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Neopets Poems

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Bori Day Special!

Rasala the Bright
by secant

Who is the best Bori, you say?
Rasala the Bright, no doubt.
Magician by night, fighter by day,
She possesses a lot of clout.

The Order keeps her busy
With magic's formal rules and laws.
Her hair gets quite frizzy
When she's fighting claws and jaws.

Draped in her cloak,
Guardian of the dark.
It's not mirrors and smoke
But real magic with spark.

She enjoys reading up history,
Arts and wizards.
Anything shrouded in mystery,
Like sunshine blizzards.

Who is the best Bori, you say?
Rasala the Bright, no doubt.
Magician by night, fighter by day,
She possesses a lot of clout.

The Golden Bori Plushie, Friend of Fabric
by _brainchild_

The Sway bestowed my precious boon!
I hope to nab some goodies soon.
To shops from near and far I prance.
If I succeed, I'll surely dance!

I wait and gaze right at the clock.
Oh, finally, a precious stock!
I grab a Golden Bori Plushie,
Since I think it's perfect for me.

The threads of softness are divine!
The plushie boasts such gorgeous shine.
The hue is very warm and bold.
The dye is done by hand, I'm told!

It's rumored that this plush is rare,
Yet I have not a single care.
All that I search for is a friend,
So happiness of ours won't end!

I'm glad I found this awesome plush.
Now, heaps of joy are sure to rush!
It's beautiful, and silky, too.
Its softest feel is matched by few.

Ancient Bori Song
by miraday

Come seek us where our kind sleeps,
Hidden deep in the mountain’s keep.
The ice has frozen us in our place,
The Keeper of Time’s frozen embrace.
Guarded for ages by protective charm,
The Bringer of Night can do no harm.

Each day brings us closer and closer
To re-emergence from our enclosure.
The vacant crags of Terror Mountain
Shall again be our home surrounding.
We wish to once more construe feeling 
Free as the bountiful fresh snow falling.

Delve deep into the ice caverns’ reach,
To unlock the secret of our captivity.
Our suspension in time renders still
Our biding patience and powerful will.
Hidden no more, we await our liberty
To reintroduce the world to the Bori.

The Abominable Bori
by myncithemonkey

On frigid mountain peak,
With unrelenting snow,
Two brave travellers seek,
A place few dare to go.

Far off in the distance,
A quiet grumble is heard,
Spurring their persistence,
To keep pressing forward.

Soon they ascend a slope,
In front is an icy cave,
Inside is what they hope,
A creature stoic and brave.

Through the darkness they see,
Piercing, glinting blue eyes,
The Abombinable Bori,
Towering above in size.

The Bori stood its ground,
As the travellers stared,
Not one made any sound,
Both in awe and scared.

But soon the tension ceased,
Through chilly air transcend,
A respect from the beast,
They have made a new friend.

The treasure ice.
by o_mermaid_princess_o

The moonlight in your eyes,
The sparkle penetrate from your ice.
You are the treasure from the mountain icy,
You are the beautiful ice Bori.

The ice blue is your beauty body,
The snowy white is your heart purity.
From the deep deep ice cave,
You are the shinny jewel there can have.

In somehow you no longer appear,
Maybe is some people's greedy heart.
But it's not mean you are vanish,
You still exist in our's wish.

A Tiny Tale of Two Boris
by terukiyo

One night when a fall storm roared
Through the leaves a Bori bored
Up close to a silent shop
And picked open the front lock
With hands and claws painted Ice
That he used on tasks not nice,
Like tearing things off the racks.
He, finding they all had cracks:
"What's this Dark Faerie-cursed store
That sells stuff that work no more?"
"This is the place of repairs,"
Came an answer from the stairs.
Startled, the guest dropped the gold
In the strongbox on his toe.
"Fix it!" the Ice Bori cried.
Donny, the owner, sighed:

"I could... if you were a toy!"

The red Bori in PJs
Asked the thief to mend his ways.
No word of Chia police
Or grave details of release
In Donny's shop log you'll read,
But the Ice Bori, once freed,
Used his hands for honest work--
Cutting Cork Gun Gallery cork!

Donny the Bori
by mewemy

Broke your favorite toy well never fear
Donny’s toy repair shop will make you cheer 
A grumpy red Bori with a  whole lot of skills
Ready to help as long as you can pay the bills

He can fix anything that your pet broke
Donny’s shop is the furthest thing from a joke
He will whip out his tools and make the repair
In his shop in Terror Mountain he has time to spare

Ripped, shattered, broken, or smashed
Donny will have your toy fixed in a blast
Plushies, whistles, yoyos, and your pets bike
Getting up to Donny’s isn’t much of a hike

When he isn’t at work he’s ready to fight
In the battledome he uses all his might
A worthy opponent to try and defeat
Certainly not an easy challenger to beat

Ode to Armin
by trubiekatie

Many years ago, in a snowy land,
A small and mighty hero came to be.
Introducing us to the species Bori,
And to Hannah’s new-found trustee.

Hannah was at Terror Mountain,
When she collapsed atop the snow.
Armin dragged the Usul away,
Into the safety of the Bori burrow.

As he told her of the Bori species,
Kanrik the Thief found Hannah one again.
Hannah, with Armin the Bori in tow,
Joined Kanrik to find the Thieves’ Guild domain.

Deep in the heart of Terror Mountain,
They found the hideout they had sought.
The group of three banded together,
In a battle very hard fought.

It was Armin though, with the final blow,
That brought the end to the Bringer giant.
Using his trusted slingshot and a lone rock,
Armin showed that Boris are truly defiant.

The story could have ended much worse,
If it not for Armin, the young Bori.
We wish you the happiest Bori Day,
And nothing but eternal glory!

Donny the Toy Repairman
by catchinglights

Mending toys is no easy job,
But it's a job someone has to do.
If your toy chest has a broken knob,
Donny can fix it for you!

Whether your Usuki's eye comes loose,
Or your plushie starts leaking fluff,
No matter the level of abuse,
This Bori can fix all your stuff.

Donny's shop on Terror Mountain,
Is worth the cold long hike.
You should really never doubt him,
He can mend all the toys you like!

One thing that makes Donny frown,
Is a toy that's beyond repair.
For letting a child down,
Fills this Bori with despair.

Some think of Donny as a hero,
But he's just doing what needs to be done.
His repairing talents are quite thorough,
To ensure all the children have fun.

He doesn't fix toys for the glory,
But it wouldn't hurt you to say,
To Donny the repairman Bori:
Have a happy Bori Day!

The Dawn of the Bori
by smashgil14

Our story is of sturdiness and will.
From terror mountain we hail.
We had a destiny to fulfill,
Our king knew we could not fail!

The Keeper of Time was a glorious king,
His cunning protected us from certain blight.
He kept us safe from that horrible thing -
The Bringer of Night.

Our blessed heart of the mountain,
Froze us peacefully in time.
The keeper watched, fate uncertain,
Hoping for freedom, so divine.

Brave Hannah and Armin arrived, 
To free us and save the day.
We’re lucky we had them on our side,
We may not have it made it away!

Now we are free, and of course quite thankful
Into history, our story we etch
Sleeping for so long was certainly tranquil,
But boy - was it nice to finally stretch!

Bori Gnomes
by table

Did you know there are Bori gnome?
They are real, trust me … they aren’t made of foam! 
They are tiny Bori, less than half the size of a normal sized
Somewhere between 15 and 20 cm, whoever sees them is surprised!

These tiny Bori are one big mystery
There is hardly anything to find them in Neo history.
They seem to come in all normal Bori colors, but all wear red pointy hats
Ribbed velvet & felt clothes and they appear in all habitats!

They appear rather sudden and in big packs
When they leave somewhere they leave cleanness in their tracks!
Apparently they do the raking in your Neogarden, gather the leaves
They secretly clean your Neohome, so neat that no one believes.

You’ll rarely see them coming
It’s not like their presence is announced by drumming!
If they find you trustworthy they’ll show their presence
They are shy and focused on their work so it’s not like they’ll grand you an audience. 

So today on Bori day we celebrate
All Bori, normal and gnome sized on this special date!
Three cheers to these fantastic friends!
And hopefully a friendship that never ends!

The Tale of Armin the Small
by dragonsfriend1021

Armin the Small was trapped by a curse.
The Bringer of Night made his life much worse.
To his service the whole Bori species was enlisted,
And nobody in Neopia even knew they existed.

Until on Terror Mountain, on that fateful day,
Armin came across where a Usul did lay.
She had collapsed, in shivers she did shake,
Until Armin brought her to safety, when she did wake.

“My name is Hannah,” she said, on the mend,
and Armin knew he had made himself a new friend.
So the Bori told his new friend his tale,
And Hannah set her mind to help, despite the gale.

Hannah cried, “We must defeat the Bringer of Night!”
But Armin shivered, not from cold but from fright. 
Armin took comfort in the plan they planned,
As together they traversed that cold winter land.

Along the way, they met Kanrik the Thief,
And Armin again felt some relief.
The more allies he gained, the less he’d have to do
To bring justice and freedom to those that he knew.

When they arrived, a great battle was occurring,
And it seemed all sides had damage incurring.
Eventually, ice trapped the Bringer, like a knot,
And Armin noticed he alone had a clear shot.

The small Bori wasn’t seeking any fame
When he took up his slingshot and took his aim.
Yet one well-placed shot made the Bringer defeated,
And Armin got justice for how Boris were treated.

Now, the brave Armin the Small
Lives to help others, one and all.
All around Neopia, Neopets tell his story,
Of how Armin saved the species of Bori.

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