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Neopets Poems

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Discovery of Brightvale

It is Always Sunny in Brightvale
by mimiweasley

There is a land where it's always sunny,
Where learning is much regarded,
And knowledge is more valuable than money,
And the king is good-hearted.

In the streets, there are people reading,
And many come for the green gardens,
Why don’t stop for a library visiting?
Or play around the Street Market?

Books, Motes, Fruits and Potions,
There are plenty of stores around,
And cultural activities for all!

As a kingdom full of notions,
And a ruler with both feet on the ground,
Your astonishment can never be small!

On the Nature of Brightvale Motes
by heathernel193

Upon pondering the nature of motes,
I have some questions I’d like to float:

If you used fire against snow,
Is water produced, or do they both just… go?
When fire meets wood, do you get ash?
Or does nothing happen after the clash

When Ee mote meets mirror, does it get more sad?
Or better yet, with plushie, might it become glad?
(Where is the glad)

Do they merely transfer form?
Chain melts to metal
Day turns to night
Changing into another
Arising from each other
…so, if I might:

Does dung come from weewoo?
(I’ll take my adieu)

How Brightvale Got it's Name
by andypopo

B: eing the lesser of two kingdoms, many never think to ask, how Brightvale got it's name. 

R: ight beside Meridell is land of keen and studious folks. 

I: might even say they are quite BRIGHT! 

G: uys and gals spend their days in the pursuit of knowledge. 

H: agan spends his days and nights patiently hearing from less erudite folks. 

T: he various buildings, the flora, the kings colours are all the most lush of green. 

V: ale, Vale! The kingdom rests in the vale!

A: ll together now we have the answer, 

L: o behold, the kingdom is named for its pursuit of knowledge and its bright green flora. 

E: ven I think Brightvale is a better name than Wisdom Valley!

Brightvale's Wheel of Knowledge: A Spinner's Lament
by _brainchild_

Brightvale has a certain wheel
That makes me want to cry.
So glum is how it makes me feel---
Results shall make me sigh.

Is one new shiny avatar
Too much for me to ask?
For squares, I've trampled near and far---
Yet this is quite the task.

That wretched flag eludes me so!
Upon the millionth spin,
I'm met with yet another foe---
The wrong result. Chagrin!

I do not want a random fruit---
I need the golden star!
A mote is not sufficient loot---
I'd love an avatar!

So, Mr. Draik, if you are listening,
I despise your wheel!
I'm sick and tired of nought but losing---
Grief is all I feel.

Ode to Brightvale Day!
by xx_lisa

Blessed is Brightvale, this mighty land,
A country of culture and rolling hills,
From the castle to Meridell it does span,
One must see it firsthand to understand.

Brightvale Castle towers above all,
A structure in white with charming green tops,
So grand and magnificent, it stands tall,
Some say it is most beautiful during fall.

Brightvale Town hums with activity,
It is small though it is quaint,
Greenery as far as the eye can see,
As well as mansions, shops, and universities.

Books are not to be missed when you come here,
After all, learning is what Brightvaleans do best,
Scholars from everywhere make it a point in their career,
To study in Brightvale for at least a year.

King Hagan welcomes all to Brightvale,
A wise and steady ruler he is known to be,
Come by sea or a land trail,
To experience your own Brightvale faerietale.

Discover Brightvale For Yourself
by mottanai

Banners fly high in green, yellow and white
My, oh my, what a wondrous sight!
It’s Brightvale Day today, my friends
Here are what I have to recommend:

Taste the produce at Brightvale Fruits
Not to try any would be rude
There are screlons, skeems, floranges and grenelons
Sometimes even Carved King Hagan Echtooh Melons

Deck yourself in true Brightvale fashion
Try all the styles; there’s no need to ration
Capes and cloaks and robes for all
Sizes ranging from large to small

See the green Draik at The Wheel of Knowledge
To play an enlightening game with an edge
Prizes from motes to windows, codes to health
A chance at wisdom from the King himself

Books and scrolls are aplenty here
Something for everyone at every tier
As long as you are willing to learn
Back to Brightvale you must return

Brightvale's Pursuit
by jacobhulsebus

The land of Brightvale
is known for many a tale,
including stories of heroes and bravery
against characters who are unsavoury.
We tell many about romance, mystery,
fantasy, science fiction, and history.
We scrutinize books that are serious and absurd
to unlock the knowledge we have heard.

Authors take us down a road
to arrive at knowledge they wish bestowed.
However, as you often surmise,
they employ a kind of disguise.
With metaphor and allegory,
they obscure the truth of the story.
For the author's intent to be conferred,
we must grasp more than the written word.

For this journey, we ask teachers
to help decipher these story features.
Brightvale's finest act as a guide
to the young, old, and wide-eyed.
However, many are not yet prepared
for the heavy meanings that are shared.
We parrot the superficial with great retention,
learning wise sayings without comprehension.

We leave the splendid tale behind,
confident of uncovering everything there to find.
There was no need for introspection.
Our lives continue without a change in direction.
Weeks pass.  Seasons come and go.
Little remains of the tale long ago.
The wisdom brought to our attention
leads to nothing worth a mention.

To unlock the knowledge we have heard,
we must grasp more than the written word.
Learning wise sayings without comprehension
leads to nothing worth a mention.

Ode to Brynn
by trubiekatie

A well-known soldier, hails from Brightvale,
Known for aiding the Faeries’ Ruin tale.
Originally tasked to catch thieves, like Hanso,
Unexpectedly, we watched their friendship grow.

She dreamed of being a Brightvale Guard,
Which she excelled at, in that regard.
It was her work in saving the Faeries from stone,
That confirmed her status to guard the throne.

The worked with Xandra to undo the curse,
But it turns out that Xweetok only made it worse.
For she was the real enemy, a Faerie-wannabe.
Her raging inferno turned her somewhat beastly.

Hanso risked it all to save his friend,
Poor Brynn was saddened at his untimely end.
But luckily Fyora could reverse the spell,
Promoting Brynn to Captain as well.

And if you can believe it, those Wraiths came back,
(Someone ought to give that Hanso some flack).
But I can trust that Brynn will be there to lend aid,
Knowing she’ll lead us into the heart of the raid.

by warrior_soul

Land of magic and lore, 

There's much wisdom 
In this ancient land.
Spin the wheel, 
With the knowledge you seek,
And mayhap, just mayhap,
It shall give you the knowledge and fortune you seek,

Or fancy a potion, 
Or a scroll or two, 
Or a book to read, 
To pass the time.

Just ask the Royal Shopkeepers,
And they'll be happy to assist. 
For their knowledge is deep,
Their expertise profound,
With myriad competence 
In a number of fields.

Of potion you want, just ask the royal potionery,
Or fancy a scroll, why ask the royal scroller,
Or a book to browse, there is a royal bookseller too,

Or challenge King Hagan,
The Wise Old King, 
Whose endless knowledge,
Is hard to beat,
But give him a nugget of,
Deep Homespun Wisdom,
And he just might reward you, 
And love you forevermore,

There is much magic, and lore 
In this ancient land, 
Just waiting for travellers to,
Seek and find,
So adventure, skip,and hop, 
To this land,
Of magic and myth,
Of brightness and light. 

You will not regret it,
In fact you'll find much,
In this hallowed kingdom,
Where the wise old king,
Benevolent and Kind, 
Doles out wisdom and rules over all,

A kind old king, 
Presiding over a saintly domain,
Filled with prosperity and fortune for all,

Land of the Wise
by ragecandybar

Let’s bound over the grassy knolls
To the green kingdom where no cheese rolls,
Land from which the wise ones hail;
The well-learned kingdom of Brightvale.

Even the dense ones will be eager to learn,
For all they must do is let the wheel turn. 
For, those who believe they’re the wisest of all, 
Enter the castle and walk the king’s hall. 

No ruler is wiser than Hagan himself,
But no one dare borrow the books on his shelf,
If hand-made windows are more to your taste,
See Brightvale Glaziers, it’s owned by a Draik. 

With so much to offer from potions to motes,
The townsfolk of Brightvale 
Have reason to gloat.
The subjects are proud, 
But their manners refined 
Impoliteness, they say, hinders the mind. 

As the sun sets behind palace spires,
This land and its beauty are easily admired.
The wise ones rest early, so now we must go,
Brightvale remains brilliant as it was long ago.

The Merchants of Brightvale
by myncithemonkey

Brightvale, a glorious land,
Kingdom of prosperity,
Steeped in esoterics,
Knowledge spoken with verity.

Among lush green forests,
Along meandering roads,
A series of quaint shops,
The merchants' humble abodes.

Fruits of Brightvale to the south,
Exclusive home-grown produce,
The green Acara busy at work,
Turning fruits into juice.

The Scrollery to the west,
Offers magical parchment,
From Roberta, Hagan's niece,
Giving all enlightenment.

Brightvale Motery to the east,
A delightful Peophin sits,
With a diverse array of motes,
From which magical power emits.

Royal Potionery to the north,
A Cybunny tends to flora,
From which powerful mixtures,
Emanate mighty aura.

No matter what you may seek,
Brightvale has much to offer,
Hagan welcomes all to visit,
And your journey shall prosper.

The Scroll of the Earth: Ode to Roberta
by cookiez101

Once I was tall, reaching for clouds.
My branches were vast, my leaves a brilliant green.

Then one gray day, I heard something loud.
A grinding, chattering, a buzzing of machines.

I was chomped up, mixed, pressed out.
I became a flat piece of parchment, wavy enough to carry far in the breeze.

I missed my home, having a purpose - I will admit I am proud.
Yes, who could want to exchange being paper for being a tree?

A few springs later, I was packaged with others, covered in a mesh shroud,
delivered to a shop I could not quite see.

A young Acara, with kind eyes and glossy, raven hair picked me out.
Scratched a fervent message and murmured a spell, her eyes holding a particular gleam.

At once I became close to what I once was; I am no longer without.
And here I am, for sale, to help thee.

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