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Neopets Poems

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Yurble Day Special

The Early Yurble Catches The Slorg
by swiftfang12345

The Yurble Farmer rises along with the sun.
He knows his job must be done.
The Slorgs, however, try to ruin it all.
But the Yurble farmer knows who to call.

With his machine and Slorg-B-Gone,
the Slorgs will run, until next dawn.

Yurble is determined to keep his crops.
His trusty Slorgiriser X4 pulls out all the stops.
Slorgs are no match for a determined farmer.
He'll rise above them like a knight in shining armour.
They'll run away one by one;
only when the sun goes down will the job be done.

Soon the sun sets, and the night creeps in.
Each Slorg goes home, letting the Yurble win.
At least until tomorrow, when again it will begin.

The Yurble Farmer lays down his head;
on his modest little bed.
He dreams of his crops, and his little farm.
All of it, one day, free of Slorg harm.
He sleeps until the dawn breaks again;
Because, after all, an early Yurble rises to catch those pesky Slorgs.

GoparokkoThe Witch Doctor
by precious_katuch14

Coloured stone blocks all lined up in a row,
Arrange them in squares and watch them go.
Where they vanish to is a mystery,
But new blocks appear, far as the eye can see,
Ready to be matched once again into squares
In the ruins of Geraptiku, way over there.

A Yurble has discovered this strange new game
Of shifting blocks; Goparokko is its name.
He shakes his staff and matches the blocks,
Standing high and mighty over anyone who dares mock
His magic that causes the stones to disappear
And hoping his mask in hearts strikes fear.

The red blocks are spun into place,
The blue blocks are right in front of his face.
Some of the yellow blocks cannot budge,
Those purple blocks just need a little nudge.
The green blocks seem to offer a greater reward;
And the orange blocks are spread quite far.

The Yurble is undaunted by this display;
This is a game he is always ready to play.
But who is this mysterious Yurble character?
What does he want, what is he after?
Do the blocks hide a treasure so dear?
Or perhaps a concealed monster to fear?

And yet, it isn't only the Yurble with power
To spin and match the blocks that appear and flower.
Coloured stone blocks all lined up in a row,
Arrange them, line them up, watch them go.
They're ready to be matched into squares
In the ruins of Geraptiku, way over there.

I walked into the jungle to play Goparokko,
I decided to give the Yurble's game a go.
And at my touch, the blocks yielded and went,
To my own "magic" the squares were bent.
Behind his mask, the Yurble must have been surprised
When I walked away with a hefty prize!

The Angry Foreman and his Work
by steve_km

A man of many talents,
Foreman, librarian, janitor.
While sweeping he may sometimes lose his balance,
His temper will cause him to yell at his manager.

Even though he might be moody,
It is clear that he is quite impressive.
Unfortunately one slip up and his words will become quite rudely,
He may even go as far as swatting things with his broom and becoming aggressive.

A famous Yurble is he,
From Altador he hails.
But if you are on his bad side you may get a kick in the knee,
It is said he will even yank tails.

It is suspected he will get fired from his job,
For he breaks too many broom handles out of frustration.
He just gets so mad like an angry mob,
That his malice is known throughout the whole nation.

And just as soon as you thought he was done,
If he were fired he would move on to cooking.
He knows even another skill just for fun,
He taught himself while no one was looking.

With all the talents he has,
Maybe one day he will find one that doesn’t make him so mad.
He can sit and listen to some modern jazz,
He can relax and do his new job without making anyone feel so sad.

Yummy Yurble Buffet
by sessduh

Come in, my dear Neopian,
Don't be shy and take a seat,
Help yourself to a cup of coffee,
Indulge in some Yurble treats.

Would you like a Yurblecone?
Nibble on this fancy collection,
From raspberry to vanilla,
Choose from our finest selection.

Yurble themed food,
Pies baked from Faeries,
They use their secret ingredient—
Faerieland Munparaberries!

Mouthwatering Yurble cakes,
Fresh from the pastry extraordinaire,
Cakes flavoured asparagus or borovan.
Is the most delicious anywhere

Wasn’t that tasty, my friend?
Did you enjoy the buffet?
I'm glad you had your fill,
To celebrate Yurble Day!

The Janitor
by singintomymouth

A trove of history, relics, and legends
Lives within the Hall of Heroes in Altador.
Every brick and tile here is an artifact and –

One Yurble janitor can scarcely describe
The countless wonders that decorate this hall,
Nor how many hours it takes to dust them all off,
While constantly guarding mysterious buttons on the wall.

Of course it is an honor to be trusted
With the care of Altador’s treasures alone.
All alone, with no help, and statue rubble to clean up.
Yeah, it’s totally fine, it’s just a HUGE PILE OF MASSIVE SHARDS OF STONE…

Ah, but just admire the starry ceiling,
And the finest statue: the hunter, our king.

Ahem, yes, a humble Yurble janitor
Can find much pride and peace in this occupation.
Though… perhaps writing poetry may bring a little *more* peace…

The Yurble Janitor: An Essential Worker
by kayahtik

He mops and scrubs all day and night, 
And if he’s grumpy, well, that’s his right

When “thank you”s are so few and far between, 
It’s no wonder he has a reputation for being mean

Even without the constant petpet stream,
It takes a lot of work to make those floors gleam

Round and round the Hall of Heroes he goes,
His hardworking dedication truly shows

Neither mud nor blight will halt his work,
No circumstance will ever convince him to shirk

And when visits to the Hall are once again allowed,
You will see him watching, critical and proud

So if you spot him while on your next trip,
Consider offering some thanks or a monetary tip

Our Yurble Janitor surely deserves this reward
For being indispensable, yet too often ignored

The Yurble Witch-Doctor
by pleathers

Among the island underbrush
Lie crumbled piles of stone;
You pick one up, and brush it off,
But can't call it your own!

The Yurble tumbles forward
With his tiki mask and staff--
Your mind tells you to startle,
But your instinct says to laugh.

"You help me play, or stay away,"
He says with manic fervour,
"I'll share my magic unto you
If you help advance further!"

You rotate stones with hands alone,
Which magic does he mention?
You're sure this silly Yurble bears
The best of all intention,
But it seems his mysticism 
Is a fact of his invention!

Admiral Yurble Outfit
by indulgences

There does exist a Yurble suit
That’s Admiral in name.
It transforms any Yurble to
A strong, commanding dame!

She lifts her handy Telescope
And brings it to her eye.
She scans the rolling ocean waves.
She scans the bonny sky!

Her Hat and Wig are stunning garb,
Befitting her high rank.
Think twice before you clash with her.
She’ll make you walk the plank!

Her Jacket is a work of art,
Festooned with silk and gold.
The cloth is hued a navy blue,
With sash that’s red and bold!

The Trousers are of sturdy cloth,
And fend off soaks and stains.
They’re spotless on her stalwart form,
Through sundry storms and rains!

And finally, the Shoes are buffed
A shiny, chestnut brown.
They suit this Yurble Admiral,
A leader of renown!

She closes her fine Telescope
And turns to guide her crew.
This Yurble dressed as Admiral
Is brilliant through and through!

The Magma Yurble
by myncithemonkey

Deep in the Moltaran cavern,
There emits a pulsating glow,
Like the fire of a lantern,
A source from which warmth doth flow.

By the edge of the magma pool,
A magnificent Yurble stands,
The catacombs under his rule,
His fierce aura subdues the lands.

The magma Yurble's molten manes,
Hotter than the average volcano,
Fiery lava coursing in his veins,
The embers flicker from head to toe.

His eyes burn like a furnace,
Illuminated by dancing flames,
His intense gaze shows sternness,
The magma Yurble does not play games.

Though his temper may sometimes flare,
The Yurble can keep his cool too,
As long as you handle with care,
A friendship will kindle anew.

The Angry Yurble
by aventador750sv

An anger so fierce; his mouth open wide;
it was boiling within and anger written on his face.
Killing the Yurble deep down inside,
as mentally he was in the wrong place.

Slowly it reached a new level;
the emotion which causes corruption and confusion.
Feeling like the devil
and the mind enveloped in obsession.

His anger created plenty of hellfire, 
such as losing his job time after time.
Whatever he says backfires,
and the mind wants him to do crimes.

He has fiery looks in his eyes,
and it is like a destructive fireball.
Once he has burnt all his bridges,
Everything will start to snowball.

He must understand his inner cognition,
and anger must be no more, 
to stop firing fiery ammunition,
and senses to be restored.

An (extra)ordinary Yurble
by starishblue

Within the depths of Geraptiku
A desolate wasteland
These painted tiles strangely accrue
And disappear again

He dons a giant Tiki mask
For Goparokko games
A concoction from ancient spells
Or so the Yurble claims

Perched atop a flowering branch
With wooden stick in tow
A swipe of hand on a certain tranche
Now dissipating in a row

"A wallflower, I was before
Just drifting with the wind
I had no dreams; no wings to soar
A lost soul wearing thin

Now here I stand, a witch doctor
An ordinary Yurble no more
With power cruising through my veins
I have something to live for."

The Yurble Janitor
by l0000000l

Within the corners of the Hall of Heroes,
An angered yell echoes off the chambers.
Scurrying about with a broken broomstick,
The Yurble Janitor complains about labor.

Infamous for his rather quick temper,
The Janitor has had to change jobs often.
Once a foreman, once a chef, once a janitor,
Next is soon if his temper doesn't soften.

Perhaps you could say it's his curiosity,
But this Yurble is the jack of all trades.
Under the guise of the 'Real' Negg Faerie,
Kari ought to seek help from the glades.

Although his Negg conquest ultimately failed,
His position as Janitor is still at risk.
To visit the Hall, you must act cautious,
For the broom may end in your hands fairly quick.

The Sketch Yurble
by miraday

The blank lined paper is simply there:
It waits patiently, prepared and able
To transform into any scene or being.
From its sketches appears a Yurble—

What beast has a mane swaying
And a rotund shape like a friend?
What Neopet has a protruding nose
And ears curled unto their ends?

Surely this is a fanciful figment,
A lovely work of imagination.
The penciled lines of the Yurble
Move to prove its creation!

To our sheer disbelief, we see
Across the page the Yurble go—
Grinning widely with pure delight,
Bouncing on his springy toes.

His agency is shown in his spin—
He twirls on the paper all giddy.
No doodle can do what he does,
Until he tuckers himself out dizzy.

“I’ll rest right back where I was,”
The Sketch Yurble announces, then
He returns his first pose laughing.
“In your next sketch, you’ll see me again!”

The Angry Yurble
by a_ramsell

The majority of Yurbles are happy creatures,
But that isn't always the case.
There's one Yurble in particular
Who usually has a frown on his face.

This Yurble is a jack of all trades
And apparently a master of none.
He doesn't seem to hold a job for long;
Who knows what he's up to from month to month.

This angry Yurble is undoubtedly busy
Preparing for the Altador Cup.
The influx of fans to the Hall of Heroes
Means nearly constant tidying up.

He's sure to break lots of broom handles
Cleaning up after messy Neopets.
The sight of so much mud and dirt
Seems to call this poor Yurble much distress.

Hopefully this overworked janitor
Earns himself a relaxing vacation.
He should take some quiet time
To avoid any more frustration.

To keep the angry Yurble's mood
From being too austere,
Tidy up after yourself when you travel
to the Altador Cup this year!

Plight of the Yurble Janitor
by dewdropzz

Mop ‘n’ bop, mop ‘n’ bop
Every day I mop and bop
Pretty soon I’m gonna drop
But when I do my pay cheques stop

And so the work resumes

Rub-a-dub, scrub-a-dub
Nine to five I rub and scrub
To feed my wife and Yurble cubs

The monthly payment looms

Squeaky clean, squeaky clean
Heroes must be squeaky clean! 
Pillars, posts and in between
You wonder why my face looks mean? 
You wanna try? Don’t look so keen!

I slave in every room

Minimum wage, minimum wage
All I make is minimum wage!
You ask me why I’m filled with rage?!
This Hall of Heroes is a cage! 
My temper will not be assuaged!

If janitor’s my doom

So I rhyme, and I rhyme
To keep my rage at bay I rhyme
It cheers me up; it passes time

And keeps away the gloom

Mop ‘n’ bop, mop ‘n’ bop
Every day I mop and bop
Perhaps I’ll never reach the top
Come home and on my couch I flop
My wife’s made dinner, Snorkel chops

To Pops my children zoom

Work and work, work and work
Every weekday work and work
Now I don’t mean to be a jerk 
My job don’t come with many perks!
But my duty I will never shirk

Through my toil, my family blooms

Mop ‘n’ bop, mop ‘n’ bop
Every day I mop and bop
But till the day I actually drop 

The daily work resumes

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