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Neopets Poems

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Buzz Day Special!

Rhymes for your Buzz
by omam12am

It's the festival of the Buzz!
And we celebrate just because!
They fly and soar all around,
Their small bodies never touching ground.
Little wings fluttering so fast,
Buzzing in our ears as they fly past!
Any Neopet with wings can join:
All the Korbat girls and Scorchio boys!
Every Buzz deserved the best,
So groom them up and get them dressed.
There's so many festivities to enjoy,
including good food and maybe a new toy.
Have fun with your Buzz and they'll feel happy,
So get out and around Neopia and make it snappy!

Crunchy Buzz Honey Delight
by geneames1

You need a hearty breakfast
To start the day off right
The yummiest thing that you could eat 
Is some Crunchy Buzz Honey Delight

Made with oats and honey
Sugar packed into each bite
It will energize you all day long
And keep you awake all night

Laden with fat and calories
It's cloyingly sugary sweet
Tasty if not good for you
It's a favorite Neopian treat

So start your day with a bowlful
A small glass of juice on the side
A sausage on toast to round out the meal
Then get up and go on outside!

Buzz Day Galore
by profebest

Buzz day is finally here,
The Fountain Faerie has been unleashed,
Buzz to fly is using its wings,
Flying without destinition it is what it is,

A buzz avatar has been release,
Only through the Fountain Faerie you shall recieve,
Not everyone is so lucky to take a dip,
From the Fount Faerie you shall get in,

Fly fly fly beyond Buzz and is not a light year, 
Now all your dreams have been succeed,
Congratulations on evolving to that theme.

The Card Shop Buzz
by catchinglights

Deep in Neopia Central's Bazaar,
Is a little shop run by a Buzz.
The shop resembles a castle tower,
Selling cards is what this Buzz does!

The shopkeeper is quiet yet smart,
He knows every card in his shop.
Though they have no magic powers,
Many find them fun to collect and swap!

The Buzz Shopkeeper does not care,
What you do with your cards.
You can only buy the ones you like,
But top collectors get his regards.

Indeed there is nothing he likes more,
Than seeing a competed deck.
He even gives out a trophy,
To those who like to collect.

Though he is not very popular,
And indeed he does not wish it that way.
Whip out your favorite card and wish,
The Card Shopkeeper a Happy Buzz Day!

The Buzz and the Tigersquash
by orlytheowl

Kirk the Buzz despised the heat
Although he loved his tropical treat
His favorite was the Tigersquash
It tasted so good, oh dear, oh gosh

Kirk the Buzz couldn't stay away
He ate all night and he ate all day
Suddenly he had eaten them all
He was so full that he had to crawl

The next day he went looking for more
They were all sold out in every store
He went to the forest, in search of fruit
And spent the evening eating his loot

Kirk the Buzz could no longer fly
He had eaten too much as time went by
But who needs flight, when food's on the ground?
He thrived in the forest, with fruit all around!

Lampwyck the Buzz
by l0000000l

Based solely in Moltara City,
Unafraid of the nitty-gritty,
Creator of all things pretty,
Captain of the light and worm committee.

Rumor has it that even Siyana paid a visit,
Seeking out his skill which is truly exquisite,
Basking within the marvelous lantern exhibit, 
Hush now, though, for this matter he prohibits.

Smoldering lava and steam power,
Seem to fuel his fantastic lamp tower,
Illuminating the sky with a bright shower,
His craft refined over countless hours.

Adding color and contrast to his own town,
Drawing in tourists from all around,
Proving Moltara is more than just red and brown,
Lampwyck's resourcefulness deserves a crown.

by miraday

I approach the wintered creek;
The frozen sun is not a good look
For the babbling stream silenced
And the humming Buzz stiffened.
I prod the frozen ponds in disbelief—
How does my memory of summertime
Vary so differently from the austere
Scene before me? I close my eyes

And in a second I am spirited through
The air, supported by hundreds of Buzz.
Their wings tickle like mosaic feathers,
Their scales soft like Chokato fuzz.
From the summoning spell, they let me down
And the creek is transformed to its greenery—
The ivy that climbs, the trees that shade
Our very own kind in summer sunshine.

Summer evenings seem to last forever;
The Buzz mill about carefree and unbothered.
How I miss this childhood among these pets.
The endless afternoon will end.
The Buzz circle me as I lay down in the grass.
I fight off my sleepiness to see their afterglow:
Countless Buzz hovering, glowing tails showing.
Seasons must end, so where is it that you go?

My question dissolves the scene— back again
I am before the creek, a return from a daydream.
A single Buzz buzzes before me shining bright,
As if to say it’ll all be alright.

A Buzz Swarm
by anjie

Aloft the sky a cobalt shade,
So clear the crystal hue.
Awash in powdered, silken cloud,
And drenched in palest blue.

But what is heard on faintest breeze?
What breaks the sky, serene?
For in the distance something shifts,
And halts the peaceful scene.

Formation flawless, they approach,
In shapes that do not shift.
A swarm of Buzz upon the breeze,
Each one the wind doth lift.

The humming soft at first, you hear,
Then louder, can’t ignore.
It fills the sky and shakes the clouds,
A mighty, humming roar.

They swarm as one, a perfect team,
No flaw in this, you’ll find.
Each knows their place and keeps in line,
No Buzz is left behind.

They drift upon the summer breeze,
Where sky is dusky, warm.
Gaze aloft to see the show,
The magic of the swarm.

Kep Bonnefie's Fan Club
by inplainsight

One, two, three -
Let's cheer for Bonnefie! 

She's got the moves, 
her form's first-class,
look at how she makes that pass!

Pride of the Citadel, 
that's what we all yell
standing on the sidelines
with our Kep signs. 

We appreciate her quiet nature,
her focus and her space creation.
Look at how she scouts her location!

Every Buzz Day we get together,
nothing about us is fairweather!
We make our signs and plan our cheers.
We're ready for the Cup this year!

We've got our colors,
red, purple, and black.
Darigan Citadel's going to take it back!

In the audience we'll be,
cheering her on with glee.
We hope you agree 
this year she'll be MVP! 

Join us for this one bout?
Are you ready for a rowdy shout?
You know the words, we've taught you well - 
we'll all yell on the count of three,
let's cheer for Bonnefie!

Faerie Buzz
by fourin

Delicate wings
Flutter in the breeze
A shimmering glimpse
Amongst the swaying leaves

Royal violet hued
Pink swirls throughout
Each golden wing ends
With curls strewn about

The softest of smiles
With bright, shiny eyes
She dances and whirls
And away she flies

Of the faerie neopets
She is quite the rarity
You'd be lucky to catch
A flicker of her beauty

For this faerie neopet
Is the prettiest flying bug
Dainty and demure she is
The charming Faerie Buzz

Lampwyck’s Lights Fantastic
by martia_elior

There’s a corner in Moltara city
Which lights up the entire alley;
It’s the shop owned by Lampwyck,
A Buzz with a weakness for classic,
Looking chandeliers, and lanterns.
He’s attracted by a light that burns,
And can also give you an advice;
He serves you for an honest price.
Which shade would you prefer?
He sells lamps in every color;
Please, choose the shape too:
Typical gaslight or something new?
‘Have a look at this pink Uni head,
And also at the balloon that turns red’,
He says, pointing at the wall behind.
Lampwyck is positive you will find
The perfect lamp to enlighten your 
home, and make it cosier for sure.

Flight of the Buzz
by platinum_marauder

Over Meridell they take flight,
Soaring swiftly, graceful like a kite,
Searching for berries they patrol the air,
The farmers below blissfully unaware,
As a swarm they approach the rubbish dump, 
Hoping for a berry, all juicy and plump,
Their keen eyes patrol the pile below,
Over the whole thing Meridell gravy does flow,
Zeenana Peel here, Squished Tomato there,
No piece of fruit does the rubbish dump bear.

On through Meri Acres Farm goes the trail,
On a quest for fruit determined to prevail,
The Buzz come to their next stop, Pick Your Own,
Their ideal target, the berry picking zone,
A gelert watches guard, pitchfork in hand,
But his eyes they only patrol the land,
As the swarm flies over the bushes below,
Over the land where the berries grow, 
They see an Old Boot, but want a berry,
The absence of which now makes them teary.

Before leaving the farm the buzz now see,
A 4 Leaf Clover, and they cry in glee,
Perhaps this will give them the luck they need,
To find some fruit and satisfy their greed,
Towards the great castle they now head,
The sound of buzzing left in their stead,
Over the moat the buzz approach the castle wall,
Towering above Meridell, it truly stands tall,
They head now for the feasting chamber,
Of the grumpy King, they fear no danger.

Atop his great throne he sits,
Before him food in large and smaller bits,
A feast is in progress, the swarm freezes,
As the King spots them, munching on cheeses,
Smiling he presents to them a row of empty seats,
"It's Buzz Day, come have some tasty treats!"
And so the buzz sit, in front an incredible sight,
Fruit in rows upon rows, truly a delight,
Unbeknownst to them the land had been scoured,
Of all its fruit, on Buzz day to be devoured!

The Danger Buzz
by milestrong

He’s faster than lightning,
And stronger than most,
He’s kind and he’s caring,
But he does not boast!

He’s always out helping
And doing his best
When it comes to heroes,
No one can contest!

Whenever a villain
Makes trouble somewhere,
Citizens, have no fear,
For he will be there!

He will fight to protect
All those that he sees
He’ll knock any bad guy
Back down to their knees

Helping all Neopians
Is just what he does
If you don’t know his name,
He is Danger Buzz!

The UC Plushie Buzz: Unconverted Yet Underrated
by _brainchild_

The unconverted Plushie Buzz
Is seen as lower-class,
Yet it shouldn’t be misjudged—
Don’t write it off so fast.
While not as rare as other pets
Of UC Plushie hues,
Please don’t ignore it, not just yet—
It’s viable to choose.

Its hue is blinding—it’s the best!
Orange, never seen before
As so exquisite, shall impress
You to your very core.
Oh, don’t forget those floppy wings—
They’re squishy, fun to touch,
And beautiful! The joy they’ll bring
Will please you very much.

So, when you search for pals anew,
Please look past rarities.
Sure, Draiks so bright and Shoys so blue
Can definitely please,
Yet you should also give the Buzz
The credit it deserves,
Since it will please you very much—
It’s quite the pal for sure.

Kep Bonnefie, The Best Buzz
by emberfusion

Being a Buzz is no easy thing,
Strong, smart, and capable beyond compare,
Yet so many fear their sting.
Despite the push one buzz rose,
Kep Bonnefie, she joined Darigan
And took their throws.
With a vow of silence under her belt,
She took to the field to help.
Running, flying, throwing, tackling,
Kep can do it all.
She helped her team straight to the top.
For it wasn’t long before good ol’ Kep Bonnefie
Helped Darigan take home the trophy!

Buzz Foreman
by littlemissmaizy_

Clocking in for another day,
to keep the hungry skeith at bay.
Red, blue, and green, 
Don't feed him these or he'll get mean.

Pick it up from the conveyer belt,
Drop it in the vat before you melt. 
Sweets and treats,
how much can he eat?

Faster and faster the conveyor belt goes,
no time for a doze!
Waiting for the time for me to clock out,
to repeat the same tomorrow, no doubt!

Foreman Buzz
by sk8tergirl503

Foreman Buzz here, that is my name.
And to feed the Hungry Skeith - that is my game!
So jump on board to help me out!
We’re both in it to win it - one and the same.

First the belt goes, it starts off slow,
But don’t pause and wait, it’s time to go!
For though it may seem easy at first,
It quickly picks up pace, just like so!

So please help me pick up the jelly
Don’t let those ones get in his belly,
Only the treats that he wants and craves,
He doesn’t even like to share with his friend, Kelly!

Oh no, it’s starting to go by quick.
Get what you can - and make it stick!
But oh! One slips by and into his mouth,
Run! Take cover! He’s about to get sick!

Our hands are frantic and my wings fly around.
We can always make it - we’re homeward bound.
But too many mistakes can cost us the game.
So let the stuffed Skeith sleep - and don’t make a sound.

What's all the Buzz?
by kiwigoddesskimmie

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
What's that you hear?
It's some buzzing buzz
Buzzing in your ear

With quick, strong wings
Keeping them in flight
And eyes like saucers
Giving them excellent sight

Keep an eye on your fruits
Whenever it's sunny
As they'll snatch them up
For their Buzz honey!

Baby Buzz
by puusormi

I cannot seem to take a liking
to the Neopet called the Buzz
His eyes bulge out in an unpleasant way
and I believe he is covered with fuzz!

Meanwhile I glimpsed a photo
of the cutest pet of all time
And low and behold, and shocking to me
Baby Buzz was poised to be mine.

But now I needed a paint brush
For how else could my dream become true
I checked my SDB and sold all I could
My paint brush arrived, all shiny and new.

And so you can find me out strolling
Pushing a carriage of dazzling gold
Inside you will find my sweet baby
Who today is just three days old.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!
by swiftrun

Buzz, buzz, buzz!
What sound could that be?
A tiny creature comes forth
Is it a fly, a beetle, a flea?

Buzz, buzz, buzz!
Well, the name's in the sound!
It's not other than a friendly Buzz
Its smile wide and round

Give these creatures a chance
And be sure to give them treats
They're sure to be loyal friends
And boy, they sure love to eat!

Go out and adopt a Buzz today,
You're sure not to regret it
Your new friend can earn you an av
By taking a rainbow fountain dip

Buzz, buzz, buzz!
That's the sound of your new friend
Aren't you glad you have a Buzz?
You'll be partners til the end!

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