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Neopets Poems

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Pick your Own
By hawaiian_tsunami

I paid 200 Neopoints,
To find some rare berries,
And what do I find instead?

A pile of dung,
4 half eaten berries,
I still have one more pick.

I know I will never find a rare one,
It's impossible you see,
I never get what I wish for.

My hands and arms are bleeding,
From protecting my Neopets,
From the harsh, rugged thorns.

I have scratches on my face,
My jeans are shredded up,
But I still continue.

My Ixi looks worried,
"Are you okay?" she asks,
Finally, we reach the last orchard.

"Pick that one!" My cute Draik calls,
I doubt that it is rare,
I stick my hand in and pull the berry out.

But how can this be?
I found a rare one,
Someone asks me if he can have it and I say,

Caption Competition
By ginger23456

I enter a caption,
for the twentieth time this morning.
Still no luck.
I enter another, upon another,
until my mind is blank.
Flotsam says this and Chia says that,
"This has got to win,"
I tell myself over and over.
I better leave it and return in an hour,
then I'll scroll down and there it will be,
you'll see!

An hour had passed and I returned,
I scrolled down and down and down
like I told myself I would.
Where is it? It's not here!
Tears of jealousy were streaming down my face.
"That ones rubbish!" I shouted,
"That one too! It's not fair!"
I drank a glass of water,
to calm myself, then I decided,
If I was going to succeed I would keep trying.
That's the way!

Weeks went by, and still no luck.
I entered and entered but they just
weren't good enough. I thought they were.
Got to keep trying, got to keep trying.
I tried and tried again.
One morning, I awoke to a strange feeling.
A feeling of pure excitement.
I logged into Neopets,
and onto the Caption Competition I went.
I scrolled down and down and down.

Suddenly I saw it. My caption.
It stuck out and made the others disappear,
like they weren't important.
"It's gotten in!" I screamed at the top of my voice.
I checked the votes and my heart sunk
into the pit of my stomach.
No votes! Not one!
I check back an hour later,
and was relieved to find,
that the votes were rising,
ever so slowly, but they were rising.
The week ended and I got first place, at last!

Clap Thy Hands
By ticketytock2kay

If thou art happy and thy knoweth it clap thy hands
Meridell is here and it's a great new land
Wilst thou kiss the Mortog, in hopes of a prince?
Or push the cheese, in lengthly sprints?
Stop at Illusen's Glade and get what she needs
She wilt rewardeth thou with a great many treats
Up for challenge? Go to Shapeshifter;
Thou wilt be smarter than thou were;
Look at Old Bessie; the big, huge, large marrow!
What doth she weigh? Please let me know!
Try thy archery skills at Ultimate Bullseye!
Aim correctly and thou mayest win a prize!
Look around the land, search for some berries;
I only found dung and wire; how merry!
Hungry? Hop over to Merifoods; for a quick bite
potatoes, gruel, and water,
what wouldst thou like?
Give thy pet a pet of its own! Hmmm..
How about a Vullard, Karren, or Turtum?
What doth thou await? Go on to Meridell!
The place is simply magical; it's swell!

pU pU dna yawA
By jenny002

pU pu dna yawa,
peeD ni retuo ecaps,
I tnew ot ees eht yrotsih,
fO tahw dah nekat ecalp!

I deklaw dnuora eht noitats.
I dekool otni hcae s'odnurG ecaf.
I wenk I dah on stbuod,
eW era eht tseteews step ni ecaps.

A wef sraey oga,
rD. htolS did raeppa.
lluF fo live stolp,
dnA gninnirg morf rae ot rae.

nI redro ot eb lufsseccus,
dnA ot dia sih live nalp,
eH dah ot teg emos sevals.
oS eh deppots yb ym emoh, naroD.

gniyrC yb thgin,
dnA gnikrow yb yad,
eW elttil sodnurG,
tsoL epoh fo gnitteg yawa.

nehT ni eht knilb fo na eye,
rD. htolS saw detaefed.
oN erom saw sih live tolp,
dnA reven lliw ti eb detaeper.

nA dne ot lla soahc,
dnA ecneloiv emaceb lin.
ecaeP dna ynomrah dengier niaga,
gnihtyrevE saw llits.

hguorhT eht ssendnik fo snaipoeN,
llA su elttil syug erew devas.
oT evil sa efil saw tnaem rof su,
roF ruo daor saw ydaerla devap.
snaipoeN thguorb su ot rieht sdnal,
oT emoceb rieht devoleb step.
oT hgual dna leef yoj niaga,
dnA reven evah sterger.

nwoD ni aipoeN,
eW evol ot yalp dna tahc.
yllaicepsE ni llabmroG,
nehW ew raeh taht llab og talps!

eW llits evah a etsat,
roF sgniht morf ruo tsap,
tuB sknaht ot eht noitats,
ruO ylppus si tsav.
eW yam kool a elttil tnereffid,
dnA ew klat ni a egnarts eugnot oot.
tuB reven lliw uoy dnif a erom layol tep,
htiW eht tnuoma fo evol ew nac evah rof uoy.


Up up and away,
Deep in outer space,
I went to see the history,
Of what had taken place!

I walked around the station
I looked into each Grundo's face.
I knew I had no doubts
We are the sweetest pets in space.

A few years ago,
Dr. Sloth did appear.
Full of evil plots,
And grinning from ear to ear.

In order to be successful,
And to aid his evil plan,
He had to get some slaves.
So he stopped by my home, Doran.

Crying by night,
And working by day,
We little Grundos,
Lost hope of getting away.

Then in the blink of an eye,
Dr. Sloth was defeated.
No more was his evil plot,
And never will it be repeated.

An end to all chaos,
And violence became nil.
Peace and harmony reigned again,
Everything was still.

Through the kindness of Neopians,
All us little guys were saved.
To live as life was meant for us,
For our road was already paved.

Neopians brought us to their lands,
To become their beloved pets.
To laugh and feel joy again,
And never have regrets.

Down in Neopia,
We love to play and chat.
Especially in Gormball,
When we hear that ball go splat!

We still have a taste,
For things from our past.
But thanks to the station,
Our supply is vast.

We may look a little different,
And we talk in a strange tongue too.
But never will you find a more loyal pet
With the amount of love we can have for you

The Shoyru's Lament
By quaeix

Once a lonely Shoyru,
Sat upon a ledge and cried.
For that sorrowful Shoyru,
Didn't have the wings to fly.

Her wings were battered and tired,
Torn, broken and charred.
She had been mistreated and abandoned,
And couldn't heal the scars.

But a small Faerie took pity,
And landed with trembling wings.
She lifted her head to the heavens,
And then she began to sing.
The spell was so very beautiful;
It charmed the stars in the sky.
The flowers' blooms grew brighter;
It brought a tear to the eye.

Because of that sound in the air,
The Shoyru's wings grew stronger.
Quite unknown to her mournful self,
That they would pain her no longer.

Then with her last ounce of strength,
The Faerie moved the air.
It formed a rather strong wind,
To blow that Shoyru out there.

The Shoyru trembled as the wind blew her,
Off towards the edge.
All the Shoyru wanted now,
was to stay back on the ledge.

She spread her wings before her,
And flapped them trying to fly.
Because if she were to fall there,
She certainly would die.

But quite to the young pet's surprise,
Her wings lifted her high, and she soared!
Her strength had returned to her wings,
And would leave them no more.

That Shoyru was ecstatic,
She looped the loop with glee.
She didn't know how it had happened,
But she was so happy.

Alas the poor Faerie,
Whose strength had just expired.
Her kind and selfless efforts,
Had left her weak and tired.

She feared for being captured,
A cage of glass she saw.
Many a Faerie had been,
Though none were seen no more.

The Faerie hoped and prayed,
The Shoyru spotted her there.
She flew down and plucked the faerie up,
And shot back into the air.

The Shoyru raced into the heavens,
For this Faerie was the one.
Who had healed her damaged wings for her,
That was what she'd done.

Grateful she was to the Faerie,
For the rest of her long life.
Who showed kindness and generosity,
And saved her from misery and strife.

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