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Neopets Poems

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Draik Day Special

A Draik Day Ode
by aurorapearl

From an egg these wings unfurl:
with skin of velvet, eyes of pearl;
claws of obsidian,
the strength of iridium;
scales of iridescent colour swirl.

And who can measure to their majesty,
with their flame-tipped breath of promised travesty?
They who cut through air like silk
Unseen before came their ilk
Defying the hefty demands of gravity.

I have not the words, in truth,
To smooth into proper vignette, to soothe;
It is not so deserving
of true beauty unnerving -
Compared to its subject, my prose is uncouth.

But witness today the grandeur of their make,
Bask in the glory left behind in their wake;
Dance in their merriment,
Worship their element -
Celebrate today the dominion of Draiks.

Ye Pirate Draik
by stmarshall

Ye Pirate Draik in the Battledome
He strokes his long and twirly beard,
Brown and lush, going all the way to his tail,
With a one-eyed look and a typical swashbuckling sneer,
Complete with a gold ring in his ear for detail.

There are whispers – some say this Draik pirate is indeed mad,
Yet he pays these gossipers neither bother nor heed,
He has always relied only on himself – an individual lad,
For others’ opinions… well, he has no need.

Where he truly excels is in the Battledome,
You can hear him charging in with a ferocious ‘ARRRRRRRRR!’
And that is why today I sit and write this poem,
Though, if intimidated, you may simply admire from afar.

Hold back? Hah! This Draik does not,
Difficulty and Starting HP in the hundreds,
The many battles he’s won and all that he’s fought,
By far he has come out victorious – ahead.

He’s got cannons, snowballs, and a Thyoras Tear,
An Attack Pawkeet, special lens, and glass eye for weapons,
Like Plumbeard, he owns a Savage Sabre,
You can bet that he's second to none.

Despite all that you may still well lose,
No shame – he’s a worthy opponent, you’ve tried your best,
Though your ego might be somewhat bruised,
Ye Pirate Draik will be here ready at your next request.

Hatching Day
by ragecandybar

A life-filled egg of lapis blue
With polished shell shall soon be due. 
Nestled on its leafy patch,
Within this cave the egg will hatch.  

Then, cracks splinter across its surface... 
The egg quivers, atmosphere nervous.
Something is hatching, the time draws near,
Shell shards shatter, new life is here!

Narrow muzzle struggles out,
Yolky film slicks its snout. 
Damp wing membranes stretch full span,
Eyes still milky, the cave it scans.

A Draik is born, miraculous event;
Egg fragments strewn, Kadoaties lament. 
The innocent dragon yawns long and wide;
Feeble wings flapping, attempting to fly.

The hatchling waddles out of the cave,
For such a young Draik, he sure is brave.
The outside light blinds his eyes;
Yet, one day he’ll return to the skies.

Terask, Draik King
by precious_katuch14

Red scales
Sharp claws
Filling hearts 
With fear and awe.

Giant in stature,
Grotesque in form,
He plunges the skies
Into a battle storm.

Roaring his challenge
Taking Faerieland
With forces of evil
He defiantly bands.

He works his magic,
Deploys his armies.
They stream down the roads,
Invading Faerie City.

He takes his stand,
Declaring war,
In a masterstroke,
Defeats Fyora.

Standing victorious,
He claims the crown,
And with the kingship,
Ruthless renown.

Great Terask,
Draik King,
These wild ambitions
Are the song he sings.

Dreaming of Draiks
by ksophiatt

When I closed my eyes last night, I dreamt a funny dream
Of a tiny creature with scales so bright, they gleam
Slowly hatching from his egg, he yawns and looks at me
I sit in awe, staring at the cutest thing I have ever seen
He turns and looks up at me with eyes so big they beg
I can’t believe what I’ve seen hatch from this baby egg
I gently pick him up and look at him nose-to-nose
Promising myself to look after him as he grows and grows

Today I woke up and found this dream had come true
For in front of me was an egg sitting so bright and blue
Once again I lift and hold the egg right above my eyes
Looking at this unhatched baby, I suddenly realize
That before I even knew it, right from the very start
This little baby within this egg has had me right by the heart

The Draik of Dawn
by miraday

The forest entrance shivers—
Pines bristling from the unseen.
Windy willows overlook rivers
Reflecting the moon’s soft sheen.

In the heart of this dark forestry
Resides a towering wind shrine.
It staggers in silence, swaying
From breezes in its turbines.

Its protector: a Draik of lost lore.
It would rise above the tree lines
Like fire flickering from its core
And guide the wind to this site.

The Draik was revered and rare,
Respected for its role in weather.
Where gales and gust prevailed,
The Draik was sure to be there.

You approach the shrine’s bridge,
Arching over the quiet valley.
The stillness of night switches
As the wind begins to volley.

As if by design, the Draik arrives:
Its scales glitter like the horizon
Just before the morning sun rises.
It winds in the air, guardian dragon.

You bow before the tower, graced.
When you stand, the moon sets
And the Draik vanishes, replaced 
By the daybreak, its own epithet. 

You witnessed here the Draik—
The beast once long gone--
In sacred treetops that break
To the coming kingdom of dawn.

by aisha_painter119

Deep in the bowels of Castle Meridell,
there is a tale that the castle servants tell
about a knight with honour strong
that Skarl thought could do no wrong.

So when it was found this knight committed treason,
he was locked away without asking his reason.
He wept that his knightly days were through;
what he had been accused, he did not do.

Many days passed where he paced through his cell,
appealing to the guards, which did not go well.
The Draik could see they would not let him out
and he sat in despair, consumed by this doubt.

After weeks of darkness the disgraced Draik could see
that his captors were not going to set him free.
He decided then to escape his prison
and with that thought new hope had arisen.

Using skills he learned from his days as a squire,
he concealed himself with smoke from his breath of fire
and slipped through the bars of his dungeon cage,
quietly avoiding the sleeping guard's rage.

He took the guard's sword and fled through the dark,
hoping once free, he could remove the traitor's mark
by finding the real culprit of the crime committed
and proving once for all the truth had been omitted.

But the castle's dungeons were deeper than he thought,
and through levels of traps and Grarrl guards he fought.
Flying higher and higher to reach the next level,
the Draik thought of the freedom in which he would revel.

It was the greatest challenge to undertake,
for a once-respected, and now disgraced Draik.
Through the Meridell Castle escape he fought hard.
And so goes the tale of the ex-knight Valrigard.

Draik Day
by profebest

A dragon was born inside an egg,
An egg hidden in a dark cave,
Colourful glow in his eyes,
On an early glowing evening.

A sunset colour orange like the tropical sky,
The sun is showing his beautiful wings,
While the dragonflies around the rings,
The sky has shown how colourful the day is,

A dragon is being shown around the world of Neopia,
Draik was its name and today is Draik day,
We shall celebrate by going towards the Rainbow on the sky,

And new colours will begin to show,
A paint brush falls off the sky,
Making all Draiks into different colours,
The dragons are gone but somehow I still see the colours,

The colours of the Golden Draik has shown up,
A silver draik that looks platinum like a sword,
Darigan Draik comes from a dark castle,
Pastel Draik so sweet like a candy,
What colour shall be next?
Only you can find out in the Draik Day!

The Most Knowledgeable Draik
by nathanmozart

There are those who will travel the countryside daily,
They arrive at long last, positively Brightvale-y,
The kingdom's so lush, and they always have smiles,
Especially once they see our good friend Miles.

The wheel, he says, will bring you much joy,
Just give it a spin! No need to be coy!
Once given the fee, the wheel will start spinning,
Each prize you receive will feel like you're winning!

For those who like working, the coupons are best,
Gold, silver, or bronze, each one does impress,
Or maybe you're trying to read lots of books,
The wheel can provide, just give it a look!

Perhaps you're a gamer who's looking for tips,
Miles has you covered, "Just spin it!" he quips!
You might get a code that can offer you time,
or power-ups letting you play at your prime!

Still others may say, "Do you have souvenirs?"
And to that, Miles will say, "These fine windows, my dear!"
Whether floral in pattern, or depicting a friend,
Brightvale's windows are gorgeous and always on trend!

But rarest of all, it's the avatar space,
The star on the wheel in its rightful place.
The flag is of course flying proudly you see,
A true sign of Brightvalian loyalty.

Regardless of prize, be it wisdom or scrolls,
The Wheel is most wondrous, a sight to behold!
So please don't wait, how much time does it take?
To visit Miles, the Most Knowledgeable Draik!

The Wraith Draik's Lament
by symbolism

When I can't sleep, I hum to myself softly.
I sing to the moon that silvers me pure.
I think of everything that makes me monster: say,
my acrid breath and the dust it stirs.

And what am I but a mess of thorns without roses to trail
A cloud of smoke that chokes its flame?
I am a nightmare that you forget upon waking
but for your fear of darkness blame. 

When I can't sleep, I say to myself: look, you glow from within.
But it's not a glow that draws you near.
Instead: the only lavender they call sickly. And my grin?
Alas, just a sorry jagged sneer.

But there are things in which I do find comfort:
Sleep deep enough to bury me 'til the morn,
Korbat song that invades my dreams,
a Lupe's moonlit howl sharp and forlorn.

And the darkness that cradles me to sleep hides:
a stranger's smile, distant and wry
A forest and its secrets draped in moss, my body
a deep shadow against the sky

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