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Neopets Poems

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At the Auction
By lil_runner_13

I walk into the auction
so many things to buy
frantic investors watch their clocks
as time flies

I browse around the auction
for something to make mine...
Oops, someone just bought that
better luck next time.

I see a paint brush...
BAM! "Sold!"
I notice a treasure map
that appears very old

"4000!" Shouts a bidder.
"5000!" someone yells.
"Gone!" shouts the auctioneer
to a Jhudora in purple pigtails.

I notice a book... and place my bid
"300!" I holler
A man laughs, stands up and yells
"600 dollars!"

I glare at him and raise my hand
"1000 I'll give you!"
the man rolls his eyes and shouts,

Things are getting tense
my hands start to sweat.
The man smiles at me
as he waits for my next bet

I sigh and shout, "2000!"
He bellows, "2001!"
I yell, "2050!"
going... going... GONE!

Another day at the auction
a game of luck and skill
You never know if you will win
but it's exciting... still.

Kiss The Mortog
By alison_tara

I read the wooden sign aloud,
"Kiss The Mortog,
Impress the crowd."
My Cybunny and Koi jumped at the thought,
"Alison, Alison... how much np's do ya got?"
I looked at the keeper, and felt uneasy...
His numerous warts made me feel queasy,
But before I could offer a smoothie instead,
They turned around, and to the Grundo they fled.
I hesitated, but of course, followed behind,
That warty Grundo in the back of my mind.
I pulled out my some coins, and asked,"how much?"
He pointed to my two pets and said,"
100 nps for the bunch"
I gave him the points,
and my pets walked up to the frogs,
"One is a princess, one is a Mortog!"
Explained the Grundo grinning
and adjusting his crown,
I tapped my foot and began to frown.
My Koi went first and then she chose,
She bent down to the Mortog, and I froze.
And then a bright light appeared
after she gave him a kiss,
A princess appeared, my koi had a look of bliss.
"I won, I won!" She said jumping for joy.
"I want to take my 100 np's," said my Koi
The Grundo nodded, and he turned to my Cybunny
who was shying out of light,
"Do, do the M-mortogs bite?"
She asked hiding behind my legs.
The Grundo laughed and replied,
"They're as harmless as harmless Neggs!"
She walked up to the pond
and gave one of the Mortogs a kiss.
A princess appeared again,
my Cybunny with a look of total bliss.
She kept her 100 np,
and just as he was about to say good-bye,
I stepped up and said,"I'll have a try"
He smiled and from my hands
he took the playing fee.
I scratched my head and tried to figure out
which one it could be.
I finally came to a choice,
and took the one on the right,
Then bent down and kissed it,
expecting the bright light.
Instead, an explosion and flying red goo,
Pieces of red and green mush stuck to me like glue.
The Grundo shrugged and said,
"Maybe another try?"
"No thanks, we've got to fly,"
Said my Koi, answering for me.
I smiled and looked at their points,
"So how about a slushie?"

The Misunderstood Customer
By dawnfairies

Hello and welcome to my shop
So glad you've just stopped by!
What? Got too many neopoints?
On us you may rely.

For here inside my Petpet shop
Are creatures from near and far
All Petpets are a guarantee
They're selling by the hour.

Fancy exotic animals?
We've just the thing for you!
From Sakhmet and Lost Desert
Are Petpets, tried and true.

Perhaps you'd like the wise old Horus
Or tiny Anubis
Or Selket, the eight-legged bug
(It burrows when amiss)?

Not a fancy customer?
Never fear, I'll find your match.
Ah, here, just the thing!
Though more prehistoric than the last.

From the plateaus of Tyrannia
Are the Searex and Scado.
Something fiercer what you want?
Reptillior's the way to go.

Want a Petpet who is mystical?
A true and loyal friend?
Well here (of every shape and size)
Are ones from Faerieland!

Some have wings, like purple Pikis;
Others just have paws
But Miamouse and Magaral
Are seldom found with flaws.

Not what you want, you say?
Don't get in a huff!
Spooky Petpets from the Haunted Wood
Will certainly be enough.

We've got Clompkin, Psimouse, Sludgy, Slorg,
(And don't forget the Bloop!)
The Grackle Trap, and Ghostkerchief
Are all a haunted group!

And if you don't like the ones I list
I have one last resort:
The Petpets from the market
Just might be your sort.

There's Whoot, who warns of danger,
Plus lovable Mongmong.
Always a favorite- Doglefox
Or the Beekadoodle's song.

You like none of these?
I just can't help you out?
I've given you the grand old tour,
And still you sit and pout?

I have with me the finest
Of species of Petpets
And yet you stammer, stutter?
There's nothing you can get?

Oh my. Oh silly me,
How foolish I feel now.
What an idiot I must seem,
Rambling about.

I'm sorry to have kept you.
I implore you, please don't glower.
How could I have known
That all you really wanted was...

A cup of flour.

Illusen's Glade
By freddiekat

In a cottage 'neath the pine trees
Lives a fair and comely maid
But if you wander near her dwelling
You'll soon wish you hadn't stayed

Illusen, both by name and nature
Needs great prizes to be won
She'll send you questing o'er the country
'Fore the setting of the sun

Apple Juice, perhaps, or Carrots
Battlecards or Burnt Red Eye
Whatever prize this maid is eyeing
You will surely have to buy!

You trudge around from shop to shop
To locate items that she needs
You ask yourself, "Now, did she want
A Rubber Plant, or Feather Weeds?"

Trudging back, shoulders bent over
Your arms are stiff and feet rubbed red
Overhead, the sun feels fire-hot
As you rub your aching head...

But Meridell lies right before you
A little further down the path
Dusting dirt off of your tunic
You say out loud, "I need a bath!"

But finally, your quest is over!
(Who cares how many NP were paid?)
In victory, you hold your prize high
And march into Illusen's Glade

"Thank you!" she says, "And here you go!"
She holds her hands out with a laugh
And finally! The fruit of labour!
You now own... Illusen's staff!

The Neopian Pound
By broadway_babe20

In all my life upon this world
I've never seen such hope
Like a small and dying candle flame
In a world of darkness.

Thousands of small pets
Glance up with expectant eyes
As I enter, and I am filled with sadness
For only one can I return with.

I am sad to remember
That every pet I see is a reject
An outsider, and I feel a tear prick in my eye
Because I used to know the feeling.

My eyes probe every pet
One by one I inspect them,
I can feel them waiting, waiting for me to choose
And the hope around us is thick.

Finally, I come to the aisle end
And I turn to see watching me, ears twitching
And I know that if I could have anything
It would be to free them all.

I must not walk out, that is selfish,
I must start a new campaign
I shall choose one, and all my friends
Shall come in and adopt- until they are gone.

I see one crouching, lonely,
Not even looking up, not even hoping.
And I point- the hardest thing I ever had to do
I see and feel a wave of despair.

Every Neopet's ears flop,
Their eyes cast down, as I watch the small Neopet
Look up at me with loving eyes,
Brimming with tears, smiling at me.

And if I ever felt happiness- joy bubbling up
Inside me, it was nothing... nothing,
Compared to what I felt as I looked on,
My chosen pet freed, skipping and tripping.

But as I walked from the pound,
A beam of joy surrounding me, pet at my side
I could not ignore the blanket of sadness
That swathed the pound.

And I ask you please, just go in
See for yourself the hopeful eyes, the pricked ears,
And adopt, as many as you can,
And feel the happiness...

Set them free.

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