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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Scorchio Day Special !

Sonnet of the Scorchio
by mss64

Today we celebrate the Scorchio,
A daring dragon pet we all adore;
He huffs and puffs with fire breath aglow,
Lifts his head and shouts a ringing roar.

In howling wind, he flaps his outspread wings
To soar across the treetops far and wide;
He drifts through clouds where flying faeries sing,
And dives past cliffs and mighty mountainside.

O fiery Scorchio, I shout your praise,
Throughout the years, you set our hearts ablaze.

Welcome to the Lab Ray! (Scorchio Day)
by kiwigoddesskimmie

Scientist I am, but mad I am not
Check out this cool invention I've got
It's called the Lab Ray
And can be used once a day
It's more effective than I would have thought!

Just take off your coat and stand very still
Get blasted with absolute precision and skill
What happens, you ask?
That's the fun of this task!
See, the machine does whatever it will!

Who's that you have there, a puppyblew?
He looks so soft and cuddly too!
Come meet my kooky
He isn't so spooky
And your petpet can get blasted with you!

A Brief Ode To Scorchio
by lolinlucy

Oh, my sweet Scorchio, at one glance upon your face,
Fiery red gives warmth to my soul,
Whispering stories of younger days, 
We're a team. You're the flame, and, I, the coal.
Emeralds glistening through your welcoming eyes.
Spikes beg to differ from your crown to your tail.
Reptilian scales that fight heat, not love.
Screams of fire; the challenger says their goodbyes.
--Protection I could count on without fail.
Frightening but friendly, you fit me like a glove.

Oh, mighty Scorchio! You Tyrannian King!
You best me at Kacheek Seek most of the time.
Still, your company I adore so much I could sing.
Delighted! I see your happiness climb.
We travel to lands of far, far away places.
The lost desert caressed you with molten heat.
Pure rapture beheld at the chocolate factory.
--So many scrumptious Scorchio faces!
Your sunny disposition just can't be beat.
Tough like your body, refractory.

Oh, glorious Scorchio, my magnificent friend!
Though naturally, life brought us here,
Back then I'd have never thought our friendship would end.
Never you, but, I, would be the one to disappear.
Not enough time, to feed you, to play...
Forgotten, just like a doll on the shelf.
Maturing, it seemed, and I fell of the vine.
But who would've thought I'd be here today!?
A smile lights your face as you turn and tell me yourself,
"I did. I'm in your heart, and you're in mine."

Scorchio Day!
by she_chose_love

It is Scorchio Day,
lets celebrate the Scorchio way.

With laughter, smiles and lots of fun,
We will celebrate until the day is done.

Patiently waiting just to see,
what the new Scorchio colors will be.

All of Neopia is gathered around,
full of smiles and not a frown.

Decorations and balloons fill the air,
there are sweets and treats everywhere.

So many fun things to see and do,
it makes you wish you were a Scorchio too!

Happy Scorchio Day,
enjoy celebrating the Scorchio way!

To The Scorchios
by frenchtoasts

Scorchios, my simple prose,
is not enough, I'm afraid,
to tell you how much you rock,
much to my dismay.

Your passion to save petpets,
leaves me constantly enthralled.
Though hopping between mine carts,
you never lose your gall.

Unselfish, loyal, fiery,
a refreshing take on life,
you fly towards goals swiftly,
and never win with strife.

I applaud you, dear Scorchios,
for always being fair,
for your constant love of everything,
never turning to despair.

So despite my errors in my speech,
I just want you to know,
that your species is simply perfect,
and I adore you so.

Confessions of a Scientist (For Scorchio Day)
by pandacat838

Don’t mind the white coat, the menacing glares,
Inside you’ll find, a lonely Scorchio who cares,
Day in and out, with my gadgets I’ll fiddle,
Unlocking the clues to Neopia’s greatest riddle.
To long and tired nights I’ll gladly submit,
A knob here, a key there, just need the right fit.
The days have passed, the hours have been clocked.
And yes, it’s true, the magic is unlocked!
What have I done, and is there any worth?
Why behold, here I hold, the colors of the earth.
Garlic, ice, jelly, why, even robot I can do,
Sit right here, and I’ll make you all brand new.
If it’s a boost, a couple stats you desire,
A visit to yours truly is all you require.
Want to be Royal, without a coin to your name?
Sit tight, look here, and play my game.
So for a while, won’t you stay?
Come closer, try my Secret Lab Ray.

Dedicated to Rouage, My Grey Scorchio!
by chaeldar

Once again it's Scorchio Day,
Now that I have your attention let me just say,
Us Grey pets get a bad reputation you see,
They think we huff, puff, and have no glee.

The only complaint I have on this day,
Is that people only see my color, Grey.
I love cupcakes, sunshine, and making friends too,
It's simply not true that I'm always feeling blue.

It's time to change these misconceptions,
I'm here to teach you a lesson.
My personality is always questioned,
But I too want love and affection.

Just because my wings droop down,
Doesn't mean I don't like to soar around.
Yes I do always wear a frown,
But I'm actually the funniest Scorchio in town!

I hope I changed your views,
And I understand how you got confused.
So next time you see a Grey Scorchio in the sky,
Please don't be afraid to say hi!

The Little Scorchio That Could
by stephtephrite

There once was a Scorchio named Dave
Who had wings that would never tire
And all was good and perfect in his world
Except that he could not breathe fire

He huffed and he puffed
But no matter how hard he'd try
All that would come out
Was a big old sigh

Although his pride had been broken
He practiced day and night
And refused to give up
He knew one day he'd win this fight!

And one day when practicing
He felt a spark being to grow
So he let out a roar
And out came a monstrous glow

He learned to believe in himself
Even when no one else would
And that's how he earned his nickname
"The Little Scorchio That Could."

Brian the Scorchio
by xiaolin10413

"I never cheated!" Brian proclaimed, 
Holding the Gormball between his claws, 
"Accusing me makes me feel blamed." 
Hold for two seconds, throw, next Neopets' paws.

"We all know you did." Gargarox spoke quiet, 
Speaking to the Scorchio he raised, 
"It's history, it's okay, but don't deny it." 
But Brian looked unfazed. 

The Gormball bursts on Ember, 
Who sighs with a raised brow,  
"Brian, we all remember, 
It's in the past, we trust you now." 

The game continues on and on, 
Ursula, Kevin, Thyassa, and Zargrold are out, 
"I wasn't very good." Brian stated, withdrawn, 
"I wanted to win, no matter the route." 

He passes the ball to Farvin III, 
Who pauses a second before it explodes.
"You're much better now," they all concurred, 
"It just takes practice, sometimes loads." 

Brian sighed and looked at his only opponent, 
"That's true, practice makes better,
But there was another component, 
My mentor, Gargarox... But now he's gonna be wetter!" 

Brian tossed the Gormball across, 
Who splashed on the Grundo with impact, 
Leaving dear Gargarox with the loss.
He laughed, "You win, but you could still use some tact." 

The group of friends gathered around, 
"I made mistakes in the past," 
Brian said with a frown, 
"But I've been better, and I promise to make it last." 

Brians' friends all cheered for him, 
"We believe you, Brian the Scorchio!" 
Be assured, their trust wasn't on a whim, 
And with that, the championship was bestown.

The Scorchio Mage (Scorchio Day)
by dortho

The Scorchio Mage is a scientist of chance. 
You might not see it at first glance.
When you learn about him, you can learn to know, 
Just what made his research glow! 

In his laboratory, he had a primary goal.
And this is the truth. 
He experimented a lot
Trying to create a potion of youth!

He tried this, he tried that, 
Also tried throwing in a wing of a deceased Korbat! 

He was delighted one day to find a random concoction. 
And get these potions in motion! 
It is read there are 898 ways NOT to make a potion. 
So, we can assume 899 put those baby morphing potions in motion! 

Happy Scorchio Day, to the Scorchio Mage, who never gave up! :D

Happy Scorchio Day!
by trubiekatie

Have you heard the news – it’s Scorchio Day!
All across Neopia, these dragons are celebrating.
Poogle Races are being settled by the bookie,
Pate a la Kelp is being arranged by the Maitre D’. 
You often forget how many Scorchios exist in Neopia.

Sargug is awaiting a game of Go! Go! Go!
Choose something spooky from the Haunted Weaponry.
Over at the Bank, that Scorchio Thief strikes again.
Race around in a fiery tunnel in Volcano Run
Cry out when the Altador Cup Referee makes a bad call,
Hide your pets from the crazy Lab Ray Scientist,
I throw the Gormball quickly back to Brian,
Over asking goes the item I wanted at the Auction.

Derbi Azar is awaiting the new Altador Cup,
All around Neopia Scorchios finally have their day.
You can’t miss the new Rainbow Pool colors unveiled.

Scorchio Day with the Lab Ray Scientist
by gumgum101230

On an empty remote island
The mad Scientist sighs.
How will he celebrate his day
On land uncolonized?

Just as he sinks into despair,
He hears a timid knock.
Who could have found the map that leads
To this desolate rock?

In the doorway stands a Shoyru,
Nervous, quiet, but brave.
“Would I be allowed to stay here
Until the storm behaves?”

“Ah yes! A victim-- err, I mean--
A lab subject, of course!
Would you help me with my research
Before the storm gets worse?”

And as soon as the Shoyru nods,
He braces, proud and tall.
The ray is fired at the ‘pet...
...And he doesn’t change at all!

Scorchy Slots
by myncithemonkey

On a sunny day,
A Scorchio says "Hey,
There's a game to play,
Follow me this way!"

You look ahead and see,
A slot machine, whee!
Only costs five NP,
That's practically free!

With such a good deal,
You go by your feel,
Spinning every reel,
Watching the reveal.

A bag icon first spin,
Two more bags lock in,
Final reel makes you grin,
It's the jackpot you win!

Glubgar the Scorchio
by a_ramsell

Glubgar is a peculiar creature.
He can't seem to take the heat,
Unlike his fellow fire-breathers,
But he refuses to accept defeat.

Time and time again he flies
into the Tyrannian volcano;
Trying for his elusive prize.
(Shiny gems, if you didn't know.)

Most Scorchios love the sweltering air
Inside the volcano's tunnel.
But Glubgar aims to avoid singing his hair,
And the hot rock walls seem to give him trouble.

He doesn't let convention limit
how he achieves his goals.
His entrepreneurial spirit
Because that's just how he rolls.

Since today is Scorchio Day,
Let's hear it for this guy!
May he always find a way
To spread those wings and fly.

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