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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Wocky Day Special!

Wicked Wocky Wobble
by miraday

Can be
A balancing
Act all on its own.

Take on
What we can,
Given or thrown.

The Red Wocky, Wallace, begins his heist—
A valiant effort to capture all items that fall
From the trees of Meridell, its very highest,
During his attempt at the wicked wobble.

Fruits and spiky shells drop from the unknown,
The latter not nearly as pleasant to touch
As the faerie plushies and rare tomes
That stack onto each other too much.

Forego the common items, Wallace says,
And balance only those worth the points.
Dodge the Warf that runs in your way 
And look out for the Wailing Evil Coconuts!

Move too quickly and the towering pile
Can come crashing down like Faerieland.
Move too slowly and it’s not worth the while
Since you’ll miss all the rare contraband!

Don’t get pinned to a spot by a Drackonack,
And do your best to be a graceful mover.
If your focus slips for even a second,
Your Wicked Wocky Wobble will be over.

The pressure mounts:
A balancing act,
The fear to

When it all adds up
To be too much,
We drop it

Wicked Wocky Wobble
by myncithemonkey

Wallace the Wocky,
Loves collecting junk,
One day he finds a tree,
Items falling down, plunk!

Wallace can't resist,
To grab all he sees,
Deftly using his wrist,
To balance items with ease.

Down comes Twirly Fruit,
Then a Murex Shell,
More items followed suit,
The pile began to swell.

A Warf stood in the way,
To Wallace's dismay,
The items began to sway,
Collapsing in disarray.

The Scratchard Kiosk Wocky
by milkshakes004

Down in the Happy Valley
Resides a Wocky, well revered;
If you ask him, he will assure you
Gambling shouldn’t be feared.

This particular Wocky
Will offer you a deal — 
A scratchcard for 600 Neopoints; 
Surely that’s a steal?

If you pay the Wocky’s price,
Your time to scratch is here:
Reveal three matching items,
And riches may be near.

“Hope you win some Neopoints!
Scratching is quite fun!”
But one scratch, two, then six go by,
And you are left with none.

“Aw, that’s too bad,” the Wocky says,
A sad look in his eyes.
“How about you try again?
I’m sure you’ll get a prize!”

Once more you buy a scratchcard,
Hoping for the best,
And after scratching away you gasp — 
“Surely this is a jest?”

“Jackpot!” the Kiosk Wocky yells,
Excited for your win;
He hands you over the Neopoints,
And you adopt a grin.

“What will you buy?” the Wocky asks,
Wonder in his eye.
“More scratchcards, of course!” you squeal with glee,
“As many as I can buy!”

The Raddest Wocky in Meridell
by catchinglights

One potato, two potato, three potato, four,
Man! Counting potatoes is such a bore!
Maybe it's fun for the lame slowpokes,
But what about for the adventurous folks?

Edgar Percival Clarke hatched a plan,
For counting potatoes as fast as you can.
All he needed was potatoes, of which he had a hoard,
And it was not complete without his trusty skateboard.

Edgar grabs his things when he finds a player,
While skating in circles, he throws potatoes through the air!
You've gotta count them all, before they hit the ground,
Not an easy feat with a Wocky zipping around!

It's still too easy, Edgar thought one morn,
A glance at his garden and an idea was born.
He added some other veggies to the mix,
To see how many players he could trick.

Many Neopians thought this idea was rather swell,
That's how Edgar became the raddest Wocky in Meridell!

An Ode to Wallace
by rivera_ice_princess

Junk, junk, junk
Let's take a little dunk,
We'll search around this bunk,
And dump it in that trunk.

Enter this little Wocky,
Who's perfectly a little gawky,
And whose steps are also rocky,
And feet a little stocky.

Wallace will collect,
Every single object,
The things that we neglect,
He can't help but select.

This wobbly peculiar game,
Wicked and too wobbly to tame,
Wallace shot to fame,
But his hoarding stayed the same.

The Woodland Wocky
by guddi6

On Meridillian soil where heroes rest
And legends trace their roots
Where the sun sets on verdant groves
And farmers hawk the strangest fruit;
Deep in the forest, in the bower-glades
Where resides Illusen the Good,
There wanders a living Neopian legend,
The Wocky of lilac wood

They say she was born of an ashy tree
In a Neopia then rife with dark
Crowned with a mane of deep lilac 
A coat of greys, like bark;
With loving soul and healing paws
She tended to creatures big and small
Wandering from farm to valley
And even to royal halls

Now good days are here, the woods sing still
Of the healer who lit those rooms
Silvering fur like the swords of war,
But flowers all in bloom
She sits in state in some secret glen
Though once tall and proud she stood
The healer with a gentle heart
The Wocky of lilac wood.

Wocky day
by table

Wockies are full of adventure
Their boldness knows no limits
They are often up for a risky venture
Nothing is really off limits!

Have you heard about the famous Wocky? 
His name is Magax, the destroyer! 
His history with villain Nox is kinda rocky!
A hero like this doesn’t even need an employer!

He does hero things on his own accord
No risk too small for this Wocky hero
This one runs up and down Terror Mountain when he is bored!
He wants Neopia crime numbers to zero

So today we praise all those brave fluffy friends
Aiming for the craziest adventures and fighting crime
Time to praise them today, something else wouldn’t make much sense
So three cheers to you Wockies because you are sublime!

Wow it’s Wocky day!
by yellowstefy

With a fuzzle around their neck,
A cute, happy face you can’t forget.
And with a tail so wild and puffy.
How can one be so adorably fluffy?

For wocky day today, we celebrate for them.
From the start of the day to the very end.
First they eat a tasty breakfast which they help make.
We make delicious Strawberry Wocky Pancakes!

Next up, they all enjoy their extra long grooming session.
The Wockies show their gratitude with a cheerful expression!
We only use the finest brushes and today we use plush!
Yes that’s right we use the Plushie Wocky Brush!

Then at the end, they hold a party where they all attend.
A perfect place for wockies to make a new friend.
It feels like the night will never stop!
Everyone continues to dance to Wock til You Drop!

Wocky Plum Pudding: A Wondrous Dessert
by _brainchild_

Wocky Plum Pudding, a most scrumptious treat,
Will surely delight all the tongues that it meets.
The taste is quite sweet, though not overly so.
It is the yummiest food, you should know.

Served at Neopia Central's Fresh Foods,
This treat is amazing for a festive mood.
With the advent of the holiday season,
I will serve this tasty food, and for good reason.

The texture is mellow; the form is quite cute.
Palatable, shaped like a Wocky to boot, 
Plus decorated by cranberries so sweet,
You should pass around this delectable treat.

My guests will enjoy it on each holiday.
"This food is yummy! I love it!" they'll say.
We all will enjoy its most marvelous taste,
Ensuring that not a crumb will go to waste.

The Wocky Who Ate The Wrong Chocky
by _anna_beth_chase_

Well let me tell you a tale
Of how there was a Wocky
Chocky was his weakness
Kept him fed and stocky

Yet in his gibbering gladness,
Whenever he ate a chocky,
Overwhelmed with madness,
Chuckling to himself, he'd
Kick things over and make a mess
You needn't be told he was cocky.

Walking down Chocky Fountain Lane,
One day he found the biggest,
Creamiest, dreamiest, most delicious
Kraken of a chocky.
You can guess what happens next.

Wocky took a humongous bite
Out of the monstrous chocky.
Candies erupted from the bellowing beast
Knocking our Wocky out cold like chopsocky.
Yikes, he was famous for that, at least.

The Wocky Winter
by breakeven

As winter drifts,
And snowflakes fall,
The little wocky wakes,
And curls into a ball.

Awakening from her slumber,
She hops to the ground.
Time to get about her day!
Padding softly, without a sound.

She puts on a hat,
And shrugs into a cape,
It’s time to head to the market,
To get some snowberry crepe.

She also bought eggs,
Some sugar, for baking,
She needs to whip up a feast,
Not forgetting a plum pudding!

Back home, she preens,
And prepares for the party.
Her little friends are coming,
It will be lively and hearty!

By the fireplace,
Everyone sat around.
“Happy Wocky Day!”, they chimed,
Handing the little wocky her crown.

Midnight Chase
by quigglypook

Her velvet fur grazes the snow,
etches of pawprints across the frozen expanse
beneath the chill midwinter glow.

She streaks under the boughs;
twisted limbs gnarled with age as
her velvet fur grazes the snow

A feather lands astray,
crimson against the canvas
beneath the chill midwinter glow.

The Wocky paused, forest silent 
save for light wingbeats.
Her velvet fur grazes the snow.

Her ears prick attentively, angled
towards the constellations, seeking,
beneath the chill midwinter glow.

The shadow of wings passes overhead,
she tenses, muscles rippling, and leaps.
Her velvet fur grazes the snow
beneath the chill midwinter glow.

An Ode to the Wocky
by icygirl2005

Their mane feels like royalty, so luxuriously plush,
Glides over your paws because it's as smooth as butter,
Their coloured eyes look like pools of honey,
When the sun shines on them.

Bold, yet graceful, making a statement,
Creating waves with their bushy tails,
Every Neopet strives to match the elegance,
Of these amazing creatures.

But, behind their grace and eloquence,
Is a soft, caring and adorable pet,
Ready to give you warm hugs whenever you're sad,
That is the deepest beauty of a Wocky.

And sometimes they can be 
Incredibly feisty, sassy creatures,
They have a cool and hip side too,
Who in Neopia knew?

Wocky Detective
by fourin

A sneaky mystery is afoot,
A missing sneaker leaves one barefoot,
Who do you call in this time of need?
And who looks rather nifty in tweed?

With a hundred percent track record,
Both near and far, this one is adored,
This guy will find it, this guy's an ace,
Detective Wocky is on the case!

'Lost? It's elementary, my dear,
We shall follow the clues, do not fear!'
And with that, he tips his sleuthing hat,
And brushes his shoes on the doormat.

He strides inside, confident and sleek,
In a debonair coat that's quite chic,
And conjures up, with a sense of class,
A detective's magnifying glass.

Hurriedly he scours the carpet floor,
Opening cupboards, drawers and doors,
A shoelace here and an aglet there,
At this rate, it may be beyond repair.

Deep in thought, he stares into nothing,
With arms crossed, and a paw at his chin,
Abruptly, a sound jolts him alert,
And he's off like a tracker Gelert.

The noise came from a narrow closet.
Laughter ensued. Glass, back in pocket.
He solved the Case of the Missing Shoe,
The culprit? Why, it's the Puppyblew!

Happy Wocky Day!
by lilcutedoglover

Hooray for it’s Wocky Day!
A species full of fluff
To be celebrated in no other way
Than with lots of love!

A party planned with goodies and cake
And lots of decorations - oh, so frilly;
With many preparations to make,
Don’t forget to invite Lanie and Lillie!

What is a party without a game --
Shall we play Guess the Weight of the Marrow?
Oh no, that would be quite lame;
Guess wrong, and no retry until tomorrow!

So many Wockies still yet to list
There’s Magax - who once was vile;
Jelly Keeper, does he exist?!
And Clara, discovering Moltara with a smile!

Wonderful Wockies all around
So let’s celebrate with them today;
New colours and adventures to be found,
Wishing them a Happy Wocky Day!

Ode to MAGAX
by trubiekatie

This celebration is now long overdue.
During the Y19 month of Storing, GMC took place.
AAA pit two sides against on another,
In a week long gaming rat race.

Hubrid Nox was the leader of Team Dead.
A surprising appearance for the villain.
I ponder now, over a year later - 
Was he simply just a fill-in?

For the real hero of last year’s GMC,
Was none other than the legend MAGAX!
I could barely contain my excitement,
Waiting for the big climax.

It looked as though Team Living would win,
Until MAGAX’s team came from the back.
It was the Wocky’s group that won,
And were given shiny gold plaques.

Now, on Wocky Day a year later,
I reflect back on my choice of team.
My choice, of course, was Team Living –
Playing with MAGAX was a dream!

A Wocky Brave and True
by dragonsfriend1021

Once upon a time, in a land you know well,
There lived a Wocky who loved to buy and to sell.
Neopian shops, he'd found, were usually quite packed.
That's why auctions were his favorite place to transact.

He'd scour the Auction House looking for the best deal,
And he'd bid low so the price would be a steal.
When he won, himself lucky he would consider
Then he'd sell his wares to the highest bidder.

The profit he made! It caused much elation,
but there was one tiny complication.
Whenever he aimed to buy something specific,
He never could find it - for the auctions were prolific.

Sure, the Shop Wizard would help him, but then
He could be overpaying and miss profit again.
So he set out on a mission, so he could research
How one might make auctions easier to search.

He went to distant lands, knowing not what he sought
Until he had traveled much farther than he ought.
In a haunted wood, suddenly, a Dark Faerie was revealed,
And so, for her help, the young Wocky appealed.

"Oh Wocky," she cried, "you are brave and true,
To quest for a way to search and look through
the auctions. Lucky for you, I'm in a good mood
And so I will reward your great fortitude.

"From this day forward, I can grant you the power
to search through the actions using magic to scour.
Whatever you look for, you'll find it precisely,
And you'll find this completes your quest rather nicely.

"But unfortunately for you, there is something worse.
For when I give a blessing, I must also curse.
If you accept this power, part of the spell
Is that you will never be able to buy or to sell."

The Wocky was stunned. What a difficult decision!
The magic would give him phenomenal vision
But he would never profit, he would help others only,
And so, he considered his choice very slowly.

But of course, since the Wocky was both brave and true,
He ultimately knew exactly what he should do.
"O Faerie," he said, "What a great opportunity you've provided.
Please grant me this wondrous power. I have decided."

As the Faerie disappeared, magic surrounded the Wocky
And he knew, with this talent, his life might be rocky.
But when he returned home, all other shoppers rejoiced,
And the Wocky knew in his heart he had made the right choice.

Now he puts his powers to good use for all
And helps Neopians find items in auctions, large and small.
His fate could have been different, he could've been a meanie,
But instead, he serves everyone as the Auction Genie.

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