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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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JubJub Day Special!

The Shop Wizard
by superpepe

Of bright yellow fur, 
With a tall hat of moons and stars, 
And a long flowing cape of the deepest blue, 
That matches its translucent eyes that doth see 
Deep into the corners of Neopia. 
Searching through shops in the market, 
And each time looking in a different section, 
Bringing you the best and lowest prices for you 
To compare and choose so that you don't 
Have to do any extra work. 
The Shop Wizard is your best friend and helper, 
Your friendly guide to comparison shopping. 

*Note: This is a poem in the shape of the Shop Wizard.*

JubJub Day Poem
by _interrupted_

Today is finally here! 
That is what all the Neopains say. 
When they wake up to realize, 
That today is Jubjub day. 

It is very exciting, 
To celebrate such a pet. 
Humming happy songs, 
As you throw off your duvet. 

Getting ready for the party, 
Picking out your best suit or flora dress. 
Wrapping the gifts, you bought, 
Hoping to impress. 

Today will be lots of fun, 
Singing and playing games. 
Meeting all the JubJubs, 
Trying to remember lots of new names. 

And as the day close to an end, 
And the celebrations are nearly through. 
Remember how special the JubJubs are, 
And say a huge thank you.

Hear the JubJubs roar!
by vinanas

We all know JubJubs are great.
They're so perfect, fluffy and round!
But they have one tiny secret, I'm afraid...
So listen closely and make no sound.

Their eyes are big, their toes are strong,
They have fluffy fur and a lovely smile.
Surely such dainty things cant do wrong?
They are pets with guile.

But be sure not to get off track!
The round creatures aren't so pure
So be careful and watch your back
Don't get distracted by their cute demeanour

This shy pet is actually quite loud!
Hidden under all the innocence
lies the monstrous ability to shout,
Their screams are ruthless!

Ode to the Shop Wizard (Jubjub Day)
by pandacat838

Is it coffee, neggs, book, or treasures that you seek?
Or maybe it’s dung, despite how much it may reek.
If you’re looking for a price, I’m the Jubjub to call,
Give me a name, and I’ll find your shops, big and small!

With a single hint, I’ll search near and far,
Neopian Central, Kreludor, and among the stars,
There’s no Neopian I won’t help, no item I can’t find,
With a little time, I promise to leave none behind!

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift, or an item to be replaced,
I’m your Jubjub, ready to search unfazed.
With my dashing blue cape, and a matching hat,
I’ll be your hero, albeit with one tiny caveat.

You have a limited number of searches every hour,
Since I figured, it’s only fair that I share my power,
And after all that seeking, I may need a little rest,
But try again later, and I’ll again, be at my very best.

A Friend Who Helps You Spend
by darow3n

He'll find it, he will.
Just you wait and see!
He checks min price and max price,
stores, even galleries.

No items too hard to find,
unless it's worth 999,999NP at most.
Then you're better off looking for it
on the trading post.

But anything lower,
and he does his best
to help you find items
for your fairy quests.

He helps you restock
he helps you set prices,
for food and equipment
and other rare devices.

So on this JubJub day
remember that wiz in the tent,
inside Market Square
and the money you spent.

Jubjub day poem featuring Jerry my Jubjub!
by chaeldar

June 6th is the date,
Jerry the Jubjub patiently waits.
It's Jubjub day and it comes once a year,
Now that it's here Jerry cheers!

Jerry has been painted many colors,
Cloud, Magma, Starry, and others.
What will he be painted this year?
Rumors of Stealthy and Steampunk he hears.

Off Jerry goes to see his Jubjub friends.
To talk about all the new Jubjub trends.
Will they have a new plushie or toy?
The thought of it fills Jerry with Joy!

I guess he'll just have to wait and see,
Whatever it is his heart will fill with glee.
It's safe to say when Jubjub day comes around,
There's lots of excitement and new items to be found.

Werther & The Expedition
by espressoself

There's a brave little JubJub,
Quiet, but sharp-minded.
He wears very large spectacles
Because he's a little bit near-sighted.

He serves as as an assistant to Professor Hugo Fairweather,
A steady presence to have on a quest.
In the search for a lost isle,
He was put to the test. 

The professor spoke of an undiscovered island,
But his peers didn't believe him.
So he enlisted the help of his daughter and Werther
To find the ancient civilization.

They found very large petpets,
And rushed their way off the isle.
They managed to set sail
And return home after a short while.

Only a plant remained as proof
Of the island they had seen.
But Werther and the crew will remember the place,
And about it, they continued to dream.

Jubjub Lub
by punkprincezz07

Have you ever wanted a fuzzy friend?
One to pet, nuzzle, and play pretend?
Look no further than the lands of Neopia!
For within these lands resides a pet fit to the idea.
The Jubjubs are gentle creatures,
being fuzzy and round are their best features.
Loyal and fun these round ones are,
choose one of them as your pet and they'll raise the bar.
You can paint them a myriad of colors,
from coconut to garlic and many others!
If you think Jubjubs sound like a good fit,
then adopt one now, lickity-split!

Jubjub in the Tub
by baby_bear1924

Rub a dub dub, 
Jubjub in the tub!
Splashing around fun,
Wash wash with a sponge!
Washing the feet squeaky clean,
Soap and water, fur shine pristine!
Time for games and play,
Jubjub can bathe all day!
Play with your rubber duck,
After cleaning grime and muck!
When water cools and wrinkles come,
Jubjub get out before the day is done!
Wrap a towel around your fur to dry,
Dry off till fluffy like a cloud in the sky!
Now Jubjub all warm and soft, 
Up to your bed, into your loft!
Sleep so soundly and enjoy your rest!
Dreaming after bath time is the best!

The Amazing Shop Wizard
by catchinglights

On this Jubjub Day, who better to celebrate,
Than a Jubjub who makes Neopia great!
His name is the Shop Wizard and his powers are true,
If you need a deal, he'll find one for you!

Food and codestones or even just a toy,
Searching the shops gives this Jubjub joy.
No matter the item, his searches are fleet,
Except for faerie quests, for he is no cheat!

The Shop Wizard is truly beloved by all,
By both shoppers and the owners of stalls.
Though the Neopian Marketplace has plenty for sale,
His price-finding powers rarely do fail.

If you find yourself in need of a deal,
Get yourself to the Jubjub who searches with zeal.
The amazing Shop Wizard is surely the best!
But, oh, his power's waning, it's time for a rest.

JubJub day
by ladylonley

“Do you know what day it is?”
Yells a little fur-ball with very big feet. 
“Come on, it is a day even you can’t miss!”
The fur-ball sounds so excited, how sweet. 

“Today everybody will celebrate me!” 
The fur-ball jumps around and appears to be proud.
“Do you still don’t know me, not even an idea?”
Still jumping on her feet, she gets a big smile on her mouth. 

“It is me, a fluffy JupJub, like that famous Wizard!”
Finally I do know what she means, it is that day again. 
“That took you long enough, it wasn’t that hard!”
It is JubJub-day  let’s celebrate it then!

Jubjub Daydream Adventure
by chromasia

Water slides and sunshine,
It’s an adventure always.
Rolling down the mountainside,
Or swimming in the lake.

Summertime, cotton candy.
Jubjubs love to celebrate!
It’s a never-ending party, 
Confetti hearts and cupcakes.

Dancing, jumping, screaming!
Laughter makes it hard to breathe. 
Heads are always in the clouds,
Jubjubs love to daydream!

Waking up each morning,
Jubjubs brighten up each moment;
The adventures always last,
The daydreams never spoil.

Jubjub Club
by thesnarkknight13

If you see a pet who looks like a shrub
They might be a member of the Jubjub club
Jubjub club has a lot of fun things to do
I would join if I were you
Don't be fooled by their lack of arms
These fuzzy creatures have a lot of charm
And you will see the enjoyable things it does
They love to tap dance with their orange feet
In a game of soccer no other club can compete
They may not be very tall
But at limbo they could beat them all
These pets show no signs of quitting
Even the hardest tasks like knitting
Jubjub day is on the 6th of June
So they will celebrate very soon

Jubble Bubble Double Trouble
by kayahtik

Way down deep in the darkest depths of the sea
Venture the brave Maraquan Jubjubs with their friend Kelby.

It’s long lost pirate treasure that they seek.
It’s a dangerous job, but these Neopets are far from meek!

They’ll stop at nothing to earn their prize,
But little do the Jubjubs know, they risk their demise. 

Luckily, Kelby has a useful hidden talent
And he’ll use it to protect his friends -- he’s just that gallant.

Up, up, up, Kelby blows his safe, comfy bubbles
So that the Jubjubs can land with little more than some wobbles.

Temptation is there in valuable shells and coins so shiny,
But Kelby is focused only on his friends, so tiny.

He brings the Jubjubs safely down to the ground
And there they remain, safe and sound.

Now they can continue their treasure hunt together
And Kelby will make sure they always land light as a feather.

JubJub Hide And Seek
by she_chose_love

If you want to play a game,
of hide and seek.
Do not play with a Jubjub,
for they cannot be beat.

They are the best at hiding,
and camouflaging in plain sight.
They can adapt to look like any object,
try to find them with all of your might.

Jubjubs can be a pumpkin in the garden,
a rock or a ball.
They can look like a garden decoration,
food at a picnic or a piece of a stone wall.

Jubjubs are the best at hide and seek,
that is why they love to play.
Their favorite game to celebrate,
Jubjub Day!

To JubJubs:
by sk8tergirl503

Hello JubJubs, it’s your day!
Roll around, come out and play!

With your big round shiny eyes,
You’re a fan favorite, it’s no surprise!

Your large feet and flexible toes,
Make you unique and everyone knows.

When you’re bored, you seek a thrill
And then proceed to roll down a hill!

Even when there's a sneak attack,
Not to worry because you’ll fight back!

But instead of hurting and being mean,
You roll and retreat instead of making a scene.

In all of Neopia, you’re one of a kind.
You’re the cutest ball of fur that one can find.

Though your stature is little, your heart’s not small.
JubJubs, you are loved by all.

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