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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Fyora Day Special

Queen Fyora's Secret
by neogal_anu

You may know me as the Faerie Queen,
Valiant, just and ever-kind;
But do you know, that amidst the sheen
Of my land, lies a secret find?

With the knowledge are a blessed few,
Though in Neopia do rumours abound;
Within my abode, amid the clouds blue
Lies a treasure, waiting to be found!

Take a trip to my humble abode,
And scour the brilliant sky;
No, you don’t need a secret code!
Just an observant eye.

Artefacts of enormous power,
To aid your journey through,
Lie within my Hidden Tower,
Coloured in every hue!

A new look is what you need,
Come, a Paint Brush you may pick;
Maractite, Darigan, Royal or Baby;
With which one will you stick?

I know how bored you must be,
With the same old toys you play;
A Faerie Doll may be the key,
To breathe new life into your day!

Oh, you are ever so brave
To fight in the Battledome;
I have just the weapons you crave,
To send all your opponents home!

But as always, there’s a catch
Though I loathe to disappoint;
Any items you would like to snatch
Cost a load of Neopoints!

If you are clever enough to seek
The secret of the Hidden Tower,
Come, and perhaps as we speak,
I may grant you an avatar!

Ode to Fyora
by anastole

Let us celebrate Fyora the Fair
She rules the land with love and good care
A gentle smile, bright eyes, and hair down her back
When she passes by, a flash of lilac

In troubled times, we’ll always remember
Queen Fyora brought us together
When Faerieland was falling earthbound
Her love and care for her subjects was simply profound

On Fyora Day, let us rejoice
The Queen who leads with a clear and strong voice
Through good times and bad, through our darkest hour
To thank her today, go visit her tower

Let her reign be everlasting and strong
That is the reason we sing this song
Our admiration is nearly fanatic
For the Queen of Faeries and Magic

The Faerie Queen
by pocketmirrorpuppet

The Faerie queen upon the faerie’s throne
Though powerful, she rules alone.
Even kings and queens of other realms
Will gladly let her take the helm.

Thought to be the most powerful, caring and kind,
Highly respected in everyone’s mind.
The villains all cower, the heroes all cheer
When her wrath is shown or her light is near.

Dressed in colours, pink and bright
Always there, be it day or night.
And occasionally she’ll give a quest
But it seems this faerie never rests

How lucky we all are to have her here
With Fyora beside, Neopia need not fear.
With every hardship, we can cope
For Fyora gives us all light and hope.

Fyora Day
by lil_reef

For her kindness she is known,
And by her people, she is loved,
For all of the compassion she has shown,
She is by all of Neopia, beloved.

Fyora, the reigning Faerie queen,
Is celebrated each and every year,
Such lovely and serene scenes,
Untainted by doubt or by fear.

Yet there is one to whom,
Her kindness is for nought,
Too different are their views,
Too opposing are their thoughts.

Jhudora sits upon her blighted bluff,
Letting her bitterness simmer,
Taking but somehow never having enough,
As her future grows grimmer, and dimmer.

In the back of Fyora's mind,
The thought of Jhudora remains,
The thought that she might find,
A way to remove Jhudora's pains.

Every year an invitation is sent,
And every year an invitation is ignored,
Will this be the year for Jhudora to repent,
And to have her happiness finally restored?

As the day draws to an end,
And the festive sounds fade to silence,
Fyora's gaze upon her kingdom descends,
Into a sullen tear-stricken defiance. 

Maybe next year will be the year,
That Jhudora attends and makes amends,
But until then Fyora's tears,
Are offered to the one she wishes to befriend.

Happy Fyora Day!

A Toast to Fyora
by icysnowe

Hear ye, hear ye!
Let's gather for Fyora Day!
The annual toast to Fyora is upon us.
So come together, we must.

As intimidated as I am by your Majesty,
To choose not to speak would be a travesty.
So I've gathered my wits, and all my mates-
We shall toast, we will dance, we must celebrate!

Age, well, age is just a number.
And of this number we'd regret to wonder.
Been a thousand years since you trapped the Darkest Faerie,
So throw out a guess- argh Fyora, don't slap me!

As powerful as you are gentle,
You still manage to stay ever humble.
Beloved throughout the vast lands you rule,
Even by the villains and blundering fools.

While Faerieland continues to flourish,
I have heard that you only have one wish-
That your followers live together harmoniously,
And continue to maintain a peaceful society.

And so we shall, we will, we must!
We'll do the necessary; in Fyora we trust.
Once a year, we raise a toast to you.
Hope you'll bestow more quests upon me and my crew.

Fyora Recovered: A Queen Refreshed
by _brainchild_

Fyora fell to wraiths so mean!
How awful for our lovely queen.
The beasts attacked her. Horrid brutes!
We've got to give these fiends the boot.

In bed the Queen remains---she's sick!
Those purple monsters, ever slick,
Infected her, so what she needs
Is medicine from noble deeds.

Neopians fight on behalf
Of Queen Fyora. None so daft,
The Neopets rejoice and grab
Ingredients for brews so fab.

The potions shall rejuvenate
Fyora. Better as of late,
She smiles and shows her gratitude
For sending off the wraiths so rude.

With help of most majestic brews,
Fyora is a Queen anew.
With gentleness, her royal hand
Is fit to rule sweet Faerieland.

Fyora's Biggest Fan on Fyora Day
by precious_katuch14

Oh, the second day of Relaxing is finally here,
A special day honouring Fyora the Faerie Queen.
A day for celebrations, a day of good cheer,
A day for a festival Neopia has never seen!

Morning sun greets me from my Fyora Print Bed,
With its posts like sceptres and silky pink sheets.
My Fyora Inspired Bookcase holds many books I've read
Containing the Faerie Queen's facts and feats.

My Fyora Rules Poster is mounted on my wall,
Depicting her standing regal and tall.
Only the worthiest Neopians she will call,
And send on quests that are most difficult of all.

My Fyora Motif Vase is peerless even without flowers,
A truly beautiful addition to my personal space.
Sometimes I wonder if it holds some hidden power,
But really, that is quite a preposterous case.

In case you can't tell, from my ceiling to my floors,
I'm a big fan of Fyora, fair queen of Faerieland.
A Deluxe Fyora Print Rug waits outside my door,
And a Fyora Print Bean Bag is close at hand.

It's time to get ready for the real festivities,
Got my Candy Fyora Staff and Chocolate Fyora Crown.
Each new Fyora Day brings new festivities,
Never a dull moment, never a sad frown.

Pink, lavender and lilac streamers greet me,
A Deluxe Fyora Day Cake awaits hungry guests.
Guests of all stripes, both Neopets and faeries,
Ready to celebrate and also dressed in their best!

Faerieland has been through its share of ordeals,
Neither is being a queen an easy feat,
When you have to face the fall and Mr. Krawley's deals,
And other events that keep you on the edge of your seat!

And this is why Fyora deserves a day to rest,
(And why my Neohome is a Faerie Queen gallery.)
Hold on to your crowns, it's time to begin the fest,
Fyora's biggest fan is ready for another Fyora jamboree!

Fyora and the Faerie Caverns
by prettyobscure

Left or right?
She ponders for a moment,
Tip-toeing with flair
And serene grace
A smile on her face
And violet hair.

Every day she does this,
In secret no less - left or right?
Through the caverns she flits
Gold in her pocket to give away
Oh, what's this?
You've found the Faerie Caverns Stamp today!

Left or right?
Choose the correct path and treasure awaits,
Have you ever considered how though?
I saw her once in those caves just barely
The gleam of her wings from the torches glow
It was Fyora: Queen of all Faeries!

Every day she does this,
For those who dare to guess - left or right?
The Queen of all Faeries lays out a prize,
Already known for her bravery
A kindhearted queen who's also wise
But did you know about her generosity?

Left or right?
You may ponder for a moment
It's anyone's guess
But when you do
Remember which ruler is best:
Queen Fyora, we love you!

Fyora's Hidden Treasures
by l0000000l

Rumour has it that within Faerie City,
A hidden tower can be found by the elite.
Shrouded by all things pink and pretty,
Only the most experienced will Fyora greet.

For hundreds of years, the Queen has managed,
Stocking glorious items with the utmost power.
With enough riches, you'll surely be advantaged,
Others, with one glance at prices, will cower.

Raising money for the magical Faerieland,
Fyora has agreed to grace her treasures.
From tridents to brushes, all things are grand,
Throughout Neopia, the rarity is beyond measure.

To regulate the sheer power of her wealth,
Adventurers can only make one purchase a day.
But to 60-month old Neopians in good health,
Special dates allow for a 3% discounted pay.

Whether your focus be erudite, brute, or visuals,
Fyora's Hidden Treasures are the highest degree.
Yet again, this rumour may be purely fictional,
Only the most experienced will know the key.

Queenly Answer
by harvestmoon66

In the softest part of a meadow down yonder 
Sat a poor Faerie Kougra in a ponder 

Down on her luck, looking like she’d been in the muck 
Sad and hurting fierce, her head ducking 
She remembers the boorish day of bully’s yucking 

For, you see, she had unusable wings 
that wouldn’t soar or fling 
So the other pets of Faerieland found her off
Thinking little of their careless words or scoff 

And today a Faerie Xweetok threw mud and dirt 
That was to remind her of how much she would be worth 
And they were glad it hurt 

So sat a small, sobbing form 
Her spirit broken, heart worn 
And little did she notice 
The Queen of Faeries gliding over to her 

As she sensed a presence behind, 
she almost fell on her side
How surprised was the muddled being 
With her heart almost fleeing 

When Queen Fyora helped her up 
And used some magic to clean her up, 
filling up a steamy warm boravon cup 

The Kougra shifted her gaze away and tried to cower 
But the kind Queen smiled and wouldn’t allow her 
Instead gently taking said cup from shaking paws 
And holding still the small claws

Letting her cry for a few minutes as the Faerie Kougra hung her head 
Giant tears so did fall 
A sorrowful cry heard above the towns and kingdom’s hall

The lonely being sank to her knees, clearly spent 
As she choked our her how’s and why’s, and how she went 

The Queen held her close and said
“Dear Abi of Groven Woods, with all my heart, soul, and love I give. Please don’t be fearful, clear your head. 

You’re a beautiful being with all sense of purpose and love. Please let your faith in Neopians flutter on like a dove.

For when I see any of my subjects in need or pain,
I can’t think of what there is to gain
For breaking a person’s heart is sour tasting and tart 

I can’t say there’s an easy answer ahead on our journey back 
That we will not have hard times and compassion lack 
But I will do my best to keep you safe 
And that’s what I can guarantee, if you keep faith

What do you say Abi? Have I been too gabby?”

The little one sniffled and gave a shaky smile 
“I guess we will find out, even if it takes a while.”

And so taking her hand gently, the Queen leads the Kougra down a beaten dirt path 
As they both prepare to face the night with wits and laugh 

For even in the darkest of days there is still light from the stars and moon 
So don’t give up hope too soon 

Let your heart soar and kindness abound 
For you never know when it’s needed around 
Happy days and celebrating to all 
Queen Fyora is there to answer your call

A Story of Fyora
by abby568

Fyora has always been my hero, from the time I was nine,
Learning of her power, her grace, it made my eyes shine,

But I never saw her person, yet I wished to every day,
Not until many years later, while walking in late May

I saw mother mallard, walking with her two young,
Then out running came the poogles, racing in good fun

The poogles did not see them, the mother couldn’t get away,
Watching, unsure of what to do, there I frozen stay,

Then there came a miracle, the poogles ran on air,
Floating above the mallards, all I could do was stare,

The poogles went on racing, as soon they touched the ground,
But there far behind them, I was left watching quite astound,

Fyora landed gracefully, to check the mallards with care,
One by one she looked over them, and none showed sign of scare,

She soon sent them on their way, and returned into the sky,
And my own youngster with excitement said, “I didn’t know Fyora could fly!”

All Things Fyora
by trubiekatie

If you don’t know this faerie, you live under a rock,
For this Queen is so known, the people do flock.
Heralding from Faerieland, she is their ruler,
But with dignity and grace, she couldn’t be cooler.

Fyora, or the Lady of the Western Skies,
Suggesting she is in purple is nothing but lies.
Founder of the Faerie Festival, and helper to all,
When she asks of a quest, you answer her call.

There are hundreds of items named after her,
Many of which can be bought, a cost to incur.
To look like her, carry the Fyora Collectors Staff,
Or buy Fancy Fyora with a personal autograph.

There’s a Fyora Bath Tub, if you wish to soak like the Queen,
Or try the Fyora Spring Soup, with a side of greens.
There’s a collectable card name after her too,
And a rare TCG, if you are well to do.

Try her eyeshadow or wig, for a new look,
Enlighten yourself with a Fyora-themed book.
Stage you ‘home with Fyora Potted Flowers,
And decorate further with Fyora Wing Showers.

How do you describe Queen Fyora?
by dewdropzz

Beautiful, dutiful
Graceful and grand
She holds the world
in her capable hands

Confident, competent 
Stately, serene
Benevolent ruler
Neopia’s Queen

Elegant, eloquent
Stalwart and strong 
A vessel of goodness
Avenger of wrong 

Eternal, supernal 
She’s fierce, yet fair 
Faerieland thrives 
under her gentle care

Radiant, brilliant
Whimsical, wise
The Keeper of Nations
The Queen of the Skies   

Heroine, sovereign
Honours her call 
The Mother of Faeries
And Friend to us all

Fyora and her beloved Faerieland
by superpepe

Fyora, her royal highness, 
sitting far atop the throne, 
gazes down on all below, 
from her tower so high up. 

Though her city in ruins, 
with its former glory gone, 
Neopians all over the world, 
have gathered to help restore. 

With each helpful toiling hand, 
the mighty floating castle 
has found a new cosy home, 
on the ground where it rests now. 

Thus, begins a new chapter, 
in the history books of the 
land that once hung in the sky, 
Faerieland as we know it.

Ode to the Fyora Music Box
by symbolism

What makes a lullaby, one that the Faerie Queen herself
hums softly from Faerieland's clouds, regal and high?
A dream that has gone forgotten, the morning's dew,
a weary star's wanderlust, a swath of purple sky.

Lavender and delicate, she sits on a dustless windowsill,
guards a song that no lark knows to sing.
But when one winds her to life, she surrenders it
to all who listen as her voice takes wing.

She sings not just of her own land's quiet majesty.
Not just of glittering castles, their gilded reach.
Not just of the robust stone that cradles her home,
the serenade of faeries, the voice of each.

She sings too: of the sea and land that sculpt Neopia.
Kreludor and the tides it moves closer to shore.
The Lost Desert's quivering heat, Tyrannia's lost ages.
Maraqua's bluest waters, Moltara's seething core.

And when her song ends, what will soon follow?
Her, from her lofty post. Her, who reigns over dreams.
For what makes a lullaby? The heavy silence that follows it
and the soft, watchful gaze of the Faerie Queen.

Celebrating Fyora
by miraday

The tower is draped in unknown magic,
The turrets rising, glossy and unseen.
From the chamber of the Hidden Tower
Biding her time is the Faerie Queen. 

Today is like her others: work to work,
Duties to do and royal responsibilities.
The date passes Fyora without knowing
That her kingdom is planning a festivity.

Trumpets break the afternoon silence,
Causing Fyora to whisk to her balcony. 
Beneath the Hidden Tower she sees
Unfurling of celebration in Faerie City.

“What’s this?” she asks, motes climbing
Like fireworks, radiant and colorful sheen.
A chant murmurs beneath then resounds,
“We appreciate our Faerie Queen!”

Surprised and honored, Fyora descends
To rejoice and celebrate among her kind.
There’s time to love and be appreciated,
Her work temporarily placed to the side.

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