose arrow arcs across the sky.
Named for the king at the city's great core,
The Lupe who was always determined to try.

Next up is The Protector and her magical sphere,
Jerdana whose power always astounds.
She has lent this power to Altador her whole career,
And in the heavens her legend abounds.

Then comes the Fauna the Gatherer's basket,
To tempt any creature with her fruits and berries.
This Acara has made kindness her habit,
No matter how small a creature or how scary.

The Thief's dagger slices through the night,
Though Kelland's title is misleading indeed.
This cunning Techo uses his sleight,
To give Neopoints to all those in need.

Gordos The Collector is a rarity among his kind, 
For the taxman is rarely a welcome sight.
But the Skeith is honest and has only ever fined,
When money is not being used for right.

A shield, not a sword, marks The Gladiator,
Torakor the Mighty seeks not for foes.
Though to his army he was considered traitor,
Any threat to Altador he will oppose.

The Wave of Marak falls with a splash,
Eternally rolling in the night's ocean.
The Peophin avoids a needless clash,
He guards the seas with devotion.

The Dancer's tambourine is silent and still,
Though Sasha brings merriment and calm.
Mira can almost hear the clank of the zill,
From the Cybunny dancing with aplomb.

Stalks of wheat signify The Farmer's berth,
For Florin who maintains the city's food supply.
The Kacheek is an expert at working the earth,
Though his mark lives forever in the sky.

The First to Rise yawns all through the night,
Though in life Siyana was a tireless faerie.
She helped a village with their bandit fight,
Her light still conquers the unwary.

Nearby the Dreamer eternally sleeps,
Evoking Psellia, that beacon of hope.
Into action the Air Faerie will leap,
If an Altadorian finds that they cannot cope.

And last but not least is a pair of eyes,
The Sleeper has still left her dark blight.
The Darkest Faerie still lives on in the skies,
After subjecting Altador to a great plight. 

Mira smiles as she weaves through the heroic throng,
Celestial memories of their earthly deeds.
Much as down on Neopia they belong,
Mira knows she is what the cosmos needs.

Cosmic Wandering
by parody_ham

From the roof of Hagan Dorm
I watch amidst a solar storm
Cosmic wonders far and wide
With telescope they cannot hide

A shooting star bursts from the night
Giving off a brilliant light
Remote moons from distance gleam
Spilling forth their radiant beams

Stars take shape as constellations
Stories tell of machinations 
Between these stellar beings of lore
Myths and legends, always more

The sky presents an endless wonder
And a thought that even under
Our glimmering stars there is no end
Space itself seems to ascend

From atop my dorm room roof
There is an undeniable truth
That somewhere in this starry choir
Surely someone else inquires

Are we alone in the Universe?

The Cosmic Diner
by geneames1

For the discerning gastronomer
heavenly tastes abound
no need to be an astronomer
you'll find them all here on the ground

For breakfast a serving of Cosmic Rings
this cereal's such a real treat, too
it's taste is delicious, so out of this world
you won't have just one bowl you'll eat two!

Lunch on a combo of sandwich and soup
(Cosmic Stars and Constellation)
good by themselves but better together
a savoury flavour sensation

Cosmic cheese stars will always delight
at dinner when found on your plate
accompanied by cosmic broccoli
it's a meal that is really first-rate

So find yourself a knife and fork
a spoon, a plate and cup
a telescope for ambience
and eat your space food up!

A Cosmic Life
by acara_575

Soaring across our galaxy,
Defying the sense of gravity;
That's Mira, the Faerie of the Space,
Dancing through the stars with grace.

She fights the dangers in the sky;
Her duty is to protect our kind.
Challenging Sloth every day,
Keeping his vicious mind away.

Her powers are beyond compare,
Beauty you won't see elsewhere;
She senses pain and fear and danger,
To fighting evil, she is no stranger.

The stars, the moon, even the space,
Our Universe is a strange place;
But Mira's watch has just begun,
Her heart is bigger than the Sun.

All Neopets are humbled by
This caring figure in the sky;
And so at night, we dream away,
Contemplating a better day.

A falling star landed tonight,
Apparelled in unearthly light;
The Cosmic Faerie works tirelessly
To keep the world in harmony.

Cosmic Stars
by profebest

The sky is full of stars,
The galaxy looks spectacular,
Meteors passing by the lunar,
A paint brush has fallen seems familiar,

Eventide Paint Brush has made its way to Neopia,
Neopia now feels like a Cosmic Galaxy Star,
An Aisha has appeared from the clouds of Faerieland,

Queen Fyora has been there to spy,
Aisha ran quickly in order to try,
To take the Paint Brush to take the dip,
Running faster than a Poogle race with wings,

The Aisha managed to get into the Rainbow Pool,
And turned into an Eventide Aisha before the whirlpool, 
Now the Cosmic Stars have connected to the pool,
Cosmic Special Edition has made it through.

My First Space Suit
by dortho

There was a young Grundo, living in Neopia, who always looked up to the sky. The others around him looked different, and he always wondered why. 

He once was a Uni, with a horn and flappy wings, And then to a Pteri, who whistles and sings, 
What's up with the Gnorbu, who is annually sheered? "Now I'm a Grundo?" That's weird. 

The Space Faerie happened to fly overhead, 
And dropped a pamphlet on top of his head, 
Something about an invitation to visit Kreludor.
Neopia really isn't such a bore.

This was followed by a suit landing upon him, 
It was a perfect fit! 
Didn't have to hit the gym. This was it! 
Traversing space and time, made a safe landing, while trying to rhyme.

Welcomed by Grundos he had never met,
Wiping off a little space sweat,
Didn't know he was in a happy pursuit
Thank you, Space Faerie, for My First Space Suit!

The Shadow over Kreludor
by homsar_eggplant

In deep hours of the passing night
        I beseech thee, oh Dark Twin of Moon!
The Shadow Over Kreludor
        Your time has come to be among us
Show me unbeknownst truths of all!
        For years, I have toiled and researched
My studies proved ever valiant
        The Antiquarian Guild’s prowess
seeks dimension stretching splendour!
        You gift us with knowledge of the stars
Great Shadow over Kreludor!
        Your true name has been gifted to me
From the realm, Aipeon, arise!
        Kru’Yag-Lhketh!  Eldritch thing of myth!
He who serves Snwl’Whugkah the Worm
        Scion of Slorgeth’at the Green King
Break the threshold through Neopia!
        Merge into our starry galaxy
Your thousand eyes, I behold them
        Impart your wisdom on all of us
You hunger, you demand from me?
        A sacrifice of mind?  Is that all?
Take from me, great cosmic master!
        Take me and find all our world offers.
I gift myself back to knowledge
        Be free, master of the eldritch moon
Let the Dark Moon find Neovia
        May the whole world know the cloaking void

When You Wish Upon A Meteor
by birdinggal

A meteor I did go pokin’,
Wishing for some sort of token
Of cosmic delight
To fall on my sight,
And wonder within be evokin’.

But the space rock did silently sit,
So again I began to poke it.
When to my surprise 
Right before my eyes
A Grundo appeared with a fit!

He fumed and then as he did squall,
I feared that he would start a brawl.
So I turned to run
But alas! as I spun,
Flat on my face I did sprawl.

Cosmic Neopets Moon and Space Haiku
by deliriumm_tremens

busy crowded moon

ships and lasers disordered

needs city planning

- - - - -

amid star streams

Space Faeire scouts but gently,

aloof, then drifts off

- - - - - - -

gravity tide pool

cold dust spills over boot

a footstep too deep

- - - - - -

old Grundos still dream

Acara beauty unseen

Peophin lays on shore

- - - - - - - - - - - -
iceberg comet rides

Chomby blue beneath the snow

Tyrannia bound

- - - - - 
your eyes were pure, wide

as galaxies, stars from our paws

return to the sky

- - - - - 

- - - - -

~ DT

Cosmic Home
by rawbeee

There once was a time I'd terrorize spacecraft
But now I find comfort on this opulent life raft

I spend my days minding my own
Seeking out treasures amongst cold stone

The star-shaped metals are so fine
Angle them right and watch them shine

And the cakes that I find are so good
They taste better than anything should

But the crumble fungus, on the other hand
For my tastes are just too bland

All the same to the violent vandals
That hold on so tight to their weapon handles

They challenge me here, in my own home
Ranting and raving about a Cosmic Dome

Some are easy to dispatch
Others easily take the match

Then rifle through my treasure stash
And when arms are full, up in a flash

Marching off in jubilation
I slump and ponder their savage fixation

It pulls to mind my dastardly past
I am not sure this retirement will last

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