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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Grarrl Day Special!

Rosie the Grarrl
by catastrophea

Rosie is one of the best gals around.
Her bubbly personality will cheer you up if your down.
Always with a friendly grin on her face,
She tries to make Neopia a happier place.

Always one to look her best,
This Grarrl can be seen in her lovely pastel dress.
Her sun hat is decorated with flowers and bows.
Rosie wears cute fashion where ever she goes!

Spring is her favorite season of all.
In celebration she wears Cybunny ears, fluffy and tall.
Neggs are what she loves to share with others.
Swirly rainbow polka dot is her favorite color.

Her hobbies include fashion and dancing.
Her dance moves are sure to be entrancing.
So remember that not all Grarrls are mean and rude.
Rosie is one to prove the stereotypes wrong, this fact is true!

Grarrl Keno
by myncithemonkey

Blissful, windy plateau,
A giant red Grarrl stands,
With many eggs in tow,
Nestled in the sands.

The Grarrl is quite shrewd,
Making a betting game,
While the odds are skewed,
You try it just the same.

Pick up to ten guesses
Numbers one to eighty,
And hope that luck blesses,
Each egg and Grarrl baby.

The Grarrl lets out a roar,
And the eggs begin to hatch,
Your winnings start to soar,
As you managed a match!

Grarrl Day
by rivera_ice_princess

Let's be honest, 
we're not liked much
We're not exactly known, for having the right touch.
Keep us well fed, or you'll see..
Better keep watch, don't leave us be. 

Dig a little deeper into the lands of Altador,
Look no further than the great Torakor,
He may have fought and lost to the great King
But don't forget, 
he also joined the family ring.

Whoever is thinking of getting that special little prize,
You know, 
the one with the stick of a certain size
Remember to equip, and not feed
A wrong move, and it'll make your Neopoints bleed.

To speak the truth, there aren't too many famous Grarrls,
To speak a few, there's Rosie and also that one named Grarrg
In my opinion, they are pretty majestic creatures
So come on TNT, 
let's blow up Grarrl Day on the New Features!

Torakor, an Altadorian Hero
by a_ramsell

A ferocious soldier named Torakor
Was once a malicious warrior.
But one day, he became a protector,
And was then known as a hero of Altador.

This intimidating figure
Is imposing, until you consider
That, rather than burn and pillage,
He wielded his sword to save a village.

Torakor, this hulking Grarrl,
Might frighten you with a nasty snarl.
He is one of the good guys, though;
He's really a remarkable fellow.

There is no Grarrl greater
Than this Altadorian gladiator.
So let's not hesitate to convey
Our appreciation this Grarrl Day!

The Grarrl Gladiator
by miraday

Fireworks shimmer upon the arena and
Altador’s colosseum ignites with fanfare.
Of all the warriors, one stands out most:
Torakor, the legendary Grarrl Gladiator.

Grarrls are renowned for their strength,
But Torakor is a rank above them all.
No challenger dares, no fight is fair
Against Altador’s guardian Grarrl.

The battles are over, the titles bestowed,
Those in attendance left slaphappy.
All but one are gone: Torakor alone
Appears to be transfixed in astronomy. 

Six stars seem to lighten the southern sky.
They form a shield in their cosmic nature.
Today’s battles are done, tomorrow’s won
Under the constellation of the Gladiator.

The Monoceraptor
by trubiekatie

Have you ever heard this famed tale?
Of a black Grarrl the size of a whale?
With horns lined down his back,
Waiting patiently to strike and attack.

He was the final wave in the Tyrannia war,
Neopia rallied to fight in a great uproar.
Chia Bombers and Korbat Scouts came first,
And yet, they were far from the worst.

The Monoceraptor wreaked destruction,
With Tyrannia requiring much construction.
It seemed their army would never lose,
And that the fight would not defuse.

When the Monoceraptor arrived at last,
He had already sent out a broadcast.
Carve up your puny Tyrannia, he said;
A voice controlling from inside his head.

After all the fighting, a hero emerged,
A lone Lupe, against this Grarrl, surged.
The Monoceraptor was defeated at last,
Never seen again when the war passed.

Grarrl Handbook
by orlytheowl

The Grarrls have a mighty roar
You can feel it in your core
They are big and scary looking
They will eat everything that you're cooking

Grarrls really love their food
Being hungry gives them a terrible mood
So please make sure you keep them fed and well
If not they might be upset, roar and yell

Grarrls need food to be so strong
Their teeth are big and their tails are long
They are the greatest battlers around
Watching them fight will you astound

Grarrls are very feisty and brave
They're in touch with their feelings, and so behave
Treat them good, with food and battles
You will forever have a friend that never tattles

Lost Desert Food Stall - Grarrl Day
by fourin

Here in the city of Sakhmet,
There's plenty of things to see and do,
"Lovely foods of the Lost Desert!"
A Grarrl vendor calls out to you.

He smiles his wide and toothy grin,
His arms outstretched and open wide,
He boasts his exotic cuisine,
Claws flourishing around with pride.

"Take a look, we have fruits, produce,
Baked and dry foods for fair prices!
You're welcome to try a Cheops Juice,
Or Cheops Soup filled with spices"

You see a strange pear made of sand.
"That one, please", you point at the fruit.
You trade coins for the Sand Pear and,
Just then, it collapses. Oh, shoot!

"Something cool to go with this one?"
You ask, sand trickling though your hands.
"A nice Coltzans Shrine Ice Cream Cone?"
"Oh yes please, that would be so grand!"

You haggle and leave, but oh dear,
The ice cream melts out in the sun,
The sands run out of your Sand Pear,
Your desert shopping isn't done.

You ask him, "What else have you got?"
"How about a Grackle Bug Steak?
Bagguss, Puntec or Suti Fruit?
Sphinx Links? A Sakhmet Palace Cake?"

"Or a Sandwitch? It's not so bad"
"Yes please!" you say, "in bread or bun?"
Instead, he hands you sculpted sand
Of Edna the Witch, mind the pun.

"Hold on, you need a drink. Wait there!"
He returns with a cool Sand Shake,
Well, at least it holds together,
You slurp the grainy drink with thanks.

Here in the city of Sakhmet,
Is a stall with exquisite goods,
The vendor Grarrl you won't forget,
Him and his curious foods.

The Food Club King
by ikiracake

Gooblah the Grarrl, what an eating machine!
Though we can't say that he is fastidious.
He'll eat anything that you put on his plate,
And claim it was all so delicious!

A pirate by trade, an eater by passion,
He knows what he likes and he gets it.
In the food club he reigns o'er all that he sees,
He'll win and so everyone bets it.

Though not the best dressed, his outfit may leave
A lot to be desired.
He's here for a meal, not to put on a show,
Or to leave fashionistas inspired!

A blackberry pie? Ha! Give him a challenge!
He'll eat it up quick as a flash.
Tomatoes, potatoes, he'll take any kind,
Baked, fried, buttered, jelly, or mash.

Meat skewered meat goes down in one gulp,
And have you seen what he'll do with a fish?
No matter the kind, he'll gobble it up,
And eat it along with the dish!

Though there isn't much out there that gives Gooblah pause,
His one fear is eating a slushie.
Though tasty and sweet, this innocent treat
Can make his poor insides feel mushy.

He'll eat you right out of your house and your home,
This Grarrl will eat anything!
So Gooblah's our hero, the food club's big star,
Our bottomless pit pirate king!

Galem Darkhand
by inplainsight

Once you join the thieves' guild, they whisper:
Watch out behind.
Darkhand's always watching, you won't catch him blind.
If you see three scars on his cheek,
your future's probably bleak. 

The man has teeth like knives.
Watch while he arrives,
dagger in hand, harsh words in mouth.
We wouldn't blame you if you ran for the south.

He and Masila, those fearsome two
won't hesitate to let you know you're through.
Is that not enough? Does that not scare?
We're merely trying to keep you aware.

You're not afraid, you say? 
You want the treasure from the Ice Caves. You want the pay.
We understand, we do -
it's a warning, a gift, between us and you.

Here he comes now, all in a huff.
We guarantee he never bluffs.
Galem Darkhand's his name, remember
now that you're a thieves' guild member. 

There is one thing you must say:
wish him a happy Grarrl Day!

A Grarrl who want to fly
by o_mermaid_princess_o

He lay on the grass, with his eyes looking at the sky,
He is a Grarrl who want to fly up high,
But without a pair of wing,
It just became a dream.

Become a faerie is too fancy,
Let alone it too expensive,
How about mutant or Darigan?
But maybe will scared all his friends away and gone.

He closed his eyes with depressed,
Feel asleep, and dreaming of the past,
When he was a little young Grarrl,
He met a nice cutie girl.

He fall in love at first sight,
Can't stop think about the charming smile,
But when the girl move to the Faerieland,
This love only can be end.

"Please wake up, my friend!"
A sound appear top on his head
"I can make your dream come ture,"
"But I need a help, and only can depend on you."

In front of him is a light faery,
She talk to him with worry,
"My friend is stock in rock on this way!"
"Only you can move the rock away!"

He help them, of couse he can,
Then the faery become free again,
"Thank you so much, dear friend,"
"Now close your eyes, we'll take you to the Faerieland!"

Grrrr It's Grarrl Day
by mewemy

There are plenty of games of luck and chance
Grarrl Keno is the one that will surely make you dance
Plenty of neopoints can be won
This is a game you will surely find fun

Pick out a selection of eggs to hatch
Hopefully you pick the winning batch
You can place a bet based on your account age
Playing Grarrl Keno is all the rage

If you can’t decide on which eggs to choose 
Don’t be afraid you don’t have to lose
The game can pick for you if you select the quick pick
I promise it’s not rigged this isn’t a trick

The mighty red Grarrl will give a big roar
When this round is done you can always play more
Out will hatch the baby Grarrls one at a time
Time to see what you will find

If you’re lucky you would have guessed right
Don’t worry the Grarrls aren’t there to put up a fight
Neopoints can be won upon your success 
So hopefully your guesses are the best

by sugarxcoma

There's a Grarrl called Gooblah
Food Club is his game
He's the strongest, the best
Surely you've heard his name

In Shipwreck or Harpoon
Against Lucky or Dan
This fearsome eating machine
Scarfs down all that he can

So place your bets on him
In fact, use all ten
'Cause two times out of three,
He's the pirate to win

He makes Neopians rich
Makes his competitors fall
He's the king of Food Club
He's Gooblah the Grarrl!

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