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Neopets Poems

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Eyrie Day Special!

Lord Kass, an Eyrie day tribute.
by table

Oh lord Kass I have a question for you
Is playing Kass Basher something you do?
Or do eternally hate that they embarrass someone such as yourself
Or do you find the game not that embarrassing on itself? 

Is it the shouting at and smashing into your plushie counterpart?
Can you explain me how you stay so strong under all this, for a start?
For I admire your typical Eyrie strength and pride
Do you think this mocking game is no reason to hide? 

Do you gleam with pride when you see the golden trophy in your name?
Or doesn’t seeing a small trophy in your honor make you feel vain?
The most popular sport in Neopia, maybe we just settle this and call it a great tribute?
And if you are a clever business eyrie, plushie kass are something you can distribute?

Branston the Eyrie
by secant

Branston the Eyrie, fashion guru,
Cheat! is his favorite game.
Though he prefers to shop instead
He'd never turn down a chance at fame.

He holds his cards in his hand,
While carefully eyeing his foes.
Two jacks? Four queens? One is lying!
Cheat! You can't get past this pro.

He manages to keep it rocking
Through disco, old-school style.
At the end of every round he signs
Autographs for quite a while.

Now the final two players sit,
Who will be the winner?
One ace, two kings, three jacks...
Oof! Branston is just a beginner.

Branston the Eyrie, fashion guru,
Cheat! is his favorite game.
Though he prefers to shop instead
He'd never turn down a chance at fame.

Ode to Talinia
by martia_elior

Talinia is a great archer.
A real hero of Neoquest.
She wears a leather armour
To protect her own chest.

Her aim is so impressive,
That Rohane asks her for aid;
He needs a strong, combative
Fellow to go on his crusade.

They first meet in an Inn,
Just after the Caves of Terror;
Thus, their travels here begin.
Their first stop is the Snowager,

Then they head to the Lost Desert.
Their job is to keep Neopia secure,
And save pets who have been hurt
Until the end of their battling tour.

Talinia, the Eyrie, gets stronger
Every fight she manages to win
Her aim gets better and better
When hopes to survive are thin.

Remember to assign her a sk.ill point,
Every time she gains a new level.
I can assure that she won't disappoint
you, since she always wins against evil!

Captain Threelegs the Eyrie
by myncithemonkey

Over on Krawk Island's shore,
Lives a captain of the sea,
For pet training look no more,
He'll make 'em the best they can be.

A sailor for many years,
He's lived an exciting life,
Always telling new buccaneers,
Tales of bravery among strife.

One fateful delivery trip,
En route to Mystery Island,
A lightning bolt tore the ship,
The Eyrie witnessed firsthand.

Surviving a week afloat,
With two crew on a small boat,
They were eventually saved,
Just before turning depraved.

As for how he lost a leg,
He'll admit over a keg,
It wasn't from a great Krawk fight,
But a bizarre Tombola plight.

The Battle Eyrie
by miraday

It must have been a sight to see
Your wings streamlined at speeds
In total disbelief. You calmly dived
In a trajectory only dreamed.
Your goldenrod plumage surely
Was mistaken for a comet’s sheen—
The blazing streak of gold dancing
Across the fields with ease. 

Sore must have been the target
Who tried to escape your talons.
No maneuver or evasion in chase
Could perturb your swift balance.
Nor could hiding from piercing eyes
Be suffice to save in any circumstance.
Indeed, we think, even after the fact,
Your prey knew it had no chance.

The stories that we hear can only
Capture your ferocity to a degree.
We live mostly in times of peace,
So very rarely are there sightings
Of the Battle Faerie’s loyal steed.
If times shall ever again be worried,
No fear shall grip our community
For we are protected by the Battle Eyrie.

Bash Lord Kass
by trubiekatie

With a sturdy bat in my hand,
An open field for the plushie to land,
I cannot wait to bash this Kass today,
On this bright and sunny Eyrie Day.

It seems only fitting to whack it far,
To honour the Battle for Meridell spar.
Lord Kass thought he could reclaim the land,
And might have succeeded as planned.

Unfortunately, Neopia rallied with Meridell;
Not before we all bid Kass farewell.
The Three had taken over control of Kass,
Which led to widescale war in mass.

Where Kass is now, no one seems to know;
The war happened so many years ago.
Why dwell on that when I can give a whack,
Using my trust bat to give a hard thwack.

With the wind in my favour, off I go;
Hoping it goes farther than my throw.
Everyone knows the tree is the best,
To whack that Kass due West!

Branston's Eyrie Day Speech
by terukiyo

As the most beautiful Eyrie I hereby humbly
Speak for my fellow Eyries, be their faces lumpy.
They told me Eyrie Day has nothing to do with Cheat!,
But I must remind you I'm handsomely hard to beat.
Today you should admire my, I mean, our feathered grace;
I, er, WE would take gold in any aesthetic race.
You see my image represents the Beauty Contest
Though they hand out trophies each week, I'm actually THE best.
My NP and wings shine the finest shade of yellow
And -- fine, they say I must mention another fellow
Besides myself, like Captain Threelegs. He's not the worst
If you ignore his beard and face and everything first,
As with Lord Kass. (Hey, I'm a dancer, not a fighter
With an athletic build like Fiorina or Jair.)
Among male Eyries, NEOPETS, even, I'm most fair
And talented and -- hang on, what is that awful shriek?
Is that...? That approaching thing looks like Eyriek--

Elise Joined a Flock
by ennyra

Flying high above the clouds,
Could only mean one thing.
Elise the Eyrie is on the move,
With the taste of freedom on her wings.

She loves to soar high and low,
She can do it all day long.
If only she had some flying friends,
Then nothing could go wrong.

This year to celebrate Eyrie Day,
She made a promise to meet a friend.
With everyone out and about,
The possibilities have no end.

She struck a conversation,
With every flying pet around.
It didn't take long before she was in a group,
Flying together way above the ground!

Elise was so happy she could scream,
She finally felt like part of a flock.
Her new friends were all so kind,
This year's Eyrie Day rocked!

An Eerie Eyrie Evening
by fourin

Atop a twisted, dreary tree,
Amongst the haunted forest,
Perched a pale, ghostly Eyrie,
Eyes piercing through the mist.

His outfit glowed a luminous tinge,
With tatters here and there,
Patches sewn near every fringe,
Wispy and weathered in its wear.

A tilted hat sits atop
Ethereal locks of white,
And just below his lanky mop,
Hid mischievous bright eyes.

As he dances in the moonlight,
He is followed by the ghosts,
To a festive haunting night,
Him, their enthralling host.

He takes them to the fairground,
For some scary good fun,
But as patrons flee, so too they've found,
Creepy clowns have them on the run.

He revels round the cemetery
With his spooky spectral buddies,
And laughter echoed as they flee,
When they disturb the sleeping zombies.

And as they cackled through the dark,
Their evening full of pranks and frights
Would carry on, just for a lark,
Lead by Eerie Eyrie of the night.

Is that an eyrie?
by megamak

I spy with my little eye,
A lovely pet that inhabits the tropical climates of Neopian world.
You normally can see it flying over the sky,
 And has already been honoured with a coin shiny as an emerald.

I spy with my little eye,
A playful but ferocious pet at times,
Once a famous character played Cheat!, and claimed to be a smart guy,
Another one took the Darigan Citadel’s command in the meantime.

I spy with my little eye,
An ancient pet who causes a lot of troubles around the City of Sakhmet.
Another famous fellow works out hard at the Swashbuckling Academy like a samurai,
And another one, on Neoquest II, at the Terror Mountain you probably already met.

So what am I spying? It’s a Eyrie! HAPPY EYRIE DAY!!

Shadow of the Eyrie
by doorknob39

Inky blackness
Spreading like water spilled from cup. 
Always watching, always following, 
Shadow never leaves. 

Through crunching forest debris,
Across springy meadows - 
Always watching, always following,
Shadow never leaves. 

Picking apples in crisp morning air, 
Choosing perfect pumpkins,
Always watching, always following, 
Shadow never leaves. 

Accursed shadow, 
Controlling movement, thought, and time,
Always watching, always following, 
Shadow never leaves. 

Lift the curse 
And live in happiness - 
Always watching, always following, 
Shadow never leaves. 

Potion swallow, 
Ancient words chanted, 
No more watching, no more following,
Shadow finally leaves!

O'Leary the Dreary Eyrie
by ikiracake

O'Leary, the dreary Eryie
This poor lad, they say
Had never smiled in his life
Because his coat was grey!

Oh dearie, this poor Eyrie
Was always looking down
No treats or gifts could lift him up
Or take away his frown

With flowers, he'd spend hours
Taking time to sniff each one
But no matter how he tried
He still could have no fun

He had brothers of all colors
Who loved to swoop and soar
But poor O'Leary couldn't fly
His paws stuck to the floor

O'Leary's luck seemed stuck
But then on one strange day
He had a faerie visit
And she had this to say:

"My dear, my dear O'Leary,
I hurt to see your tears
So I've come to give you something
Please do not feel fear!"

How grand! Within her hand,
She held a brush so pale
"A gift for you," she whispered
"To make you always hale"

O'Leary got all teary
How could this ever be?
"A pastel brush?" He asked her
"And you're giving it to me?"

How merry was the faerie!
As she went on her way
Leaving him her precious gift
With nothing more to say

The brush was plush to touch
And such a sight to see
O'Leary rushed off with his prize
A new colour he would be!

So now this dreary eryie
Is a much happier fellow
No longer grey and mourning
He's a nice new pastel yellow!

O'Leary, the dreary Eyrie
He wears the name no more
Now he's the Cheery Eyrie
And he can finally soar!

Talinia the Eyrie
by kiwigoddesskimmie

Talinia is an archer with grace
Whose precision and skill earned her place
In a team with Rohane
Victor over her slain
And she had no trouble keeping the pace

Attack one target or attack them all
She's got the skill to back up any call
Ranged attack or a stun
Slow them so they can't run
Arrows shooting till all enemies fall

Talinia's the team player we all need
Dealing great damage at a great speed
She's self-sufficient
With aim so proficient
When Talinia's on your team, you'll succeed!

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