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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Xweetok Day Special!

Celebrating the Xweetok
by milkshakes004

So many Xweetok colors 
Exist in Neopia today;
Which one is your favorite?
It is hard for me to say.

The Faerie Xweetok stands above, 
Perhaps the most popular type.
Its wings and emerald coloring
Likely explain the hype.

Another favorite Xweetok
Is the Baby Xweetok — so cute.
Tiny and crawling, with a purple mane,
And an adorable bow, to boot.

Don’t forget the Chocolate Xweetok,
A sweet one, to be true.
Its whipped cream mane is prominent,
With sprinkles speckled through.

Have I piqued your interest
In adopting a Xweetok today?
Head over to the Rainbow Pool
To pick a color right away!

So many Xweetok colors, 
It’s hard to choose just one.
Why not adopt one, two, or three?
The more Xweetoks, the more fun!

Lyra the Xweetok
by myncithemonkey

Amid growing unrest,
The tensions flared,
Sakhmetians were stressed,
Qasalans were scared.

Aymas Xendrik failed,
To bring about peace,
Amira's order derailed,
Her freedom doth cease.

Lyra Xendrik the Xweetok,
Stole her father's sword,
Yelling "Shut up, Krawk",
As Aurrick looked on bored.

To Lyra's great dismay,
She could not scale the wall,
Regardless of which way,
It all ended in a fall.

Lyra reluctantly agreed,
Despite loathing and hate,
To follow Aurrick's lead,
Towards the escape that await.

Xweetok day
by table

Rushing through the Neopian woods
Leaves rustling on all sides
Those Xweetok rush straight for the juicy goods
They know all fruits and sweet spots in the woods, they make great guides!

Xweetok are so active, can you keep up?
Wait until they properly reach speed!
But maybe it’s time to give up
And just clean up their long mane as a good deed!

All that fur takes some time to clean
So maybe you should help them a hand 
Brush out all the leaves and give it a sheen
I bet they would find that grand!

Before getting a Xweetok of your own
Keep in mind they need for speed
And their massive upkeep is known
If that’s what you like, then a Xweetok is what you need!

by rivera_ice_princess

Gather round for this exceptional tale,
Of this intelligent Xweetok,
Whose deception breaks the scale,
and sent Faerieland crashing into the rocks.

Brilliant at disguises and mischief,
Bad surprises and quite frankly, a thief.
Xandra was filled with hate and evil,
And did things with an iron fist medieval.

Such is the end of her short-lived notoriety,
Her brief rise in power, a forgettable anxiety.
But will she return for revenge?
One can only wait, for her desire... must be intense.

A Xweetok's Wrath
by miraday

Wrath can be compared to fire
Burning brilliantly in the soul
Or if retributive, akin to stone:
Unmoving, stoic and cold.

Retributive wrath is a strong force.
Xandra’s wrath exemplifies this kind.
As the Faeries’ Xweetok scholar,
She didn’t fit the villain paradigm.

Convicted of the Faeries’ wrongs,
Their presumed elitist indifference
To world events and intervention,
She vowed to correct the injustice.

Her need to right the wrongs
Preceded more logical routes.
Her vengeful decisions were made
In the most critical of moments.

From a heart turned to stone came
The idea to turn them into statues.
Xandra’s artefacts were powerful,
And her actions, she thought, overdue.

It is true anger only begets anger,
And silence nullifies any dialogue.
With all the Faeries turned to stone,
How could any injustices be solved?

If power is assumed by only one and
Perceived justice invokes destruction,
Could Xandra justify her belief that
The Faeries were counterproductive?

If a tyrant usurps a perceived tyrant,
Has peace really been procured?
Let alone the Faeries’ absence
Enabled the Wraiths to resurge.

The Xweetok Sorceress was an expert
At her magical craft without question.
But she never learned the importance
Of considering others contributions.

The bravery of a thief and leaders
Reaffirms a lesson well-known:
Rage does not unify a world. Learned
Too late by a Xweetok turned to stone.

To meet a Xweetok
by ashanteila

Have you ever had the joy,
of glancing in a tree top,
and seeing the cheerful smile,
upon the face of a darling Xweetok?

With a tail so wild so bushy,
a mane so proud and groomed,
and ears that love good music,
eyes shining like the moon.

They play and leap and bound,
and chase each other, free,
racing through the forests,
through every single tree.

They pounce with perfect poise,
and dance upon their paws,
and given yummy berries,
will nibble, nip and gnaw.

Do you know such a darling Xweetok?
Have you ever had the honor?
For if you ever meet one,
you’d have a friend forever!

A Zippy Xweetok Day!
by musicpops

Are you friends with a Xweetok?
Then you'll know they sure love to talk!
Always clever and good with words
They'll keep you thinking long afterwards!

Have you felt a Xweetok's fur?
Then you'll know there's nothing softer!
Always ready for a hug with open arms
Their softness most certainly is the charm!

Have you ever raced a Xweetok?
Then I'm sure they'd have come out on top!
"Quick as a Xweetok" is no mere expression
They're almost as fast as a zap from a raygun!

Have you ever seen a Xweetok weary?
You wouldn't have, 'cause they're all cheery!
Always active, zippy, and sprightly
If you ever chase one, never take them lightly!

So on this lovely Xweetok Day
We hope it's filled with fun and play
Sing, dance, and pump up the jukebox
Always be lively, you bubbly Xweetoks!

Hooray! It’s Xweetok Day!
by yellowstefy

These neopets have pretty eyes,
And a big, wild furry mane.
Yep! It’s Xweetok day!
So it’s a good day to train.

Baby Xweetoks are my favourite!
With their cute little bow.
As well as another colour,
That one is snow!

The royalgirl Xweetok looks so elegant!
She ready to attend a ball.
There’s also orange; a nice simple colour.
Those Xweetoks are ready for fall.

The mutant xweetok
Has lost its long furry mane.
The Fire Xweetok is cool!
But they’d hate to see it rain.

So all Xweetoks join today,
All colours are wonderful and unique.
Maybe even adopt an Xweetok in the pound!
Their may be the perfect one that you seek.

Preparation for Winter
by jumptoit24

The xweetok runs
Back to its burrow with food
To store for winter

A howl on the snow
The lupe prowls on with its pack
Trust preserveres always

Water freezing to
ice. Koi looks up at the new-formed
barrier returning again.

Meridell has lost
its foliage. Ixi scorns the loss
of a greener world.

The sands have become
slightly colder, Scorchio
discerns in Sakhmet.

Cybunny races
The night falls quick nowadays
A burrow is warmer.

Xandra the Powerful
by umbrex

There was once a powerful witch
and Xandra was her name.
To investigate the stone faeries,
to Faerieland she came.

At first it seemed she wanted to help,
that all she wanted was to give aid.
But it became very clear in time:
Brynn, Hanso, and the others had been played.

Because what they did not know
was that deep in Xandra's heart
lurked dark intentions and great evil.
Her devious plans were about to start.

With endless waves of arcane power,
Xandra took Faerieland from the skies
and crashed it into the Neopian lands.
It was with this, she shed her disguise.

And although but two heroes were left,
who had not been turned into stone,
together Brynn and Hanso made sure
that the Xweetok was then overthrown.

The Hidden Pastel Xweetok
by skro

Xweetok scurry up in the trees
hidden amongst the green and brown leaves
a glimpse here or there when they rustle in the breeze
but not for the Pastel Xweetok

Brightly colored with green and pink
and eyes the color of gel pen ink
they stand out so much you'd have to think
what trees hide the Pastel Xweetok?

Across the ocean to the land of Shenkuu
where the grass is green and skies are blue
and all the trees are a sight anew
holds the key for the Pastel Xweetok

Cherry blossoms bloom all year round
their petals dropping without a sound
and lovely shades of pink abound
here is home for the Pastel Xweetok

Ode to Lillian
by trubiekatie

An archaeologist by trade,
An Xweetok, through and through,
Daughter to Hugo Fairweather -
Something I never knew!

She rose to fame many years ago, 
After boarding the Primella with friends.
With her father, Roxton and Wether,
A misfit band of odds and ends.

They hoped to solve an ancient tale,
Instead, they crashed against the rock.
Meandering around this new land,
Sights to behold caused quite the shock.

Petpetpets, the size of buildings,
Had marked this land their own.
The group narrowly escaped them,
Uncovering a shrine made of stone.

Who had already lived here?
Lillian pondered the thought.
She then discovered a piece of fruit,
Or this trip would have been for naught.

Soon after, they ran for their lives,
From these strange, large creatures.
Fleeing on their ship to home,
Documenting all these new features.

Xweetok Day - Xandra
by okkapi

I see darkness within rainbows,
a colourful kingdom casts long shadows

We have the ability to help the helpless,
yet are blinded by our own colours

I could speak, but only whispers will be heard
when a fire ignites in the forest, no one looks

I watch the fire spread
It paints light on my skin 

When I look to the sky
smoke covers the sunrise

A beautiful grey lays siege to the sun,
the sky itself falls

Tell no one that I set the fire
until the sky collides with the earth

Only fire can defeat darkness
when the sun returns, so do the shadows

Who will speak up
when the smoke has cleared 

There is no black and white,
only grey.

Sela Pretore (Xweetok Day Special)
by lilcutedoglover

Sela Pretore,
Left Defender for Team Virtupets.
On the field sporting red and gray,
this Xweetok strives to do her best!

Altador Cup II was her debut,
this rookie - energetic and fast!
She watched as yooyuballs flew,
her team finishing in last.

Sela and her team would not give up;
for soon, this team would rise.
Finishing 6th Place in the 5th Altador Cup,
their ascension - a surprise!

Close to the podium - full of determination;
Sela and team are now well-versed.
Out onto the field, into formation;
finishing Altador Cup VI in first!

Another podium finish in Altador Cup IX,
so much experience has been gained.
Looking forward, it is Sela’s time to shine;
Sela and Virtupets will reach the podium again!

Faerie Xweetok Glory
by indulgences

He twirls amongst the clouds so high.
He spins and pirouettes.
He flaps his shiny turquoise wings,
A sight you can't forget.

His eyes are sparkling emerald green.
His face is keen and bright.
He is resplendant every morn.
He shimmers every night.

I think the Faerie Xweetok is
Magnificent and sweet.
It's hard to find a better pet.
This Xweetok can't be beat!

I love the unconverted ones
That seem to hang aloft.
They're coy and precious, cute and small,
Their fur so pale and soft.

I'll own an unconverted Xwee,
I promise to myself.
The Faerie Xweetok's lovely, and
I want to own his self!

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