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Neopets Poems

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Gnorbu Shearing Day Special!

Gnorbu day
by table

Recently the fountain faerie invited me for a cup of tea
I didn’t want to refuse because that would be rude of me!
So I went there and invited my gnorbu along
To listen to the fountain faerie her song!
Singing about beauty and grace …
And how a mutant uni once tried to kick her in the face
A faerie with a sense of humor
She is truly hilarious, it’s not just a rumor!

So my gnorbu and I went to see her at the fountain
She saw my gnorbu and said, my dear … you look like you climbed a mountain!
The faerie eyed my dear gnorbu girl and continued: you could do with a fresh look
My gnorbu backed away, she didn’t want a new colour and was a bit shook!
But the faerie was unstoppable and invited my gnorbu into the magically sparkling water for a soak
Enchanted by the faerie, she stopped resisting and disappeared in the rainbow warm water smoke
Suddenly a strong food scent came out of the water mass
My gnorbu stepped out of the fountain with a never seen amount of class!

With new confidence and manes,
And now a caramel substance running through her veins
The fountain chose to make her chocolate chic
The fantastic luscious chocolate scent was so strong I let out a shriek
The faerie spoke with a singing voice: “Chocolate will never go out of style,
so leave her with a grand smile!”

Zombie Gnorbu Warning
by anjie

Shiver, shaking, shed the boughs,
The leaves in terror shift.
Through them wind doth flee in dread,
And thus doth tension lift.
Behold the groan in Haunted Woods,
The dredge of shifting ground.
Earth does crumble in the dark,
And nightfall circles ‘round.

There from where the monsters dwell,
Doth creature drag each tread.
The inky-green of cloven hooves,
Do instil cold and dread.
The tattered tufts of former mane,
Like warnings drape the night.
Behold the eyes, as silver orbs,
Do gleam an eerie light.

A clip, a clop, the Gnorbu walks,
A clip, a clip, a thud.
The Zombie creature, crawling forth,
Drags slowly through the mud.
Extinguish now the candle bright,
Beware, now one should hide.
Don’t venture out where Gnorbu walks,
Don’t leave the fire’s side.

Captain Tuan's Greatest Fear
by milestrong

He’s brave and fierce and strong and bold,
His heart is very true
He’ll sail his ship through heat and cold,
A captain through and through

The Cyodrake’s Gaze won’t get far
Without Tuan taking lead.
He is truly its shining star,
A man of finest breed

But there’s one thing that he does fear,
A truly scary sight
When it comes to that time of year,
He cannot sleep at night

On the sixth in the Month of Sleeping
It’s Gnorbu Shearing Day,
You can find the captain weeping,
And trying to run away

“Not my hair!” The captain pleaded,
As the shears came nearer.
But this is just what he needed
You can’t escape the shearer

And when it’s all been set and done
And when the captain’s bald,
The crew will laugh and have some fun,
The most they can recall!

Bart the Apple-Bobbing Gnorbu
by catchinglights

Deep in the Haunted Woods you can find,
A fruity game of chance if you're so inclined.
When you get up to the front of the queue,
You'll be greeted by Vandebart the Gnorbu!

Looking dapper with his cane and top hat,
He'll let you take a dive in his apple vat.
Fish up an apple and you'll also get a prize,
Just be careful not to get the water in your eyes.

When Bart came along the clearing was bare,
But soon around him grew the entire Haunted Faire.
Other vendors came and found success,
But Bart wasn't jealous; he was impressed.

So in the Haunted Faire go say hi to Bart,
And maybe take a dip in his apple cart.
But ask him about his hat when you feel brave,
You'll get told nothing - it's his secret 'til the grave!

Once Upon a Gnorbu Day
by sk8tergirl503

Gnorbus are a pet so keen,
Floppy ears cute and their fur a sheen.
But once long ago, on an April Fools night -
The powers above played a prank to be seen.

Gnorbus were made for us that day,
But not for real, they would not get to play.
For originally, they were deemed a joke.
But jokes on them! We wanted Gnorbus to stay!

So the next year, Gnorbus came back once more.
The welcome mat unrolled, come in through the door!
For though they were not meant to be a part of the crew,
We decided they must, for they are good to the core.

So every year we celebrate this pet,
That once we weren’t even going to get.
But now they are valued and loved to bits.
So adopt a Gnorbu today and then you are set!

Noora the Clipping Gnorbu
by orlytheowl

Noora the Gnorbu loved what she did
Grooming and washing on grown-ups and kids
Every day she clipped Gnorbu's coats
And trimmed the mane around their throats

She loved to work, but a problem arose
Who was to cut her fur that grew down to her toes?
A task like that can't really be done
By yourself, without help and all alone

Luckily Gnorbu's to lend a hand won't mind
With clipping the places that's too far behind
That she couldn't reach no matter how long she tried
Noora did however them through it guide

The result was perhaps not as perfect could be
Uneven and crooked, they all had to agree
That Noora deserved all the kudos she got
Anyone better at clipping they could find not!

The Wise Gnorbu
by l0000000l

Way up in the mountainous highs,
A treacherous journey to the skies,
Rests an ancient temple for the wise,
The Gnorbu Elder awaits with a prize.

This enlightened Gnorbu has experienced it all,
From his fun-loving youth to his studious drawl,
The Shenkuu Lunar Temple is where he'd gone AWOL,
Offering words of advice from winter through fall.

Observing moon cycles is his life's mission,
Making sure the lunar calendar comes to fruition,
If you'd like the reward, there is one condition,
Knowing the 16 phases requires immense cognition.

Made a mistake? Have no fear,
Gnorbus are known to be quite the dear,
Having witnessed a lot throughout his career,
Enjoy your consolation loot without any jeer.

Shearing Day Shanty
by omam12am

Hey you, Gnorbu!
Feeling any lighter?
Your coats been shed,
No more bed-head.
It was a shearing all-nighter!

Hey you, Gnorbu,
Now don't look so sad:
Your hair grows quick,
It'll come in thick.
Being shaved is just a fad.

So c'mon Gnorbu,
Let's have some fun!
Your shearing day has just begun.
You'll feel a little better
When you lose that heavy sweater.
Then we'll all go play in the sun!

Bart the Apple Bobbing Gnorbu
by mewemy

Situated deep in the Haunted Woods is the Haunted Faire
There is a certain Apple Bobbing stall so fun I had to share
Ran by a happy green Gnorbu named Bart
He stands there day and night next to his cart

Reach right in there head first for a prize
Not everyone is lucky, it could be your demise
You could pull out a very delicious treat 
Or be faced with a one quite disappointing defeat

Inside Bart’s cart is all sorts of wonders
Apples, books, and plushies, now don’t make a blunder
Instead of a prize you could lose an item, hitpoints, or money
I’m sure you wouldn’t find that loss funny

I hope I didn’t scare you now there is nothing to fear
If you weren’t successful the first time just try again dear
The Haunted Woods is just a small trip away
Bob for apples, have fun, it’ll make your day

Bart the Gnorbu Hosts a Strange Game
by _brainchild_

Bart the Gnorbu hosts a game
That I consider rather strange.
No other pastime is the same.
Both gems and lemons are in range.

You may receive an awesome prize
That’s very pleasing to your eyes.
The Apple Spyder is the best—
It’s much more stunning than the rest!

Or your vision might turn blurred.
This illness isn’t fun, I’ve heard!
Besides, the cure is not so cheap,
So this result will make you weep!

Alternatively, you might find
An item not cursed nor sublime.
Imposter Apples seem like trash,
Yet you can eat them in a flash!

The Gnorbu could grant you some loot,
Or nothing, with sickness to boot.
Hey, maybe you could take a chance.
You could fall ill, or you could dance.

April Fools' Gnorbu
by ennyra

Have you ever wondered,
Just how it feels?
To start out as a joke,
Knowing it's not real?

We get reminded every year,
That we weren't supposed to stay.
But we were liked so much,
That we were kept every day.

In year seven,
We were part of the joke.
But we knew we were special,
Ever since we were uncloaked!

The very next year,
We made our return.
Our place in Neopia's hearts,
We have very much earned.

So the next time you see,
Gnorbu running about,
Please don't mention April Fools',
It's no fun to see a Gnorbu pout!

Happy Gnorbu Shearing Day!
by kiwigoddesskimmie

It's the celebration of gnorbus
So let's bring the cheer!
And gather round these cute creatures
For the time has come to shear
Enjoy the beautiful wool
That's collected each year!

These joyful little neopets
Are always full of glee
With their tails like tassels
As cute as can be
And a relaxed demeanor
Means they interact pleasantly!

There is no limit to where
Their generosity extends
Offering kindness always
And willing to make amends
It's no secret that gnorbus
Make the most wonderful friends!

The Stowaway Scrap
by swiftrun

At night the Primella sails
Chopping through icy fjord
The ship's crew all unaware
That a stowaway is aboard!

An aptly named gentleman
Scrappy as he can be
Solves puzzles, quick and clever
Whilst sailing the high sea!

Quick on his feet, this gnorbu is
Dodging holes and many a crate
Evading nasty, prowling henchman
He's got a lot on his plate!

He's out to clear his name
It's not him that's the thief
He'll escape those awful thugs
And return their spoils, to beat!

They've framed him once already
And now they're at it once more
He won't go down without a fight
He's out to even the score!

Brown to blue to green
This deck is a tricky place
But our hero will do his best
With upmost skill and grace!

A Gnorbu Beginning
by funiture

Every January brings new light, 
a fresh beginning brimming with hope,
and it is with strength and hopeful foresight,
Gnorbu everywhere bring out their shears and soap.

Off comes with that beautiful fur, 
a year’s worth of charm and stories,
all Gnorbu look the same in a blur,
returning to their once former glories.

Vandebart Biggsby and Princess Terrana too,
the tradition precedes no matter your place,
a moment of connectedness for all Gnorbu,
huddle en masse and all let’s embrace!

Rotten Apples
by trubiekatie

I’m feeling awful scared here;
Neovia surely is not a warm and fuzzy place.
There’s a misty haze all around town -
Why on earth did I come and show my face?

I came for one reason and then I’m out,
Leaving this town until I try again in the ‘morn.
This overly happy Gnorbu is eager to greet;
A cask with bobbing apples adorn.

He introduces himself as Bart,
With a quick wink from his eye.
A chance to bob for a prized apple,
What is the harm in one try?

What is this I have fished out?
Are we sure this is even an apple?
I was struggling to get it out at all,
Dunking my head in a mighty grapple.

Hey! Bart, I think you may be a fraud,
For this is no apple from what I can tell.
It’s an Imposter Apple, a total decoy.
Is that an orange, based on its smell?

Bart agrees for another turn to bob,
And I think this is all worthwhile.
Until I fish out a rotten one instead!
Off it goes – straight to the junk pile.

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