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Neopets Poems

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Quiggle Day Special

Jump for Joy, It's Quiggle Day!
by pleathers

The waters of Neopia are home to many kinds of pets,
Whether they be full-aquatic or simply like it when it's wet.
When it comes to splashing 'round, there are few who love it more
Than friendly groups of Quiggles happily playing on the shore!

You could feed him a beetle, or perhaps you think a fly,
And though he smiles as he munches down, he'll think to himself, "Why?"
You see, he likes his vitamins from veggies, greens, and fruit!
Juppies, berries, ummagine, and asparagus, to boot.

With such a healthy diet his skin usually stays smooth,
But if you wander through the carnival toward a certain booth,
You may find a warty, toothy Quiggle in a stripey get-up...
Look out for Leeroy, he does seem fun, but I suspect a set-up!

A temperament so bouncy can truly be contagious,
But imagine if your job was just to sit around for ages?
He may be patient, but we still hear this Quiggle harrumphing audibly;
But we don’t mind, it’s the only way to spin the Wheel of Monotony!

Some Quiggles have been known to be just a touch more suspicious,
But the Altadorian Club President is hard to see as malicious.
Old Man Withers simply wanted honour and respect….
And maybe just a tiny pinch of power to control and reject.

No Neopet is perfect, we learn time and time again,
But am I? Are you? And these little dudes still want to be our friends!
So bring your Quiggle to the beach, or the river, or the lake—
When you see him jump for joy, you’ll know it’s no mistake.

Rainy Day Quiggle Outfit
by indulgences

The thunderstorm is coming near.
The clouds are dark and grey.
The downpour is approaching now,
To cap the end of day!

The Quiggle looks up at the sky,
And pulls her Jacket close.
The air is chilly, moist and damp,
And yet, she’s not morose!

Her outfit’s meant for rainy days,
And Rainy Day's its name.
It looks so cozy, soft and snug
Upon her Quiggle frame!

The Hat and Wig upon her head
Protect her dry, blonde hair.
The purple cloth is waterproof,
And comfortable to wear!

Her Dress is made of dark blue silk
With sleeves of emerald green.
It sparkles through the darkest storm,
A wonder to be seen!

Her Shoes are buffed a shiny blue,
Impervious to rain.
They stomp through puddles carelessly,
Without a spot or stain!

She opens her Umbrella wide,
And swings it overhead.
She has no need to fear the storm.
She feels no fright nor dread!

This Quiggle is quite ready for
The floods that come her way!
A storm is simply something wet
In which the Quiggle plays!

Quiggle Day: Won’t You Join the Dance?
by alien_ation

Hello! Nice to meet you!
Have you come this way by chance?
What luck! You’re just in time for
The Grand Annual Quiggle Dance!

Old pals are here to celebrate
The year that has gone by
Quiggles of all colours
Twirling ‘neath this starry sky

That’s our singer in the corner,
Our guitarist, and our drummer
In a moment they’ll be playing
The most joyous songs of summer

We’ll hop and slide and jiggle and
We’ll bounce and twist and shake
After that we’ll cap it off
By going dipping in the lake

We’ll share tales of encounters had
With Cybunnies and Bori
And Scarabugs and Feepits
Forming our collective story

And here, there’s food for one and all
All vegetables, you’ll find
No ice cream here (it makes us sick!)
I hope that you don’t mind

So will you join the party?
I won’t blame you if you giggle
There is nothing more delightful
Than to see a Quiggle wiggle

But that’s the least of what you’ll witness
We have come from near and far
For a night of love and friendship
That reminds us who we are

The Quiggle Scout
by vltava

At dawn’s break he was awakened 
By the wind’s whispering sigh; 
In the gloom his airship loomed, 
Ascending into the lightening sky. 

The Quiggle Scout at his station, 
Soaring the skies with his spyglass, 
Watching the battles below, 
Seeking the armies of Lord Kass. 

In the new cold morning,
Aloft in his dirigible,
Hidden by clouds and mist,
His tracks were untraceable.

They were but specks beneath him,
By some strange grace,
A boy’s toy soldier army,
Nothing between them but space.

Buffeted by callous drafts,
If his balloon were pierced by arrows,
He feared to go down,
And end up among the marrows.

No parachute had been yet invented
He lamented, for what if he fell,
But still he flew on,
For Meridell, for Meridell!

The Blue Quiggle
by lil_reef

The Blue Quiggle sits beneath a tree,
Staring at the leaves and thinking,
About all of the things that are and could be.

He could be underwater without blinking,
If he were Maraquan instead of Blue,
He wouldn't have to worry about sinking,
If that fact were simply true.

He could stare at the sky as he grew,
If he were Woodland this very day,
Connected with Nature's beautiful hues,
As in the wind to and fro he swayed.

He could feel anything but grey,
If he were painted Faerie now,
Staring at the star's beautiful ballet,
Dazzled by the Galaxy, truly wowed.

He would never again have to frown,
If he were any colour but the colour Blue,
He doesn't, but we all know, that this really isn't true.

Standing up once more he sighs,
As he trudges slowly to the path worn,
No more happy, or enlightened, or wise,
Than he was an hour before.

Being the only Quiggle in his town,
Everyone knew him from being around,
And everyone, except for him today,
Knew that it is Quiggle Day.

As he slowly made his way,
Back to his cottage home,
Upon him heavily his burdens weighed,
And he sort of wish that he had stayed,
Beneath that tree all day.

As he reached his destination,
Open wide swung the door,
And out of his home, Neopians poured,
Somehow always revealing more and more,
Some carrying banners, and others cake,
All decorated with their absolute favourite hue,
The colour Blue.

He suddenly realized his woes were gone,
And that being Blue wasn't a burden,
All he needed was his friends on his lawn,
To show him what really mattered.

So as this day passes each year,
Never forget to always be there,
For your Quiggle friends so near and dear,
To remind them how much you care!

Happy Quiggle Day!

Leeroy the Quiggle: King of Coconut Shy
by prettyobscure

Ladies, gentlemen and other friends, step up to The Shy!
I'd like to tell you the tale of a rather slick guy:
In his very own deserted corner deep in the Haunted Woods,
You can pay to throw a ball at some coconuts for a chance to win some goods.

He's quite the entrepreneur, this particular Quiggle,
And your chances of winning are slim - you can hear in his unhinged giggle,
It's almost as if he knows,
Which way the tepid wind blows.

Some say this game is rigged but Leeroy the Quiggle doth contest:
"You're in the Deserted FAIRgrounds!" He exclaims, looking a tad bit vexed.
With dark oily hair, as slick as his game,
A splotchy white shirt and beat up striped pants - you'd think him not vain.

A robot Chia next door to The Shy disagrees:
"Leeroy!" He scoffs, "That Quiggle thinks he's king!"
"Oh yes," says Arnold the Test Your Strength Mynci, "I must concede:
He's a king alright! The king of greed!"

Perhaps they are jealous because there are more limits to their games than his,
At Coconut Shy you can throw, throw, throw all day - there's no need to be a wiz.
And though the odds are indeed not in your favour, the rewards are vast:
So let's give old Leeroy a little respect at last!

Ode to Quiggles!
by sessduh

My Quiguki girl looks at me,
And I can't meet her sad eyes
She asks why she's overlooked,
And not seen as a prize
"The Usuki Usuls are called cute,
Quigukis are seen as a hoot."

I furrow my brow,
And hold my Quiggle's hand,
I take a deep breath,
and get up to stand,
"Quiggles are the best Neopet,
And you are the best I've ever met!"

"Quiggles are kind and creative,
Honest, intelligent, and caring,
Remember Meridell's Sir Morris?
Quiggles are brave and daring!
The Altadorian Club President-
Quiggle Leadership represent!"

"Quiggles are funny, articulate,
They love to tell a good joke,
What I'm saying is true,
These are the truest words spoke.
Listen to me, my dear beloved,
For you are a pet I'm most proud of!"

The Health Food Quiggle's Song
by swordlilly

Lovely, lovely, healthy food!
Would you like to buy some nice,
Healthy food for your Neopet?
Maybe some turnips or brown rice?

Lovely, lovely, healthy food!
Check out my organic almonds here.
Any Neopet who snacks on these
Will soon have a sharper ear.

Lovely, lovely, healthy food!
Come try these omega eggs,
Delicious and full of protein.
Your Neopet will grow stronger legs!

Lovely, lovely, healthy food!
How about some apple soup?
It will fortify your Neopet's spine,
And he will no longer stoop!

I have all the most lovely food
From asparagus to cashew milk,
To make your Neopet's eyes shine bright
And his fur as soft as silk.

Quiguki Dolls: Building Blocks of Imagination
by starishblue

A toy with humble beginnings
Yet so beloved today
We dust off our Quiguki collection
In honour of Quiggle Day!

With irresistible big grins
And a comforting green hue
The Quigukis may bring giggles
Or companionship to you.

Dolls modelled after legends
Like Fyora and Jeran
Unlock a majestic journey
To save the world again!

You can swoon over a Pop Star doll
(He comes with hair gel too!)
Or have yourself a Pretty Valentine
If pink eyebrows work for you...

We marvel at myriad possibilities
Limited only by imagination
Bring your Quiguki on an adventure
With a story of your creation!

The Silly Quiggles
by roxanna203

One of the silliest Neopets in the land,
Come in many different colours - none bland.
This Neopet can spread laughter from its giggle,
which Neopet is this? Why, it's a Quiggle!

It can jump real high even though it's so small,
with long, flexible tongues, I recall.
Its water colour splashes, jelly colour jiggles,
There's more at the Rainbow Pool under Quiggles.

An interesting fact: they're allergic to cream,
One taste, they'll get Neezles to the extreme.
Popular species with their own line of dolls,
Find out for yourself in the nearest malls!

Now this next fact is unforgettable,
their favourite food is a vegetable.
Bouncing off walls to no end,
A Quiggle is a forever friend!

Flycatcher Quiggle
by l0000000l

Once upon a bright and vibrant day,
A pink little Quiggle came out to play.
By the ponds, he frolicked and splashed,
But when approached by bees he quickly dashed.

After swimming about he lazed around,
And that was when his lunch was found.
This happy-go-lucky fella loves his vegetables,
But my oh my, those flies look quite delectable!

Eating these insects would be quite the treat,
And no one will miss these pests on the streets.
Ever so cautiously he paced the pond's ledge,
His stomach growled and his tongue made a pledge.

As soon as the flies lined up with his sight,
His flexible tongue extended to a precise height.
The Flycatcher Quiggle grabbed several bites,
Content with his meal, he called it a night.

The Royalgirl Quiggle: Princess So Glamorous
by _brainchild_

Someone kissed a frog! Oh, no!
Maybe it will stay a toad,
Or the creature will transform
Into a princess, heart so warm!

Who says the lady can't be both?
The Royal Quiggle smiles. Behold
The splendour of this lovely lass,
A mix of frog and regal class!

While skin of hers is normal green,
She wears the best dress to be seen.
Her gorgeous gown of lavender
Excites the onlookers for sure!

The crown of gold is glamorous!
The amethyst is worth the fuss.
I want one for myself, but I
Cannot afford this gem. I cry.

So, if you see this frog so grand,
Be sure to stop and shake her hand!
Her looks of luxury delight.
No finer princess is in sight.

A Shoutout to the Maitre D!
by heartswold

Do you know of this poised and proper ol’ toad?
His attire: black tie, and a black and white suit,
He is glossy of hair, and moustachioed;
You can’t help but love this sophisticated snoot.

His head is held high, his shoulders are straight,
a white cloth draped delicately over one arm,
Gracefully steadying a silver serving plate, 
He is the very pinnacle of slick, smooth, and smarm.

The very top waiter at the Gourmet Club:
A gathering of the high society;
Whatever you crave, he’ll bring you your grub,
(but call it that and you’d be banned for impropriety).

Be it an Angelic Ice Lolly, or Roast Lizard Eggs,
or you’re just after some Toast With Cheese,
This Quiggle will serve you all of the Neggs,
while minding his Qs and his Ps.

So if you’re in the mind for a fancy to-do,
perhaps to own a club card with a gold filigree?
Before you take leave and bid your adieu,
make sure you make mates with this great Maitre D!

A Tyrannian Quiggle
by myncithemonkey

In an open expanse,
Of Tyrannian plateau,
A wheel of chance,
Its speed more than slow.

Once in a long while,
The Quiggle takes a glance,
At his stony sundial,
Bored and in a trance.

Round and round it goes,
Is the wait worth the deal?
When it'll stop no one knows,
Quite a monotonous wheel.

After hours in the sun,
The spinning starts to stall,
Time to see what you've won,
If you're still here at all.

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