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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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JubJub Day Special

The Shop Wizard's Lament
by neogal_anu

Ah, do tell me what you need,
Some codestones, a book or two?
Searching the market with speed,
I'll definitely find it for you!

A tiny JubJub I may be,
But do not underestimate my power;
I can take you on a shopping spree,
And have your items within the hour!

Have you ever thought about it,
When you type in my search bar?
You type and search as you see fit,
But I need to search shops near and far!

Wings I have not, to help me soar,
Yet so many shops I must search;
For the food your pets will devour,
While your Pteri watches me from her perch!

I tire out, yet you always complain,
Oh Wizard, that's not the lowest price!
What do you expect, for me it's a pain,
Do you know how much it hurts my eyes?

Mercilessly, you hit refresh,
In the hopes that you will find
A lower price, but can you guess
How much it exhausts my overworked mind?

I am the Shop Wizard, and rightly so,
As I search the market with speed;
But all I ask is you go a bit slow,
So I can help with your shopping spree!

Please don't refresh so fast,
Don't complain forever about the price!
I'll help with whatever you ask,
You'll be pleasantly surprised!

To Boraxis, With Thanks
by kayahtik

Ancient Neopia is a dangerous place
Filled with perils all Neoquest heroes must face

When damage is taken and hit points are low,
One Jubjub is there to reverse the blow

Boraxis the wizard heals for free
And infinitely grateful for his help are we

Without his generosity and magical skill,
Ancient Neopia would be plagued with monsters still

Thanks to his help and unceasing care,
Neoquest heroes much better may fare

We live to fight another day,
Tirelessly keeping the monsters at bay

So thank you, Boraxis, for your generosity
That allows us to continue protecting Neopia City

The Little Jubjub
by bexluvsgold

There once was a little Jubjub,
He loved his life and friends, 
He loved to visit the bookshop
When he had some money to spend.

One day on his weekly visit
He came across and unusual sight, 
There on the path a Tyrannian Spear
It seems someone had been in a fight! 

Now the little Jubjub was worried, 
Then from the woods he heard a funny sound, 
Then all of a sudden out of the trees did burst, 
A Tyrannian Shoyru flying above the ground. 

The Jubjub did run back towards his home, 
while the Shoyru followed him very quick, 
He looked around to find a weapon, 
but all he could see was a stick.

The Tyrannian Shoyru took his aim,
and the stick was all the jubjub could see, 
All of a sudden he aimed at the Jubjub,
It was to late to run for the trees 

All of sudden the Jubjub woke up, 
Thank goodness it was all just a dream, 
He decided to skip the book shop today, 
and make himself a Thornberry Java with Cream

A Poem for my JubJub Timmou
by dewdropzz

Sleepily down,
The snow falls in one small Neopian Town

Wandering Wayfarer, say, 
Do you know?
From where comes ice?
Who makes the snow?

Well, Tired Traveller,
Pull up a chair 
For I know the truth,
And I’m dying to share

Would you believe me
If I were to say
It’s thanks to a JubJub
That winter’s this way?

A JubJub, yes Traveller,
A JubJub, it’s true!
With wings like an angel
And fur of ice blue

Timmou is his name;
He’s a great friend of mine
The Spirit of Winter
Whose powers do shine

The most when he’s working
He loves his job so!
He dances beneath the clouds
Silver with snow 

He leaps and he twirls
So alive with his passion! 
Then he slips and he trips
In his klutz JubJub fashion  

When his mission’s complete 
At the end of the night,
Timmou leaves behind him 
A vast world of white 

In the glittering,
Glistening sheet,
You may glimpse the imprint of two little feet

The Spirit of Winter’s a JubJub,
It’s true! 
And if you should need him
Just call out — “Timmou!”

The Jubjub's Charm
by pleathers

We once called him a Jibjib, though he never flew a sail;
He sports a mighty tuft of fluff, but sadly bears no tail;
Looks fragile, but he’s agile, and can roll quicker than cheese!
Such lucky sods with impish nods, they roam their world with ease.

His pure form’s scent is neutral, but Neopia is fruitful;
In producing kitchen magic, such good fortune can be crucial—
Now he’s garlic, now he’s biscuit,
(i suspect you may have missed it)
He disappeared? Mint stripes are here,
A camouflage puff that clumsy pets fear.

This scoundrel is randy and sweeter than candy,
All sugar and peppermint ’til your tooth’s sore,
Though sometimes grows brows just as heavy as Kaus:
Proud of Tyrannia to their soft cores!

These pets can be fun, but beware ‘fore you’re done!
Their fur and their charm may weigh in by the ton;
All of a sudden, you may have a dozen,
This burden may bear on your mom and your cousin.
But he’s just so cute, even though he’s a brute;
He’ll nuzzle the mad away in his soft suit.

by trubiekatie

On the 6th day of Relaxing,
Tyrannia is where I’ll be paying my dues.
There to play a card game of chance,
Hoping that today, I will not lose.

“Graguda Tyranu Evavu!”
Jarjarb the Jubjub says to me.
I’m only four cards in,
And feeling very gutsy.

It’s an 8 of clubs showing up,
“Tyranu,” I tell my Jubjub friend.
I think it means it will be higher?
I should know the rules before I spend….

“Uhhg Uuuuuuhhhhgggg!” he yells at me.
Gosh, that doesn’t sound good at all.
I think this game is already over,
And that evavu was the right call.

It’s only 30NP for each game,
So without thinking, I am in again.
But, my losses just keep mounting;
Jarjarb looks at me with disdain.

This game is going my way!
“Ugga!” Jarjarb says when I get it right.
See? It might just be a card game,
But I can be quite bright!

Well, never mind I lost again.
Jarjarb switched the cards in my face!
I made it all the way to 10 guesses,
But it feels like I finished in last place.

The Magical Wizard of Shops
by swiftfang12345

Need an item, and need it quick?
Ask the Shop Wizard to help you pick!
He searches high, and searches low.
He searches through places lost long ago!

A wise little JubJub, with magic to spare.
To keep you from tearing out all your hair.
When  stores are out of stock;
The Shop Wizard is where you can flock!
He'll help you find it, someway, somehow.
Unless you have a Faerie Quest stopping him for now.

With so many items in this vast world;
It's a wonder our heads haven't swirled!
In the bazaar, he keeps them all logged.
Inside his big hat house, his computer clogged;
Filled with lists of shops galore.
We keep him busy, that's for sure!

He enjoys his work, or so we hope;
Because this job isn't on an easy slope!
When the day is done, and requests are through;
he rests away and dreams of you.

You, the ones who need his help.
The ones who cry, scream and yelp.
The ones in need to find that one thing.
And once it's found, we all will sing:

"Thank you Shop Wizard, we love you, we do.
We're sorry for all the trouble you have to go through.
At the end of the day, you are our hero.
Even if our bank accounts end up at zero.
The item you found for us was needed.
Our pets wanted it; they begged and they pleaded.
Now we have it, and your job is done.
You did it, Shop Wizard, you're number one!"

A JubJub to Love
by amanditaperlita_ii

Is there a furball more loving,
even sweeter than a JubJub?
A fluffy creature so amazing,
adorable, like the smallest shrub?

Eyes reveal deep emotions within,
and I adore and admire 
the big JubJub eyes
filled with desire.
Sleek, like a hairpin
A heart on fire.

Can love so innocent be broken?
If so,
let me defend it with tooth and nail!
Should I forget it and be awoken
from this slumber filled with sorrow,
don't make me expect a tomorrow.

The Garlic Jubjub
by icysnowe

Wafting through the air
Insidiously, stealthily.
Recognisable everywhere
Savoury, garlicky.

Aroma hits like a train
Tart and tangy. 
Only one 'pet to blame
Of the veggie variety.

Oft' smelled before he's seen
Story of his life.
No wonder he's never been
Confident inside.

Heard every garlic joke in town
Seen deodorant ads aplenty.
Not one solution could be found
Though each bottle was left empty.

So before sounding the alarm
Please strongly reconsider.
Our actions can cause harm
But our words tend to linger.

If his guilt becomes apparent,
Please say it's okay.
Paying him a compliment
Would surely make his day.

Jubjubs at Play
by vltava

How sweet the rains of spring which fell today,
Brought forth the lovely buttercups so bright,
Perfume the air with thoughts of warmth and light,
Still sharp and cool from winter’s bitter sway.

In open fields beneath the bluest sky, 
The dewdrops glitter on stems vibrant green,
And in among this lazy grateful scene,
The Jubjubs run and jump in mirthful play.

Like tufts of seed or clouds in the sun’s glow, 
Such jewel-bright colours, puffs with laughing trills,
Now rolling down the slope, away they go,
Like Yooyus down the sun-warmed grassy hills.

Endearing eyes a-shine with pure delight,
Oh say, tomorrow always comes too soon,
They’re singing to vast expanse of sight,
If only time preserved somehow this noon.

The Tyrannian JubJub Chant
by swordlilly

Ugg, ugga ugg!
We're the proudest pom-poms around.
Ugg, ugga ugg!
We will cheer our teammates on.

Ugg, ugga ugg!
We will pump the stadium air.
Ugg, ugga ugg!
We will rock our fluffy hair.

Ugg, ugga ugg!
We will stomp our big brown feet.
Ugg, ugga ugg!
We will bounce to the beat.

Ugg, ugga ugg!
We will wave our Tyrannian bones.
Ugg, ugga ugg!
We will shake our shiny stones.

Our Loryche scores a goal!
And we put into our roars
The whole volume of our soul!

Jubjub Day Generosity
by lil_reef

So fluffy and puffy and round,
The Jubjub are as cute as can be,
As they gather together all around,
The decorated and adorned Money Tree.

They all come bearing splendid gifts,
And leave them by the round tree trunk,
For those who truly need their spirits to lift,
And for those who are stuck in a saddened funk.

For each other they bring only joy,
And the knowledge that they are blessed,
For being together is better than any toy,
And this Jubjub Day will be the best.

Their contagious glee spreads far and wide,
Across all of the lands where Neopians reside,
As their hearts fill with Jubjub Day Pride.

Happy Jubjub Day!

Battle JubJub Cake
by geneames1

I am a battle JubJub
I am equipped to fight
The armaments I'm wielding
are the symbols of my might

I sit there resolutely 
a snarl upon my lips
know every piece you take of me
will wind up on your hips 

You might think I am too sweet
but don't make that mistake
The weapons that I'm carrying
are just the icing on the cake

Behold the Battle JubJub
prepared to meet his fate
even if it means he winds up
sitting on your plate!

Yoris the Jubjub
by myncithemonkey

Famed goalie of Meridell,
Winner of many laurels,
His name fans will chant and yell,
For he is Yoris Obbles.

The Jubjub may look small,
But he is fast and deft,
Lunging at every ball,
Diving from right to left.

With his Yooyuball sling,
Yoris fiercely guards the goal,
On the court he is king,
Nothing will fly past the pole.

Blocking all kinds of Yooyu,
Fire, ice, mutant and faerie,
Bringing fans with hope anew,
To Meridell's victory.

Jubjub Pinball
by miraday

Ball of marble,
Two footed marvel,
Bouncing Jubjub wonder.

I load the game with five Jubjubs ready
To launch into play. First, a faerie pinball—
The Jubjub that floats over the unsteady
Parts and earns a bonus for her fail to fall!

Next, I rattle the plunger to release
A dimensional Jubjub whizzing freely.
He racks up points as if it’s a breeze,
Then overruns the railing accidentally.

My third hope is the Invisible Jubjub—
I admit, this plan was wholly mistaken.
I thought he could quietly beat the stage,
His run ended slipping by flipper buttons. 

The Maraquan Jubjub is second to last;
His coral shape charges up ramps fast!
The heavy form hits the bumpers hard,
I lose control and his turn has passed.

A final hope: my Robot Jubjub pinball.
She goes her way— into the circuit board!
She finds the winning script and it’s done!
Friendship with my Jubjubs is the reward.

As Garlic Jubjub
by abby568

Not many clouds, it was fair day, 
When me and my owner went to the ray,

I was a kacheek, and I’d been zap twice,
But seeing my fate, I was approaching thrice,

I was sat down in a chair, energy hummed,
The ray began to glow, with blue light it spun,

Next thing I knew, I was left feeling quite fine,
But noticing my lack of hands, of troubles, it was a sign,

Over the next days to come, I struggled with copping,
A garlic jubjub I’d become, at times leaving me mopping,

To hold things, I had to use my feet,
Which went quite badly, when mixing dirt and meat,

Everywhere I went, the smell of garlic followed me,
Prompting chefs, fresh out spices, calling for me

But after some weeks, I realized a hopeful plus,
My longtime nightmare, Vampire blumaroos, would leave in a rush!

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