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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Sloth Appreciation Day Special!

Dr. Sloth is the Boss
by orlytheowl

Dr. Sloth is my boss
I have served him since our paths crossed
I was once just like you
Sweet and kind and naive too

Then one day I saw the truth
Way back then when I was still a youth
He took me in, and made me what I am
I learned to see Neopia's scam

Because Dr. Sloth is the best of us
Smartest alive, there's nothing to discuss
He is also good and fair
And he keeps my Grundo family near

So I will never leave his side
I give him my life with pride
This life is the best of lives
The thought of leaving it gives me the hives!

Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy
by martia_elior

One day, strolling around Faerieland,
I run into the famous Hidden Tower;
There can be found precious dolls, and
battle gear, like a shield or an armour.
Among all the items Fyora displays,
There's a rubber duck with funny hair.
She says it can be used in two ways,
as a bath buddy, or in a battle if you dare.
‘It’s cute AND dangerous’, the Faerie Queen 
Says, ‘It comes from Dr. Sloth’s belongings;’
So, in some circumstances, it surely is mean.’
She warns me, shaking her majestic wings.
I take it into my hands, and I feel weird
It gives me shivers down to my spine.
I get it now why the duck has to be feared.
It’s not harmless as it looks; it has to be mine!
Fyora notices a malevolent light in my eyes,
and tells me ‘be cautious, it has evil inside.
Remember that Sloth is everything but wise.’
She touches my shoulder, to gentle guide
My thoughts and intents towards goodness.
The eerie feeling the duck gave me goes away.

In my battle equipment this buddy is a plus,
I decided to buy on Sloth’s Appreciation Day.

Oh, Dr. Sloth!
by prettyobscure

The very picture of hubris is he 
and known for his evils plans, mostly: 
He's definitely not many Neopian's cup of tea. 
Yet he's certainly brilliant, most would agree. 

Oh, Dr. Sloth! Why don't you use your mind for good? 
It's quite unlikely you're simply misunderstood, 
Too many times have your wicked plans been withstood: 
You'd take over Neopia - if you only could! 

The rock beast debacle! Neopet V2 and mutated grundos! 
Yes it's true, he's a formidable foe! 
Though we dare not tell him - oh no: 
That green, hulking villain possesses enough bravado! 

Oh, Dr. Sloth! Why must you be so mean? 
You planned the Ski Lodge Mystery from behind the scenes 
And used your crafty mind for many other bad things. 
Your record is truly the opposite of squeaky clean. 

The name 'Sloth' doesn't really fit his personality. 
He seems so motivated, though his purpose is villainy. 
He's a quick-witted scoundrel filled with depravity! 
He's wreaked havoc since the beginning of Neopia's history! 

Oh, Dr. Sloth! Why didn't you just become an astronomer? 
With your mind, you could have been spectacular! 
Though I must admit, despite all the people you hurt... 
You're still a beloved figure whose truly popular!

The Best Villain Neopia Has Ever Seen
by catchinglights

Dr. Frank Sloth is so cool,
All of Neopia he should rule!
With his great Grundo army,
And his manner so smarmy,
To go against him would take a fool.

Dr. Frank Sloth will never stop,
Until a throne he is sat atop.
He never stops scheming,
His teeth always gleaming,
His plan will not be a flop!

Dr. Frank Sloth has entered the fray,
He has not come here to play!
Along comes the blasted Space Faerie,
The only one Dr. Sloth finds scary,
He will have to return another day...

Dr. Sloth’s Imminent Return
by l0000000l

Zooming in from outer space,
Dr. Sloth ensues this race,
Aiming for a Neopian reign,
Mutating pets for a personal gain.

Creator of the Virtupets Space Station,
Epitomizing effective manipulation,
Ordering his minions to fight his battles,
His steadfast mindset never rattles.

The Space Faerie is his only worthy opponent,
Enraged, he triples his army to the exponents,
She counters with the help of Neopian heroes,
Hubris brings his score down to the zeroes.

The battle may be lost but the war is not gone,
Meuka and Florg ensure his legacy carries on,
Floating around in space absorbed in a token,
Plotting his return once the spell is broken.

Appreciating Sloth
by anjie

Within the hallowed dark of space,
Where gleams a distant star.
A beast doth sit and hangs his head,
His cries are heard from far.

“What have I done?” Does Sloth lament,
“What have I done so wrong?”
“Appreciation- Never mine!”
“I just do not belong!”

A minion wanders, wary by,
And coughs, his voice a squeak.
“You tried to end the world, oh Sloth”
He mutters, rather meek.

A look of shock, of disbelief,
“One small event!” He cries.
“Well more than one…” The minion squeaks,
And doesn’t meet Sloth’s eyes.

“But we appreciate you, mighty Sloth!”
He hurries now to say.
And thus they’re forced to celebrate,
On Sloth’s own special day!

Trash from Sloth's Tokens: Lament of the Unlucky
by _brainchild_

I've tried the star-shaped tokens of
Those Aishas oh so strange
The prizes are a joy I love,
Yet others are in range.

Neocola tokens, made
By Sloth, cost much less cash.
With them, will fortune simply fade,
Or circle me, a flash?

I use the token, skeptical.
How can a coin so cheap
Bring prizes anything but dull,
Such trash I wouldn't keep?

I receive junk from the first.
The second also brings
No value. Sloth, your coins are cursed!
With rage, my ears shall ring.

Junk, more junk, did I say JUNK?
Unhappy, I retreat.
These claims of awesome brews are bunk!
Oh, Sloth, you are a cheat.

Evil Ambitions
by kieselcamper

Doctor Frank A Sloth,
Evil Genius PhD,
Your future ruler

Virtupets spaceship
Is my home away from home
To lurk above you

Innocent Grundos
become my evil minions!
Carry out my tasks!

I have just one goal:
Take Over Neopia!
Why, you ask? Why not?

They're attacking us!
Grundos, go launch the missiles!
Now bow before Sloth!

You dare to fight me?
Pitiful Neopians!

Happy Sloth Appreciation Day!
by xxautumnxx

On one fair Neopian day,
Winds caressed the leaves making them sway.
The sky so blue, the air perfectly warm,
Everyone had expected it,
The upcoming storm.

A monster came down from up above
In a spaceship that resembled a head, sort of.
The contraption landed and out popped evil,
Dr. Frank Sloth up to no good,
Probably something illegal.

With his olive skin and mouth in a sneer,
We knew what he wanted based on last year.
He terrorized Neopians that got in his way,
Blasting them into sludge,
With is deadly ray.

He laughed, "Muahaha, you dare defy me?"
And the rest of the Neopians began to plea.
He stopped and pondered what he would do,
Smirked and then decided,
"I'll tell you."

We gasped and cringed in complete terror,
For we thought what we heard was indeed an error.
But alas, he said, "Appreciate and show your love for me,
this year, and every year,
if you wish to stay free."

So it looks like he's come back once more,
Visiting all Neopian lands, waiting to be adored.
Just give him this one day to appease the "overlord."
Then we can move on with our lives
And his existence can be ignored.

An Ode to Sloth
by xiaolin10413

Sloth- while he is not celebrated for his success, 
he is indeed celebrated, and appreciated, 
(and feared) 
by the inhabitants of this world 

his laboratory may be abandoned, 
and his Virtupets may be lost, 
his deeds are not forgotten. 
No, Sloth's actions are present 

He created Neopet V2, 
a level of threat that Neopia had not seen then
and may not ever see again, 
unless our dear Sloth returns 
from floating out in a big empty space 

surrounded by stars and darkness. 
Completely fitting for someone such as him. 

His name lights up the eyes of those who admire his work
His passion, ambition, vision 
And fear into the hearts of us all, 

As it was only pure luck that he does not rule
That the Space Faerie and Cylara were in the right place, 
And perhaps,
because he has a soft spot in his heart for us Neopians.  

Like we have a place for Sloth for our hearts. 

Happy Sloth Appreciation Day.

Original Villain (Sloth Day)
by stmarshall

Dr. Frank Sloth is the OG
Villain of all Neopia
Arch-nemesis of the Space Faerie
Planetary conqueror

He’s a mad scientist and inventor
From Virtupets Space Station
A tyrant with quite a temper
Brilliant though impatient

From his underground laboratory
He makes monstrous creations
Based on questionable theories
No heed to dissuasions

He mutated Grundos
To terrifying versions
None dared to oppose
Or raise an assertion

Thwarted, he was
By a pesky few
Those who did not understand his cause
Took him out in a coup

Never fear for he will return
In even more glory than ever
You need not be concerned
Next time will be better

Happy Sloth Appreciation Day!
by littlemissmaizy_

On this Sloth Appreciation Day,
we let Dr. Sloth lead the way! 
To conquer Neopia does he desire, 
his clones are ready with a tightening of wire.

Evil, mischievous, up to no good,
in reality Dr. Sloth is just misunderstood.
Brainwashing grundos to carry out his deeds,
Brucey B is what Neopia needs! 

Old and wise,
with clones as his spies,
Sloth carries out his mission,
to take out his competition!

Our Master, Sloth
by sk8tergirl503

Up on the Space Station milling about
The Grundos do chores and tasks for a shout.
From the great man himself - Dr. Sloth is his name.
Though he may have a stare, don’t let him see you pout!

One little Grundo ponders on his boss,
He recalls the time he made Sloth cross.
But even though he seems mean and cruel,
The Grundos don’t think working for him is a loss.

“He’s not so bad,” The Grundo admits then.
“He can have a sweet side too…we just don’t know when.”
Sometimes he shares and sometimes he smiles,
And laughs a deep laugh for a second…or ten.

“He’s just misunderstood,” another one replies.
“But when he has a good day, the whole room flies!”
For he revels in his evil, but that makes him pleased.
Though there are errors in his ways, he’s still quite wise.

Lastly the Grundos can all agree,
To give him a chance, and then you will see.
That although Sloth is known to be evil far and wide,
Seeing his whole picture is really the key.

Sloth Appreciation Day
by she_chose_love

That time has arrived again,
Sloth Appreciation Day is here.
There is a thickness in the air,
as all of Neopia gathers in fear.

Today we appreciate,
the most evil one of all.
Dr. Sloth will be here any moment,
there is no sense in trying to stall.

What malicious things will take place,
on this very dark yet cheery day.
His followers leap in joy,
as we celebrate Dr. Sloth in each and every way.

Don’t even think about skipping the festivities,
cut the party short you cannot.
For if he, himself catches you,
you will be punished in a way you have never thought.

So, paste on a smile,
and look at the Sloth themed items that are new.
Appreciate and celebrate Dr. Sloth,
for on this day it is all there is to do.

Mean, Green Sloth
by trubiekatie

All he wanted was control of us all,
Is that really what led to his downfall?
He was a creative mastermind at that,
That ultimately led to war and combat.

Against Brucey B in the Lucky Coin plot,
The first time against Neopia he fought.
Then later against Gorix and Cylara,
Perhaps these wars as his biggest flaw?

Once more, he fought the Space Faerie,
Used to his antics, Neopia was wary.
He’s supposedly sealed in her token for now,
Still no appear from Sloth to date, somehow.

I have a feeling he will make a grand return,
Across Neopia, we would feel the downturn.
Drapped in his black cloak, green and all,
Next to Grundo minions, oh so tall.

I would be content if he was never seen,
Dr. Sloth, his smile so evil, heart so mean.
And yet, we honor him once a year anyway,
Whoever thought to make an official Sloth Day?

Dr. Sloth Limericks
by kiwigoddesskimmie

An evil genuis, Frank Sloth was his name
Destruction and terror were his favorite game
With his audacious dreams
That he turned into schemes
But were less successful than he'd like to claim

Sloth needed help who wouldn't ask questions
He took on some grundos to help with inventions
He brainwashed these minions
So they'd have no opinions
And he could be free from potential suggestions

His biggest scheme was for world domination
But the closest he'd get was the Virtupets Station
But Sloth's been defeated
The station? They freed it!
But I'm sure he's still plagued by his evil fixation!

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