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Neopets Poems

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Bruce Day Special!

Notable Bruces
by myncithemonkey

Boochi sets his sight,
Counting one, two, three,
In a flash of light,
Your pet turns baby!

Bruce Skater at the rink,
Gliding nice and precise,
But one slip and he'll sink,
From holes throughout the ice.

Crossblades of Food Club fame,
Loves pizza and slushy,
Salty foods are to blame,
When losing and grumpy.

Brucey B in pursuit,
Of his lucky coin thief,
Found Lost Desert en route,
Much to his disbelief.

The Rink Runner Bruce
by miraday

The three judges sit smugly, adorned
In their insulated outfits as the lights dim.
A spotlight shines on the cold white ice
As the Blue Bruce’s performance begins.

He runs the rink— a darling, debonair dancer—
Effortlessly catching the notes with grace.
He avoids the cursed sharps and flats,
Speeding into turns and curves in place.

The judges are astounded. The burning passion
Of the Rink Runner engulfs the rest of the rink
So much so that cracks begin to form,
Yet he dances without pause to think.

The rink turns to icebergs drifting about,
And still the Bruce performs to the end.
His jumps and charisma call for an encore,
As the judges show their scores: perfect tens!

Ode to My First Neopet
by mousebroker

I tell you in truth, 
Just why I picked Bruce. 
That day in February - my first in the land,
I was feeling quite chilled, icicle hands! 
My mittens striking the keyboard merrily. 
He looks so content 
With his bow 
In the snow. 
The choice was clear! 
He was blue. 
I named him Chubber22.
Genius, I know.

In the old days, I hunched with stiff joints
Earning mad points 
To feed him many a smoothie!
It did behoove me!
We spent many kind hours
Exploring Terror Mountain
Searching for Hidden Towers
Wishing at the Rainbow Fountain.
No Bruce was ever so Highly Regarded. 
To this day we've not parted. 
To my chubby Bruce, Cheers! 
Here's to 19 more years.

The Figure Skater
by catchinglights

Although in Terror Mountain it snows year round,
Only in the Month of Celebrating is this sport to be found.
Gliding under the twinkling stars, to and fro,
The Bruce skater twirls around in the falling snow.
Soft musical rhythms guide her graceful feet,
She is perfectly in time with the melodious beat.
Onlookers are all captivated by her charms.
Even the busiest Neopians stop to watch for a while.
Though this Bruce's skates are light upon the ice,
Still cracks form where her blades did slice.
The breaking ice does not scare her away,
If anything she is energized by this new game to play.
She deftly avoids all the cracks and the splits,
For she is the graceful Bruce figure skater who never quits.

Time to dance! Because it’s Bruce Day!
by yellowstefy

It’s the 5th of December,
I hope you remember!
That today is Bruce day!
So let’s party away!

They’re so cute and cuddly!
And quite a bit pudgy.
With a fancy bow tie,
These neopets are definitely not shy!

Because they love to dance!
With moves that are advance.
You’ll find them in Terror Mountain!
Dancing, laughing and bouncing!

Brucey B with be there!
He’s so famous, they all stare.
But he has put the cards away.
Today he just wants to dance, not play!

So Terror Mountain is the place to be.
You could probably hear all the tapping feet.
Come on everybody, let’s party in the snow.
The nights not over yet, there’s still hours to go!

Bruce the Bruce
by musicpops

My neighbour is Bruce the Bruce
His name is quite the coolest
A Neopet that I'm proud to introduce
He's always sincere and honest!

You'll never see his beak frown
Bruce are always high in spirits
You won't find his eyes drooping down
His always believes the sky's the limit!

Rink Runner is his favourite game
How he loves to catch those notes!
He jumps up with the perfect aim
And he always gets the judges' votes!

Bruce's role model is Brucey B
One day he'll be like him, he says
To discover new lands he'll sail the sea
And everyone will be full of praise!

And so, here I wish a Happy Bruce Day
To Bruce, Brucey B, and the others
May you have loads of fun today
With Brucicles, Ice Lollies, and other wonders!

The Wizard Bruce
by skro

I have a friend in a faraway land
with a beard on his face and a staff in his hand
he wears an odd hat but it's really quite grand
and the robes that he bears are anything but bland

his feathers shine with a silvery sheen
the book on his desk holds the magic he gleans
that crosses through time and all space between
leaving mysterious oddments wherever it's been

you can find him cooking this time of year
not potions or brews or enchantments to sear
but cookies to bring in the holiday cheer
for it's gingerbread houses he holds the most dear!

by tanikagillam

Is he a villain,
Or is he a hero?
Good or evil –
How are we to know?

The littlest Bruce,
His adorably sweet smile.
His bow bright red,
The twinkle in his eye.

He carries his ray gun,
With him all the time.
But yet we’ll never know,
Who’s next in line.

Perhaps you wanted a baby,
Perhaps you did not.
Either way, if his mark hits,
It’s a baby pet you’ve got.

If his shot ruins your day,
Just head over to the Dome.
Challenge him to a fight,
And then you can get your own.

The Halloween Sorceress Bruce
by guddi6

The Woods slumber in the noonday
Rising in the midnight hour
Pulsing eyes and whispering trees
'Round ruins, castles and towers
At night the graveyard ghosts do reign
And strangers walk the paths
Woe to the unsuspecting traveller
Who's lost when the woods turn dark...

But don't lose hope, for monsters quail
In face of a friendly witch
With a broomstick clutched in her paw
Her dark black cloak spell-stitched
She wears a pointy magic hat
Trimmed with ribbon fair
A saffron bow around her neck
For all in need, she's there.

So when you're lost, or trouble follows
In your shadow in the night
When branches catch at weary feet 
Or red-eyed monsters are in sight
Call for the Sorceress Bruce at once
She'll aid you in your plight
With chanted spell and courage fierce
Until the world again is bright.

by rivera_ice_princess

2014 will always be known,
as the year when time was set in stone.
Boochi the mischievous Bruce,
Alas, his gun had no more use.

There was a time when my pet was Red,
Then Boochi fired and quickly fled.
That Baby Bruce gave me my dream pet,
A fond incident, that I will never forget.

Brucey B and his little game of Cheat!
Whose winning spree attracted an unwanted fleet,
Still, he helped in finding the Lost Desert,
while wearing of course, his favorite T-shirt.

Being lucky earned him his very own game,
Brucey B Slots is the name,
Pull the lever and you might win,
Oh! This machine will take you for a spin.

A Bruce with a Dark Soul
by icygirl2005

Raymond was one of the darkest souls
To inhale the raw air of Neopia,
His moon-crested eyes shining grey,
Reflect the only ray of light in his hopeless life.

He used to be good-natured,
But he was bullied by his peers,
His owner took him to the Pound,
And he lived there for his last years.

At first he was passionate about his life,
As a ghost, frightening owners who abandoned their pets,
But now he embraces his freedom.

That is the freedom he never got when he lived,
To roam the streets he never explored,
The quaint landscapes he never got to look at.
In the dense and innermost layer of life.

And though he is happy now,
Vivid imageries still dance in his head,
Of the life he could have had as a pet,
Enjoying and living it to its fullest.

The Bruce Who Sells Sweet, Frozen Friends
by _brainchild_

Take a stroll through Terror Mountain.
Pass by frozen fields and fountains,
Yet you will be most impressed
By cute holiday Petpets.

The one who sells them is a Bruce.
You will certainly not lose
If you buy his wondrous creatures
Who boast captivating features.

He will overjoy your pets
With pals they surely haven't met.
A Candychan is a delight;
Its stripes are such a stellar sight!

A Yullie is the cutest fellow.
With soft fur, hued green and yellow,
He is very fun to pet.
You'll want to buy one, I'll bet!

If you love the scent of pines,
Buy a Fir. He's so divine!
His branches are lush and green
While boasting such splendid sheen!

The Bruce serves the snowy slopes
With pals that Neopets will hope
To love and bless in future times.
These friends are gorgeous and fine.

The Bespectacled Bruce (note: for Bruce Day)
by fourin

I know about this smart little guy,
Who can be found in the library,
He's short and green and dignified,
But there's no need to be wary.

With a yellow pencil in tow,
A tasteful vest and snazzy tie,
This bespectacled Bruce knows,
All the words from 'Aisha' to 'Zebie'.

This Bruce has a vocabulary,
The size of a Skeith's appetite,
He even helps out the Library Faerie,
When she needs a little insight.

He'll listen out for word requests,
With a journal full of entries,
And if you use them in a story contest,
You might just win a small prize.

So if he stops by for a while,
With his adorable little waddle,
He might just say, with a beaming smile,
That the word of the day is 'Turdle'!

Happy to be (Bruce)
by celinedgd

Today to celebrate
My race so great,
We who skate on ice and snow
From evening to morning glow,
I dance on ice,
In the rink I make music,
Just listen to the Groove.
I don't have wings
But it's in the simple things;
When I'm flappy,
I'm happy!

And on this day I give you a little wisdom,
from this Wintery Kingdom;
Wet and cold,
It never gets old
And it never gets dull,
My heart is so full! ;

We Bruces may not fly
But still believe in the Blue of the sky,
Just Happy
To Be.

A Tiny Tale for Bruce Day
by liezelotte8

In the darkest, coldest Neopian night,
A Bruce huddles closer to the fire,
The starry night is truly a sight,
Something worthwhile to admire

'It is rather lonesome like this,'
Thinks the Bruce with a sigh,
'Right now, company is what I miss,'
For someone to share this starlit sky

The snow is cold as he stands,
'I just want one tiny friend, it's all I ask' 
Well, finding one friend in these lands,
Shouldn't be too hard of a task… 

So he ventures across the snow,
As an icy, icy wind blows by,
His movements are way too slow,
Weather was so much better in July…

After a while, he's ready to give up,
There is not one tiny friend to be seen,
Not even a snow covered Jub Jub,
Not one tiny friend to break the routine

Saddened, the Bruce turns back,
But then he hears a voice call out,
''Help me!'' — Oh, it's a Turmac,
And the little fella is stuck, no doubt!

So the Bruce frees him out of the snow,
''Oh, I am so relieved you heard my call!'' 
The Turmac smiles, so very happy now,
And Bruce has found one tiny friend after all

The Bruce Day Parade
by peacelovebliss

On this very joyful 
month of Celebrating
we think of a species
that adores ice skating
Bruces, of course,
host their annual parade,
a wonderful choice the
Advent Committee made
They selected Boochi as
Grand Marshal this year
The sight of his weapon
makes some cower in fear
Brucey B totes around
his lucky deck of cards
Can you beat him in Cheat?
That round with him was hard!
Then glides the Bruce whom
we know from Rink Runner
with a performance 
sure to be a showstopper. 
The March of the Bruces
trail steadily behind, 
They may not be famous
but are one of a kind

By the end of the 
Bruce Day parade
held each year,
try not be be sad
other Advent holidays
are drawing near!

Celebrating Bruce!
by _forever__unbroken_

Shiny beaks and fancy bow ties
The spiffy style of the Bruce
Happiness shines through their eyes
When they put on their dancing shoes

Bruces always prefer a snowy sight
With a predisposition towards the frost
They love a good ole snowball fight
It’s a game they’ve never lost!

They are friendly to the other pets
Always willing to help them out
Showing the way through their kindness
Their good intentions, you cannot doubt

Way up high on Terror Mountain
There is a silhouette that is obtuse
You can hear a distant shouting
“I sure love being a Bruce!”

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