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Neopets Poems

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Borovan Day Special!

Hot Borovan on a Cold Winter Day
by catchinglights

When winter winds blow harsh and cold,
A special beverage is brewed and sold.
Common cocoa could never compare,
And against coffee it wasn't even fair.
What warms the body like nothing else can?
Why, a hearty mug of hot borovan!

Borovan is simple treat, beloved by all,
Neopians love it, both large and small.
The young ones like its chocolate base,
While the adults savor the asparagus taste.
But the one thing everyone agrees to love,
Is the feeling of warmth through their winter gloves.

Though the delightful treat may be made year-round,
The Month of Celebrating is when it's most commonly found. 
So even though the skies might be snowy and gray,
Fetch a mug, relax and have a Happy Borovan Day!

It’s Borovan Day!
by yellowstefy

Here’s a freshly made brew,
It’s a special one, just for you.
Bring some friends, they can enjoy too.
It’s Borovan day and there’s a lot to do!

So the day has already began.
Everyone’s drinking their hot cup of Borovan.
But here’s a good way for the day to start.
By chowing down on a Fresh Borovan and Asparagus Tart!

What a wonderful day to enjoy.
Maybe we can make a Borovan toy?
Don’t forget to dress for this wonderful dessert.
Why not wear the Borovan Day T-Shirt?

Lastly for dinner we have some special food to bake.
We will be having Borovan Chicken and Borovan Cupcake!
What a marvellous day it has been.
Now look at all the Borovan we have to clean.

Ode to a Cup of Borovan
by guddi6

As the Day of Giving fast approaches
And winter bites to bone,
Up high in the mountains, Bruces slide,
Chias mount their treasures in piles
In a world as cold as stone

But cheer up; for there's always
Snowmen to build, quests to run
Ice worms to visit, crystals to buy
If you go to the right place, too, to try
A delicious cup of borovan, yum!

It's not for everyone, fair enough
The warmth of hot chocolate bubbling under
The rich tones of asparagus, and so,
Your winter stirred in a cup, sunny and slow,
Terror Mountain's greatest wonder

They say it's a matter of acquired taste;
That's for the gourmets to contend,
Greens and chocolate on the glacial peaks
What more could the cold and weary seek?
But a cup of borovan, a cheerful blend?

So when the winter frost has crept in fast
And you're out walking all alone,
When you're tired and cold, stop at that stall
That vends happiness to one and all
And grab a cup of borovan for the road home.

The Borovan Time Poogle Plushie: A Terrific Stuffed Toy 
by _brainchild_

The Borovan Time Poogle Plushie is grand— 
It's one of the finest stuffed toys in the land. 
It features a drink enjoyed by many pets 
With the advent of snowfall. You'll love it, I'll bet! 
The Poogle is pleased by the beverage she sees; 
Its warmth and its fragrance put her mind at ease. 
The cup is so shiny; the drink is quite hot. 
She will enjoy this sweet treat a whole lot! 
The Poogle herself has such gorgeous, smooth fur; 
The bright purple hue looks so pretty on her. 
Her tongue sticks out, pleased by the scent and the sight 
Of this drink reminiscent of days very bright. 
Next time you visit the Plushie Palace, 
You should pick up this cutie; she isn't a miss. 
You will surely enjoy her company; 
She'll remind you of holidays and drinks so sweet.

I Spy with my Little Eye...IT'S A BOROVAN!
by nice_collector

I spy with my little eye,
A hot drink that was made for winter.
It’s part of the diet of a well-respected samurai,
And makes your wish for the arrival of Christmas bigger.

I spy with my little eye,
A drink made with hot chocolate and aspargus.
It turns even Dr. Sloth into a good guy,
And is great for neopian young students to focus.

I spy with my little eye,
It can be made by The Great Pango Pango.
You can’t try it once and simply give it a goodbye.
How is it so good? It’s still such a puzzle.

Still didn’t my charade? It’s a Borovan! HAPPY BOROVAN DAY!!

The Night Before Giving
by trubiekatie

‘Twas the night before Giving, when all through Neopia,
Not a creature was stirring, not even Queen Fyora.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that they would be filled with items marked “super rare”.
The ‘pets were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of borovan danced in their heads.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter.
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Neopians, gathered round, with presents in hand.
The Day of Giving was going exactly as planned.
All my ‘pets stirred too, and were up and about,
When one of them suddenly cried out,
“There are people in our front yard, with gifts in tow,
Do you think that one is mine, with the big red bow?”
We greeted the friends with warm arms and a cheer,
All we needed now was Ixi dressed as reindeer.
Presents and laughs were exchanged among all,
With snow marking the end of nightfall.
I spoke back to them, as they walked away out of our sight,
“Happy Giving Day to all, and to all a good night!”

Walking in a Neopian Wonderland!
by she_chose_love

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
In Neopia Central, snow is glistening.
A beautiful sight,
we're happy tonight.
Walking in a Neopian wonderland.

Gone away is the Lenny,
here to stay is a Pteri.
He sings a Holiday song,
as we go along.
Walking in a Neopian wonderland.

In Happy Valley we can build an abominable snowball, 
then pretend that he is the Snowager.
He'll say, Are you stealing my treasure?
We'll say, No man,
but you can do the job when you're in the Ice Caves.

Later on, we'll drink Borovan,
as we dream by the fire.
To face unafraid,
the plans that we've made.
Walking in a Neopian wonderland.

In Happy Valley we can build an abominable snowball, 
and pretend that he's the Snowager.
We'll have lots of fun with mister snowball,
until the other Neopets knock him down.

When it snows, ain't it thrilling,
though your nose gets a chilling.
We'll laugh and play, the Neopian way.
Walking in a Neopian wonderland!

The Overlooked Meaning of Borovan Day
by funky77780

A cup of hot chocolate is a sight to behold,
So delicious and filling; it never gets old.
But there's one secret way to make it much better...
Add some asparagus and wear a warm sweater!

Then sit by the fireplace with friends gathered round,
And tell stories of how you save pets from the pound.
There's no better way to enjoy a cold night,
Than with friendship, and laughter, and fire in sight.

But did you know, it's named after a guy?
You might have heard 'Borovan' whispered nearby.
He's one of the founders, with Donna at side,
Who created this site, still enjoyed all worldwide.

So today is the day we say "Thanks for Neopia",
"For all of our pets, and this site; a utopia".

One Cup, Two Cups
by _forever__unbroken_

One cup, two cups, three cups, four
I love drinking borovan, give me more!
Five cups, six cups, seven cups, eight 
Sweet and savory flavors I do appreciate!

How many cups now? I think I’ve lost count
There’s plenty of borovan to go around
Keeping me warm when the days are cold
Yes, borovan lives inside my soul!

Finish your cup now, don’t be rude!
What do you mean asparagus is only food?
You say you don’t like it, I understand
That just means more for me in the end

The Man who never tried Borovan
by erroro

Borovan, oh borovan
Borovan is a boroscam
An overrated, invalidated
Drink with guess? Asparagus!

They say it puts hairs on your chest
But to that no chest can attest
Hot chocolate I drink by the goblet
But adding vegetables makes it simply inedible

Is that a cup of borovan?
Oh, you're making me boromad!
Take it away, there is no way- 
Get off me! This is a felony!

Well now I have tried borovan
And I am quite boroglad
Perhaps it isn't quite so bad...
Can I have another sip? Just a tad?

Borovan Day
by trubiekatie

There’s only one thing on my mind,
And it isn’t that Giving is in five days.
It isn’t that that the year’s almost over,
And the holidays passed in a haze.

It isn’t for Ogrin Day either,
Although it’s another day to celebrate.
No - today something tasty is on my mind;
Served hot or cold and it is still great.

That wonderful drink we call borovan:
Hot chocolate and asparagus combined.
I assure you it is the best drink;
Something only a chef could mastermind.

Ever wonder how Borovan is made? 
In the vast forests outside Kiko Lake,
Fields of asparagus are grown so tall,
With hot chocolate, I’d get a bellyache.

Next to these fields of green,
A steaming river of hot chocolate flows.
Chocolate aroma all through the air.
Where it starts and stops, nobody knows.

Wait, really? That’s how it works?
I’m not sure this story adds up.
But, I let naysayers debate that one,
And simply sit and enjoy my cup.

The Benefits of Borovan
by dzireeuhn

A warm cup of Borovan
is sure to delight
your neopet and you
on the chilliest night. 
It tastes quite odd, sweet
and a bit nutty too
drinking a cup a day
may be very good for you!
Did the Snowager’s icy blast
frighten you in months past?
Borovan is a good choice
to forget a traumas fast. 
Today, we have to raise mugs
to a winter drink we all adore
I know I said “a cup a day”
but you know you want more!

Borovan is Always Fun!
by lajill_x3

The month of Celebrating
is just not complete
without a cup of Borovan
to have as a treat!
There are plenty of ways
for this drink to be enjoyed
(although, word of advice,
the Snowager’s Cave
you should avoid)
Today we all honor
the seasonal drink
that tastes much better
than some might  think
If you get the chance,
share a cup of it with someone
it does not matter who or where
Borovan is always fun!

The Perfect Drink
by 1smurphy69

Wash and chop asparagus                                       
Put it in a pot
Add water and some honey
Get it nice and hot

Next comes milk and chocolate
It tastes just like a dream
Don't forget the cinnamon
Wait for it to steam

Blend them all together
It's easier than you think
More asparagus for garnish
Now you've made the perfect drink


Nostalgic Borovan
by kiwigoddesskimmie

A cup of hot borovan
What an unlikely concoction
You can make it or buy it 
in shops, trades, or auction

A mix of hot chocolate
with a mixed-review veggie
Adding asparagus is gross
but it's certainly also edgy

But asparagus is significant
and its mentions take us back 
To the beginnings of Neopia
and Adam's favorite snack

Even though they make
an awfully repulsive mix
Chocolate and asparagus
remind us of number six

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