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Neopets Poems

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Blumaroo Day Special!

Arty the Blumaroo Sells Swell Gardening Supplies
by _brainchild_

Arty is a Blumaroo
Who sells most sweet, exotic blooms.
The flowers certainly impress---
Pure elegance they shall express.

"Would you like Blue Colombine
Or Cyclamen, its scent divine?
Oh, also! May I interest you
In stepping stones of awesome hues?"

"You'll love this fountain! Oh so grand,
The purest water in the land.
Or, would you like a garden swing?
Sweet memories of joy it brings!"

"Oh, I know! This is what you need!
A Scareblu ought to take the lead
O'er crops so fair. It bears the face
Of Blumaroos, the pets of grace!"

I buy the Scareblu. I'm so glad
That Arty had this handsome lad
Of straw. He'll best the Crokabeks,
Protecting plants from crow beak's hex.

Rohane the Warrior
by kayahtik

There is a tale, not so old, 
Of a Blumaroo, brave and bold. 

Through space he flew,
With his trusty crew.

They were his worthy companions three: 
Velm, Talinia, and Mipsy. 

Their ship was attacked, 
And the odds were stacked,

But the team prevailed
And the virus failed. 

Through Meridell and Terror Mountain,
Across the Lost Desert with no water fountains,

The Haunted Woods loomed, 
Faerieland seemed doomed, 

But our hero was victorious!
His victory was glorious!

Terask fell from his corrupted throne
And our hero and friends found their way home.

The terrible virus was no more, 
And now the tale is just a piece of lore. 

But we must never forget he who
Was the bravest and boldest of Blumaroos: 

Rohane the Warrior he should be called,
For his courage and honor are unequaled!

Un-Valentines Blumaroo Plushie
by indulgences

This tiny Plushie weeps and sobs.
Its eyes are rimmed with tears.
It holds a torn-up valentine,
So sad and full of drear.

Who tore the valentine, and why?
Was this toy quite rebuffed?
Were its advances spurned and scorned,
Its tenderness quite snuffed?

Perhaps your pet can hug this toy,
And squeeze away its bawls.
You surely need to watch over
This tiny toy so small.

Please treat this toy with love and care,
And mend its broken heart!
This Blumaroo is someone sweet
From whom you’ll never part!

Count Von Roo
by renlyb

The night was frosty and cold,
The wind whistled through the trees.
All around the darkness stilled,
As far as the eye could see.

The rusty gates creaked, old and worn,
While ice gathered on the metal bars.
The clouds hung low and damp,
The sky was free of moonlight and stars.

So far from his island home,
Did a Blumaroo Count quietly creep.
Into the Woods, haunted and alive,
While the rest of the worlds sleep.

His cape fluttered behind him as he stalked,
His grin was unnerving and slick.
Behind an unsuspecting victim he walked,
His footsteps were silent and quick.

He left his message, a bite on the neck,
Before vanishing into the night once more.
He’s gone again, quicker than you could see,
Just what bit you - you aren’t entirely sure...

Bouncing Baby Blumaroo
by dhaunt

A herd of baby Blumaroo
come bouncing by two by two!
Their squishy ears beg for a squeeze,
Their floppy noses do a big sneeze!

They never miss a beat
With their heart shaped feet!
Hopping down the trails
On their big bouncy tails!

From Blumaroll to Dice-A-Roo,
Deadly Dice and Roodoku,
There’s always something fun to play,
Just watch out for AAA!

Artistotle A. Avinroo is the name-
A young Blumaroo of Daily Dare fame,
He has never lost a game
and claims his high IQ is to blame!

A Day For AAA! (Blumaroo Day)
by wickedsadgirl

Haven't you heard the news,
Here's a day for us to pay our dues,
To none other than Aristotle A Avinroo,
All year long we should celebrate this Blumaroo,
Without expecting much he's set up a bunch of challenges just for us.

So play a game or two today,
AAA would only want it that way,
I bet you can't beat him if you play,
AAA is just skilled and won't let it go array,
Afterall the tries against him you can see he's  the champion and that's all there is to mention.

Through each Daily Dare,
AAA puts his heart into those years,
He has nothing he fears,
So when deciding on AAA or his sister,
Make sure to not fall bitter,
AAA is never a quiter.

When the time comes for the Games Master Challenge,
AAA from the top never loses his balance,
That's why we shout on Blumaroo Day "victory to AAA",
In celebration of all the Blumaroos,
Will play their games instead of snooze,
For today is not about us it's about the Blumaroos and AAA.

Blumaroo Steak
by psychedelice

Who is the maniac 
who committed this crime?
This steak is an ominous
sign of malign!

Who would do such a thing
to a young blumaroo?
A wraith of the night,
or perhaps Count Von Roo?

"Relax," says the Count
with a furtive eyebrow.
"Everyone knows
I’m a vegan now!"

On closer inspection
you examine the steak.
Lo and behold,
it does seem to be fake!

You sigh in relief, 
glad to demystify.
It does look pretty good,
you might as well try.

So you take a great bite
of the succulent treat.
Hold on a second -
This ain’t soy, IT IS MEAT!

The Stealthy Blumaroo
by guddi6

In the shadows cast by Darigan's castle
In Fyora's whispering halls
Under turrets guarded by the knights
In woods when midnight falls;
He hides and steals, he creeps and crawls,
His eyes a sly storm blue,
He knows the secrets, knows them all,
The Stealthy Blumaroo.

With a hood as dark as night's own cloak
To cover his coat of pigeon's blue
His ears blush-tipped, his paws a-speckled
He scrounges for every clue.
His scarf and boots and a ninja's outfit,
Of red and yellow and black;
He knows all hidden rooms and roads,
Every corridor, every crack.

They say he's been all over Neopia
And knows too well the rich and wise;
But who can guess his master's name?
He vanishes in disguise.

It's Blumaroo Day!
by lyndsey4657

Who is that bouncing here and there?
Bouncing on their bouncy tail?
It's the blumaroo,
bouncing all around!

He is so happy! 
Bouncing all around.
Rolling Dice and playing games. 
Wonder why he is so happy on this day?

He bounces from here to there.
He bounces everywhere! 
Yelling and shouting,
Happy Blumaroo Day!

King Roo the Blumaroo
by umbrex

Once upon a time there was a king
known to all by the title King Roo.
He loved all manners of games and puzzles:
a quintessential fun-loving blumaroo.

But in the early days of his reign,
King Roo was often terribly bored.
Although he had played Bingo and Slots,
there were still so many games unexplored.

But one day a stranger appeared in the court
bearing naught but a cloak and two dice.
He said, "No two games are ever the same.
If you're bored, these dice will suffice."

Now with the King's interest renewed,
there was not a blumaroo in the world
who was quite as energetic or jubilant,
or with a tail so joyfully curled.

So on Blumaroo Day let's go to their island
to play their game and make some new friends.
Remember that although you may roll a skull,
you can start over and the fun never ends!

Blumaroos of Neopia
by jokerless

The best day of the year is here
It seems a sincere congratulations is due
Blumaroos, I offer my blessings today
May they be one in a line of many new

From King Roo to King Roothless 
One a ruler of Daily Dare games
The other a monarch of Roo Island
History forever repeating their names

The Blumaroo August never forgets
Bonju, the chef from Cyodrake's Gaze
Along with Count Von Roo who give
Avatars to those who learn their ways

Then there's our favorite RI player
As well as the hero of Neoquest Two
Known as Lilo Blumario and Rohane
Which few can ever say they'll outdo

With a daily ever-growing fanbase
This species continues to advance
You can rest assured however
In comparison, nothing stands a chance

The Blumaroo Bump
by migorz13

Let me teach you a dance
To get you out of your slump
It's a crazy new move
Called the Blumaroo Bump

You take your right arm
And you roll it up high
Then you wave it down low
Let that arm just fly

Do the same with your left
Let that arm move quick
But also make sure
That you're looking slick

Now here's the fun part
Of the Blumaroo Bump
Part your legs like a crab
Let your rump go bump bump

Bump like you're bouncing
On a Blumaroo tail
That's the Blumaroo Bump
Fun without fail

Sneaky Stealthy Blumaroo
by kahlen369

On dark pitch black nights,
With only the moon as a guide,
There goes a mysterious shadow,
That you never want to follow.

It's the sneaky Stealthy Blumaroo,
A neopet glimpsed only by a few,
For their skills at stealth are unparalleled,
And getting too close is hazardous to your health!

Dressed darkly from head to toe,
With some spots of colour just for show,
They wear a hood to keep their faces hidden,
Showing only their eyes and nothing else unbidden.

The Melancholy of King Roo
by anawalnut

"Knock Knock"
"Who's There?"
"Roo Who?"
"It is me, Roo, the bored King Blumaroo"
"I do not know of a king, I most sure don't know you"
"That is true, my humble creature
I do not know you too."

"I seek a game to entertain,
For I have been feeling blue
I have the money, the treasures
What's a King to do?
I have played all the games
Cheat, Kou-Jong, Better Than You,
But my boredom still remains,
What's a Roo to do?
With this tedium I feel
I am no king you can bow to
After all I may just be
A simple blue blumaroo."

A Trip to Roo Island
by werme123

A merry Blumaroo sailed on a boat,
To a wonderful land of fun and games.
The wind blew hard but it stayed afloat.
"We have arrived!" the captain proclaims.

Roo Island was such an amazing sight,
With shops, entertainment, and cheerful blumaroos.
All the attractions were such a delight,
The favorite pasttime here was Dice-A-Roo! 

The ecstatic Blumaroo hopped merrily on.
Exploring the island was always blissful.
So much joy he had that he did not once yawn.
Time spent at Roo Island was never dull!

At last it was time to leave this wonderful place.
The Blumaroo boarded his ship and waved farewell.
The love for this land he decided to fully embrace.
A trip to Roo Island is guaranteed to be swell!

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