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Neopets Poems

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Blumaroo Day Special

My Blumaroo And Me
by rngfreckles

On Roo Island, you’re the king
Rolling dice, that’s the thing
A new adventure do I bring
My Blumaroo and me

You’re bored of dice, I hear
Then I whisper in your ear
Come away with me, my dear
My Blumaroo and me

Across the world of Neo
Everywhere that we go
You bounce and make heart glow
My Blumaroo and me

Now it’s off to see the Snowager
He blasts you with his icy roar!
We leave before an encore
My Blumaroo and me

Around the bend, we see a Faerie
Your friend, Von Roo, is quite scary
Unlike him, you’re very merry
My Blumaroo and me

Playing games and having fun
The Deserted Fairground has cork guns
You win a plushie, then you’re done
My Blumaroo and me

Now we’re back on Island Roo
You must return to dice soon
But I’ll be thinking of us two
My Blumaroo and me

We’re always side by side
You’re the perfect travel guide
With you, I’ll always side
My Blumaroo and me

Baby Blumaroos
by schneeebly

Baby blumaroos bouncing 
and dancing, and playing 
baby blumaroos singing 
and baby blumaroos staying 

all warm and cosy and tucked in their beds 
while mama Roo kisses them all on the head 
"Goodnight my darlings," she says with a smile

"I'll see you after the stars come out and play for a while"
She turns out the light, and the baby blums giggle 
they hide under sheets and begin to wiggle 
and laugh at the memories with their good friends, the quiggles

they dream of the morning, the sun shining bright 
and in their fit of laughter, bid each other good night 
baby blumaroos closing their eyes one by one 
another busy baby blumaroo day is finally done

The Celebrities of Roo Island
by philipp999_2

Today is the day, a special occasion,
I can tell my favourite island with no hesitation.
From Neopia Central all way over the rainbow,
the island I'm talking about you most likely know.

An island of fun so colourful and nice,
where the fortune comes from playing with dice,
but before you risk all let me give you some advice,
if you don't have luck you will pay a high price.

Every day at midnight he awakes,
a Blumaroo so scary your whole body shakes.
Throw the dice and keep your fingers crossed,
You either win or your pets levels are lost.
Count von Roo takes it, Count von Roo gives it.
But he is still a celebrity I have to admit.

But not all celebrities are bad.
One is good, that's what is said.
King Roo himself wants to be everyone's friend,
playing games with him I highly recommend.
Play Dice-A-Roo, the jackpot is your aim,
Maybe someday you can also feel the fame.

That is what is written, that is what is said,
and this is how the joy of Blumaroo Day is spread!

Always There For You: Blumaroo
by asterifos

Never too blue,
Always so true,
Best part of your crew,
Is a blumaroo.

Kangaroos can’t compare,
To how Blumaroo’s fair
Bright-eyed and cute dog-eared
Head should never be feared.

Even when zombie or darigan,
Blumaroos will stay with you til the end,
For a Blumaroo’s heart is golden,
Be proud to call one your very best friend

The Count
by cyeo19

Count Von Roo -- A name feared by many.

Many venture to his decaying castle home,
Home but a fleeting thought
For courageous and greedy Neopians alike.

Neopians seek his dice,
Imbued with magic powers;
Power-hungry foes 
Attempt to best the Blumaroo Count
Find themselves counting their levels down instead.

However, little do the foolish Neopians know,
The Count relinquishes a little power 
On a singular day.

Blumaroo Day — a joyous occasion for all.
Neopians celebrate far and wide,
Throwing parties and hosting gatherings aplenty.

And even the old Count, who spends his days
Preying on foolish souls
Shows his Blumaroo spirit.

It may not be obvious how — however,
Pay him a visit on Blumaroo day.
Watch as the dice roll in your favour
Again, and again.
And you will then realize:

Even the darkest of hearts
the most sinister of spirits,
And the evilest of villains 
Show a little holiday cheer
In their own little ways.

Count Von Roo, the Blumaroo
by acara_575

All day long sleeps the Count Von Roo,
Until the darkest hour.
Forever hungry, the Blumaroo
Regains, from blood, his power.

"Just roll the Deadly Dice", he says.
"And gamble with your lives".
A level stolen for each game,
One bite, his teeth like knives.

Once his throat no longer burns,
The Vampire can rest.
To his tomb, Von Roo returns,
His quest completed, at last.

Apparelled in the darkness lies
The undead creature of night.
He dreams with blood from the next day,
In sleep he smiles with delight.

Origins of the Blumaroo Jester
by xxskyisfallingxx

The blumaroo jester
Was a sprightly young fellow
Who traded his green garb
For red, blue, and yellow

From Roo Island to Meridell
This blumaroo came
To cheer up King Skarl
And his servants the same

He danced in the castle
And balanced on his tail
Juggling balls in the air
That he caught without fail

But the King only yawned;
He wasn't impressed.
"Enough with these cheap tricks;
I was promised the best!"

So the blumaroo stopped
And sang a droll song
About potatoes and marrows
That grow twelve feet long

But the king wrung his ears
And whined as he spat:
"Don't even sing about food,
Lest the words make me fat!"

The jester fell down
Feeling like he'd been kicked
But he had one act left
One last, desperate trick

A strange, nonsense joke
About fierce peophins
Who spoke only gibberish
And ate olives by the tin

The king held his frown
But then lost his grip
He laughed so hard he cried
And food flew from his lips

"He's in hysterics," a servant cried
And shook the jester's hand
"He hasn't laughed like this
Since Lord Darigan smote our land."

And so the jokes continued
Each zanier than the last
The blumaroo distracted Skarl
Until his foul mood passed

The jester meant to leave
Once his performance was done
But Skarl begged and pleaded
And, being king, he won

So the blumaroo stayed on
Spreading joy throughout the court
Telling silly jokes that made
Even the most somber knight snort

From Roo Island to Meridell
This blumaroo searched for fame
And in the halls of King Skarl
He, at last, earned his acclaim

A Blumaroo Fun Land
by javascripter

King Roo bounces from place to place,
You can see his happiness from outer space,
As he watches over his little kingdom,
That is thriving with his brand of merry wisdom!

First of all, there is the famous Dice-A-Roo,
A super fun game played in a house of blue,
Come roll the dice and try your chance,
It’s all down to luck and circumstance!

Then the classic Merry Go Round,
Around which there is a campground,
Pick a hand-painted wooden Uni,
To spin you round and round with glee!

Onwards to the bustling creative hub,
Where artists and writers alike gather in clubs,
There’s the Poetry Contest, Art Gallery, and Storytelling too,
I’m sure there’s something here to amuse you!

If not, there’s always the Games Room to explore,
See what you can get for your highest score,
All of Neopia’s games are here in one,
Never give up until you’ve won!

Roo Island Brochure
by vicunas

Heart-shaped pads,
lifting up strong, yet gentle creatures.
The Blumaroo celebrates every moment of life.

Play Dice-a-Roo and hear fresh gossip,
sail across the shores in hopes of adventure,
or maybe relax on the beach and learn to draw.

Whether you bounce by the strength of your tail,
or with the help of the spring shop,
a pep in your step is always possible on Roo Island.

Come dance, come sing, come tell your story.
All patrons of the arts are welcome on King Roo’s island.
And for those who love the cover of darkness,
may luck be on your side against Count von Roo.

For every postcard that shouts, “Wish you were here!”
A new Neopian discovers the magic of Roo Island.

My Hero, My Son
by parody_ham

The village of Trestin is where I stay
Watching all the little ones play 
And I remember when my son was among them
A bouncing ball of energy, my little white gem

I tend to the farm, the home, the pet,
And wonder aloud the fate he has met
Father’s sword in paw and confidence brimming
He ventured afar with intent never dimming

As rumours fly of his many adventures
I hold my breath and hope that he ventures
Back home, to Trestin, safe in my arms
Away from the danger that threatens and harms

Another day passes and I start to feel weary
I hold fast my strength, this mom won’t be teary
Stories bombard me, tales of a mad king
A dragon and a team whose slaying did bring

Peace in Neopia, in five lands abound
The tale of four heroes and their triumphs are found
On the lips of the bards who sing fast their praises
And the hope and morale that their bravery raises

But no words are as sweet as the two that I hear
From a voice now much older but still just as dear
I see his rugged face with tears in my eyes
An answer to my dreams, the perfect surprise

“I’m home, Mother,” was all that he said
With loving eyes and a smile that tread
Gently upon my worried heart
He came to me alive, two souls long apart

We embraced for long minutes as his friends did proclaim
His love for his mom and with blush he exclaimed
That his thoughts often drifted to me and this town
And of the father long gone that he wished was around

How proud he’d have been to see him in gold
Bright and resplendent, a lead to the bold
But beyond all the titles, the battles now won
I thank Skarl for the safety of my Hero, my Son

A Visit to Roo Island
by skatabo

Some say that on Roo Island
Every day's a holiday.
It's true enough, but soon you'll see
something special's on the way!

Now's the time for celebration,
Now's the time to bounce and cheer!
Take a peek at your calendar,
Blumaroo Day is here!

You can start off at the Castle,
play a game of Dice-a-Roo,
and with a bit of luck and skill
You'll win the jackpot, too!

Go round and round the carousel,
Take a gander at the shops,
Spend the whole day with your favourite games
Learn to draw a Meowclops.

Take a left at the old fountain,
Take a tour of the square,
Don't forget to try the coffee
and borovan (if you dare)!

If you're feeling a bit drowsy,
and looking a little pale,
Why not stop by our humble inn
and share a little tale?

And when the day is dead and gone,
and the night is drawing near...
We'll pack our bags and wave goodbye

See you all again next year!

Blooms have fun!
by herecomestrouble1709

In a land far away
we have what is known as Blumaroo day
It is when all the Blumaroos come out to play
and they all look forward to this special day

The Blumaroo comes from Roo Island
with water all around
They are super friendly Neopets
and they enjoy bouncing high off the ground

You may have heard of a special few
King Roo Count Von Roo and Commander Garoo
King Roo has a popular game called Dice A Roo
win a game and an avie will belong to you

Blumaroos make wonderful pets
they are happy and bouncy all the time
They are quite large but do not be afraid
bring one home and a friend you will have
for all your days

King Roo, King Blumaroo
by mewemy

The Ruler of Roo Island, King Roo
Began craving something new
There he sat, lonely and bored
Nothing to do, alone and ignored

The Blumaroo played every single game 
But he really quite found them all lame
So he sent out the maids & the cook
Even the gardener was told to take a look

So off they went on their quest
To find the game that was truly the best
Things were starting to look a little dreary 
When suddenly King Roo heard something eerie

A cloaked Blumaroo approached with some dice
He saw Roo was down and had some advice
Take these magic dice and never again be bored
If you’re lucky you can even win a reward

Dice-a-Roo was then created and loved dearly
The island even held a championship yearly
King Roo was happy every day since then
Hoping to see his cloaked friend again

The Blumaroo Bop
by kayahtik

There’s something I have to share
On this sunny summer day
Can you feel it in the air?
Feel your hips start to sway? 

First to the left, and then to the right
It’s a feeling that you just can’t stop
Got no wings, but ‘bout to take flight
On your feet or your tail, give a little hop

Hear that? Such a nice, steady beat
Can’t help but get up and get movin’
Just can’t resist jumping to your feet
Come on now, get up and get groovin’

First to the left, and then to the right
It’s a feeling that you just can’t stop
Got no wings, but about to take flight
Put your hands up, clap ‘em up top

Hey you, have you done this before?
The words come easy, like you’re a pro
Here comes the chorus, let’s give a big roar
Now we’re almost at the end, show me your flow

First to the left, and then to the right
It’s a feeling that you just can’t stop
Got no wings, but about to take flight
Thanks for joining me in the Blumaroo Bop!

Commander Garoo
by idontgetit

There he stands in silence,
Watching with his red, piercing gaze.
All who see him tremble,
Knowing of his twisted ways

As he scans the horizon,
Stars glistening against his armored chest,
The night turns dark and gloomy,
As he looks on to the West.

His rage and contempt radiate off him,
Leaving little room for confusion.
His goal pierces loudly in the calm.
He has but a single vision.

Those who are frail need not worry,
The weak and weary are not his prey.
He seeks out a greater glory,
In those who can meet him in the fray.

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