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Neopets Poems

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Koi Day Celebration!

Koi Day Celebration
by _interrupted_

Everybody across the land, 
Is getting very excited. 
Because today is a very special day, 
And we are all extremely delighted. 

We come together to celebrate, 
An extraordinary pet. 
One that we all love so much, 
And could not possibly forget. 

The Koi’s can be found in the water, 
Swimming beneath the waves. 
Swaying their beautiful tails, 
Through the kelp and rocky sea caves. 

They are very friendly, 
And like to have lots of fun. 
Being mischievous and playing 
Until the day is done. 

They are very loyal, 
And will stay right by your side. 
Facing your enemies with you, 
They will never swim away and hide. 

Happy Koi Day.

The Koi Warrior
by myncithemonkey

In Dome of the Deep,
A warrior awaits,
Guard of watery keep,
No stranger to fates.

Once a defender,
Of Maraqua's city,
In glory and splendor,
No foe shall he pity.

Commence the battle,
In watery domain,
As the arches rattle,
His war cries arcane.

A maelstrom of attacks,
Swirl before your eyes,
Victorious to the max,
One must earn his prize.

Honoring the Koi
by _wish_

an ode to the grand inventors of the sea
without you, what would this miraculous place be?
of whom the shining crests and glistening tails
our bright sun's glimmer, by comparison fails

if delectable culinary treats are your joy
look no farther than the famous chef species - koi
perhaps instead you wish the lead a revolution
king kelpbeard would be your fin-est solution ! ;)

with the upcoming challenges of the altador cup
i'd be worried tonie plessix will clean 'em up !
knee pads & helmets, foam fingers & face paint
catching the yooyus so the other team can't !

though under the sea might seem relaxing
karpoh the treasure collector finds his life quit taxing
escaping jetsams and hoarding pearls
shiny pieces of magic for all the koi girls

this brings to an end a short but wholesome piece
about famous fins and flippers to say the least
soon celebrations shall be had by me and by you,
remembering the day of koi origin, 6th day of collecting y2

A Koi at Home (Koi Day)
by pandacat838

To us Kois, the water is gentle, the water is kind,
Chilly at times, but we certainly don’t mind.
With our fins, we swim and explore,
Occasionally, even wandering up ashore.

Maraqua is the place that we call home,
Among the corals and kelp, that’s where we roam,
We have sea shells and jubble bubble too,
Won’t you visit us, in this ocean of deepest blue?

I’m sure you’ll soon find that Kois are the very best,
Good swimmers, companions, a fin above the rest,
We’re loyal, friendly, but also creative and smart,
We created utility fish – truly a work of art.

So come for a dive, we’ll laugh and play,
Maybe for a short while, or forever you’ll stay,
And perhaps we’ll even hear you say,
I’d like to adopt a Koi, on this special Koi day.

Celebrating Koi Day
by butterflybandage

Don’t be coy, it’s Koi Day!
Brave and bold, strong and tough
They’ll tackle Chiazilla—
Then claim it’s just a scuff!

As we near the Altador Cup,
We know who deserves to win!
With Tonie Plessix on their team,
Maraqua losing is slim!

What about old Kelpbeard,
Who rules over all the fish?
Or the Maraquan Chef,
Serving up a great dish?

Karpoh who’s happy-go-lucky,
Looking to strike it rich?
Kipper from “Wonder Koi”,
Satiating that adventurous itch?

Koi are not just cool,
They’re heroes and idols!
They prove they’re the best;
The simply have no rivals!

Head on down to Maraqua
To celebrate today
Pay your respects at the Ruins
Then party like you’re crazy!

Koi Ballet
by modernmotz

Shimmering water dance,
Gracefully it grants,
The lovely sight of the Koi ballet.

They swim expertly,
Such a sight to see,
Observe this gorgeous display.

The Koi dive and glide,
They also twirl and slide,
Come watch the Koi dance today.

Inspiration strikes again,
On these swimmers you can depend,
For a graceful display,
Of the fantastical Koi ballet.

Koi Day
by fourin

The Koi is unlike any other pet,
They're the nicest fish you've ever met,
With a lovable smile, they're full of fun,
And a great friend to depend on.

The Koi is adorned with glistening scales,
And move about with a delicate tail,
They love to swim and dance and play,
Whether it is night or day.

Just like a pair of dainty wings,
The Koi flutters it's fins,
And with a swift, graceful motion,
It traverses the ocean.

The Koi dance with a flitter and flip,
As a group they dart and zip,
See them shine in Pink and Blue,
Disco, Gold and Polkadot too.

The Koi, in their travelling school,
Appears like a shimmering jewel.
Across the vastness of the sea,
It's quite a sight to see.

A yearly koi ritual
by oomp

As darkness falls,
And nightime calls,
There’s movement in the water.
A koi and her daughter,
Are dancing with the moon.
They move to a silent tune.

The rhythmic twirling, 
Of delicate fins unfurling,
Is a spectacle to see.
There’s no place I’d rather be
Than watching this sacred dance.
I am entranced.

A quick change in tempo and ripples are forming.
Wow, I exclaim - these koi are performing!
Then comes a swarming of dazzling scales 
A flash of bright colors and hundreds of tails
As many more fish join the jive.
I feel so alive!

Together, they cluster and waltz to the top,
Confronted with land, they come to a stop.
They muse for a second, decide not to fear.
The koi are excited and their day’s almost here.

Kevin The Koi Koi
by she_chose_love

Kevin the Koi loved to splash and play,
he could stay in the lake swimming all day.

Kevin was excited for a very special thing,
today is Koi Day and he wondered what new things it would bring.

Kevin couldn't wait to see,
what the new Koi items and wearables would be.

Kevin had been waiting all year,
for new Koi colors to appear.

Kevin loved the celebrations and all the fun things to do,
I hope you enjoy Koi Day too!

Koi on a Mission
by stingy

Amber the Koi went for a swim one day,
The waters were choppy, but she went anyway,
On a mission she was to buy a bouquet,
To wish a friend a happy Koi Day

She stumbled upon a crafty little shop,
She knew right then and there it wouldn't hurt to stop,
There were books and toys, cards galore,
But none of that was what she was looking for

With a heavy sigh and full of defeat,
She headed towards the door, about to leave,
When all of sudden she saw with her eyes,
A Bouquet of Candy, what a lovely surprise!

"That's perfect!" she thought, beaming with pride,
She paid for her goods and headed outside,
She swam away as fast as she could,
Off she was, to her friend's neighborhood

She knocked on her friend's door, awaiting an answer,
So happy and anxious she couldn't contain her laughter,
Her friend opened the door with a slight sway
And all of a sudden Amber yelled, "Happy Koi Day!"

A smile on her face, her friend full of glee,
Couldn't have been happier for the candy,
As she headed away, happily down the street,
Amber thought to herself, "Mission complete!"

The day of the Kois
by thesnarkknight13

Today is the day we give great devotion
To the beautiful creature who lives in the ocean
Nothing in this world will bring you more joy
Than the bubble blowing neopet we call the Koi
These little pets are as happy as can be
When they're making friends and exploring the sea
They build sand castles and collect shells
They love how the salty sea air smells
They have colorful fins and bright shiny scales
Pirates hope to meet them when they set sail
So if you are an owner who is quite brave
Look for a Koi in the water's great waves

Koi Day Limericks
by kiwigoddesskimmie

We are the koi, we're shiny and sleek
Tiny and cute as a baby kacheek
Check out our scales
Our fins and our tails
The iridescent highlight of the creek

Smart, creative, ingenuitive too
Almost nothing we're unable to do
We made utility fish
To grant every wish
Just to make your life easier for you

Our favorite things are gems and pearls
Diving for them through currents and whirls
Swimming for treasure
Is our greatest pleasure
We love being bejewelled boys and girls

The Koi Morphing Potion
by lolinlucy

"Hey, Mister Blumaroo, would you like to be a koi?
I happened upon a potion that I thought would bring you joy.
For this here magic bottle, if you'd simply take a sip,
will grant you aquatic features and then we could take a dip!"
"I will not!" replied my towering friend, much to my dismay,
and sunk my sailing daydream ship of underwater play.
"In my head we'd search for treasures, rummage fallen pirate ships,
and we'd celebrate our newfound wealth with sub-aquatic flips!
Gems and pearls, lost no more, for you, my friend, would see,
as a koi, finding fortune far beneath the waves could be done so easily!"
"Nope." he quickly replied, as i nudged the potion close,
disappointed as my once happy friend steadily became morose.
But wait! I felt a tinge of hope that I just might sway the vote,
appealing to his sense of play, I might keep this dream afloat!
"Blu!" I cried "Oh, the aquatic games! With this potion, you will win!
With your spirit and athleticism, all you need are fins!"
"Games?" He slowly spoke aloud, curiosity lined his voice.
"Yes! You would be a winner, but it would need to be your choice."
Excitedly, Blu grabbed the bottle; tension filled the air.
And with a wink, he gulped it down in his optimistic flare.
A pop! A puff of colored smoke! Anticipation floods my heart.
Would my sweet Blu embrace the change or would he fall apart?
A SPLASH! I blinked and wiped my eyes, a smile danced upon my face, 
for swimming where my Blumaroo once stood, a koi happily took his place.

Karpoh the Koi
by pixie_tea

You’ve never heard of a Maraqua native by the name of Karpoh the Koi?
Sit back in your seat and I’ll tell you the legendary story of his great courage that’s comparable to alloy.

I am Karpoh the Koi, an aquatic Neopet with whisker-like eyebrows whose species was first discovered in year two thousand, 
Now don’t jump to quick conclusions and think my life is bland.

As a curious, limited edition Neopet always thirsty for knowledge and known for being very bright,
In Maraqua, my kind is known for being very friendly and inventive, though the tale you’re about to hear may cause some fright.

A long time ago, I was part of a group of Kois and had trouble fitting in,
Then one day, I had a brilliant idea that made me grin.

I quickly swam to my pirate bosses and told them of my mission to volunteer and go down to the ruins of Maraqua where nobody dared to try before,
At first they seemed uninterested and I was ignored.

“Pirate bosses, please hear me out,” I would say.
“I will travel to the deserted, old city where the obstacles and dangers that lie within are unknown and bring back treasures—pearls and gems---you name it… now would be the day!”

They said, “Impossible! Preposterous!”
But I fought on, “I will bring back treasures. I’ll prove to everyone. I must! I must!”

No one believed in me and alone I swam deeper in the waters where the farther I swam, the colder it got,
Sea monsters attacked and tried to trap me, but my strong will and determination fought them all off, and I was able to escape the possibility of being kept to rot.

Tired and weakened physically I was when I got back,
However, it was all worth it because I returned with lots of treasures all in a tied sack.

I proved to my pirate bosses that the impossible was indeed possible and friends of mine they became,
My courage and ambition were so greatly praised and honored that they created “Raiders of Maraqua” the game!

Koi Warrior Showdown
by kayahtik

Defeating the Koi Warrior is no easy feat
In fact, some say he can’t be beat.

If you think you’re brave enough to fight,
Gather your weapons and your might

The Koi Warrior has strength in spades
With one good hit, your memory will fade.

If you think you have what it takes, 
Why not raise the stakes? 

Challenge him on easy, medium, or hard,
But never ever let down your guard. 

If you think you’ve got the stuff, 
Don’t let him call your bluff.

Don’t act like an amateur fool,
Be sure to bring your best tools. 

If you think you can pull through, 
You might just be one of the lucky few. 

Don’t hold back and give it your all, 
Stand your ground and you won’t fall. 

If you think you can win against him,
Tell that Koi Warrior to go take a swim.

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