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Neopets Poems

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Bullseye's Back!
By battlesunn

Yes! Oh yes!
Could it really be true?
Bullseye is back
for its big game debut!

Bullseye was here,
quite a while ago,
it was an excellent game!
Which most people know.

In a state of great joy,
I went to go play
Bullseye, my favourite game,
like I used to, everyday!

The controls were familiar,
the arrows the same
but there was something not right,
about this very loved game.

The launcher was too fast,
and I rolled it too far back
the arrow hit the ground
with a resounding thwack!

Frustrated and determined
I set up another shot
the arrow flew, straight and true!
Five points, was what I got.

Happily, I got ready
for another try
this time I was sure
that a bullseye would be mine!

Skillfully I angled the arrow,
just one time more.
It zipped right at the target,
landing in the bright red core!

A bullseye! A bullseye!
Finally I got one!
I smiled and watched the points roll up,
This game was pretty fun!

I shot my arrow,
eight times more.
Each time I hit the target,
so I happily sent my final score.

I left the games room
with a feeling of great pride.
Tomorrow I would surely return...
And get a bullseye every time!

The Lab Ray
By poy222

Me and my Neopets were walking one day,
And I was wondering what would happen
If my Neopets got shocked by the Lab Ray.
Would they change colour, shape or form?
Would they become powerful enough
To create a storm?

A great coincidence happened at that second,
For I stumbled over something and I reckoned,
It was a map piece. Hurray! Hurray!
It was the last one I needed but little did I know,
It would cause much dismay...

A laboratory map piece the map piece was.
I wasn't sure if I should visit the Lab Ray because,
It might turn my JubJub
into a mutant that is grey,
Or maybe, it might turn my Skeith
into a cute baby!
I really couldn't say.

I decided to visit the Lab Ray
Since I had completed the map,
And from the ray, I made my Lupe get a zap.
From what I had just done,
Came feelings of uncertainty which I tried to hide.
I hoped something good would happen,
But those hopes were denied.

My Lupe seemed to be turning mean,
And his face looked as if it were turning green.
His tail was getting shorter,
And his arms and legs too.
I heard his voice for the last time
when he howled, "AWOOOOOO!"

My Lupe was dazed; I thought he would fall.
He was becoming short; he was no longer tall.
It was then that I realized my well groomed Lupe,
So handsome and sweet,
Had transformed into a mutant Chia
with green feet!

Oh no! Oh no! What had I done?!
I thought the Lab Ray would be fun!
Now my Lupe is changed,
And I have but myself to blame,
For the fact that never again, will he be the same.

I tried the Lab Ray day after day.
As a result: more dismay.
My JubJub changed into a Zafara,
And I was too poor to afford
A potion from Kauvara.

After several tears and careful consideration,
The Neopian Pound was my destination.
I was going to abandon my mutant Chia,
And when I got there,
I informed the situation
To the yellow Techo with white hair.

I was about to abandon my malformed Chia
When something peculiar took place,
For I found myself staring at its face.
It seemed I was looking past
His mutant tuft of green hair.
I was looking inside him; way past his evil glare.

For a second, in the green Chia's face,
I saw the eyes of my old Lupe friend!
I thought I heard him howl; it mended my heart,
Which I thought no one could mend.
And to myself, I said, "There's a chance!"
I then left the building and from the yellow Techo,
I got an annoyed glance.

To this day, I am a few np away,
From purchasing a Lupe morphing potion
To change my Lupe back;
This time I'm staying away from that Lab Ray!
I have 12,900np; I need 300 more!
What's this? I just found 1,000 np on the floor!

Limited Edition
By linx88

It had been a long day,
it had not been much fun,
but with much speculation,
the new pets were done!
The Draik and the Ixi,
too many to count!
The designer had made
an endless amount.
As he looked at his work
and stretched his hunched back,
one thought came to mind:
"Man, do I need a snack!"
He cracked all his knuckles,
got out of the chair,
and left all those pets
just sitting there.
He was guzzling some orange juice
as right out of the screen
jumped a little cute Shoyru
with scales that were green.
He was so taken with eating
that in his own little house,
he didn't notice the Neopet
pick up the mouse.
"What's this thing?" he wondered
as an Ixi stared out.
"It looks really weird.
What's that all about?"
"It looks like a deer,
Hey! Can I meet it?
No, it's a game!"
and he set out to beat it.
The man didn't notice
as he clicked on a file
and then hit delete
in a very short while.
The Shoyru was playing,
deleting a bunch,
when he heard his owner say,
"Earthwings! Time for lunch!"
He went back to Neopia,
as the clock struck one,
and the man decided there was work to be done.
He was very surprised
when he saw his computer,
he looked around with a look of suspicion.
Seeing nobody, he shrugged and he said,
"Oh well. I guess they're limited edition."

Something Bad, Something Good
By sour_puss12345

I have a Skeith, a starry one,
who wishes to win Poogle races,
however now all he can do,
is laugh, cheer and pull faces.

I wish he could be something more,
something fast and slick and sweet,
I don't know why I got him,
he won't eat what I tell him to eat.

He'll eat his clothes, a hat maybe,
or his homework book instead.
He'll never touch the normal stuff,
once he ate a chunk of his bed!

But one day I just happened,
to be in Neopia with my boy,
when he stumbled on something,
a purple Poogle toy!

I tried to take it from him,
before he gulped it down,
but I ended up chasing him,
half the way 'round town!

Until I finally caught up,
he wasn't very fast,
I looked at my watch,
ten and fourty minutes past!

I grabbed my Skeith and dragged him,
didn't care about those staring faces,
and took him to the cloudy land,
the land of Faerie Races!

We ate some popcorn and soda,
took our seats in the front row,
Skeith looked at the Poogle toy in his claws,
and decided he'd have a go!

He opened his jaws wide,
and held the toy up high,
he droped it into his mouth and,
chewed from side to side.

I looked at him and saw,
that he was chewing something,
I wondered where the Poogle toy went,
I put two together, TING!

My brain knew what was happening,
Skeith had ate the Poogle,
probably sucked it in,
as if it were a noodle!

Then he began to glow purple,
and his eyes began to pop,
he began to skrink,
he was now too big for his top.

He was a Poogle, uh oh!
He ate it, a silly thing to do!
He told me he wanted to race,
I wanted him to race too.

So he went up to the start line,
the Poogles had already gone,
my speedy purple Poogle,
didn't take very long.

To catch up to the others,
and bound over the jump!
He won first place that day!
So I brought him ice cream for lunch!

By dew_drop_dancer

The blood runs quickly through my veins,
As I sit deathly quiet.
When a hopeful sigh drifts through the room,
To be smothered by the silence.

A nervous glance reveals but naught,
Their cards are safely kept.
But I know I can beat them all,
For I am well adept.

Capara sighs and from her hand
two cards she slowly picks,
I have two threes,
she says to me,
But I see through her tricks.

And up the ladder, I do climb,
Defeating all opponents.
From Capara, to that Eyrie,
to that triple-bluffing B,
I win the rounds without a sparing moment.

I look into Kaloras face,
As she says for all to hear,
Her final card is but an ace,
But shes caught out by that ear!

And at last the time has come to beat
That Jetsam, if I dare.
But is that a challenge I can meet,
I wonder while he glares.

The scores are tied, its one for one,
Its mine turn now to choose.
This card or that, the truth or lies,
To win or will I lose?

But I prevail. The top at last!
Ive come so very far.
I thank experience from my past,
For my trophy, shining star.

But it really makes you wonder,
If this cheating game should stop.
I shouldnt play this dishonest game,
But boy, its hard to stop!

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