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Neopets Poems

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Peophin Day Special!

The Mighty Peophin
by jaeconde

In the ocean down below,
Where water glistens bright and blue,
Schools of fish swim happily,
With eels, turtles and sting rays too!

There is one majestic pet,
Which reigns the underwater world:
Peophins! With mighty tails
And flowing manes so soft and curled.

Graceful as a ballerina,
Gliding through the deep blue sea;
Many a forgotten sailor
Was mesmerized by their beauty.

Yet a Peophin is a powerful creature - 
do not be fooled by their genteel.
When angered, they attack with vengeance
With sharpened teeth and hooves of steel.

So if you see a Peophin,
Take care to admire from afar,
Armed with the knowledge of
What strong and stunning pets they are!

Peophin's New Paint
by laniidae

This is the story of a peophin fair,
From the tips of her hooves to her long curly hair,
As she walked through Neopia without a care,
And was stopped by a fairie whose clothes showed much wear.

"Please, good lady!" the fairie said,
"I need an item today and quite badly,"
"In fact, I'll offer pay, and gladly,"
"If you can bring me a Lunar Petpet Bed!"

"Of course!" the neopet exclaimed with a yelp,
A peophin would never refuse to help,
So, she searched out the bed, and found it with speed,
Fulfilling the fairie's important need.

"Here is your prize! a key for the rainbowest fountain,"
"The color you want is no longer a mountain!"
The peophin grabbed the key and ran off to the water,
Determined to be fairie, thanks to this great offer!

Peopatra, Peophin of the Desert
by catchinglights

In the Lost Desert, a Peophin lives,
Though there's no water to be found.
To Petpets new homes does she give,
Peopatra is the kindest Peophin around!

Her tent is found in Sakhmet City,
Where all the Petpets romp and play.
The desert Peophin sits proud and pretty,
As she grooms her newest stray.

Peopatra is kind and loving to all,
No Petpet will she refuse.
Whether they are big or small,
They will have her strokes and coos.

Peopatra loves her Petpets, this is true,
But she knows buyers will always come,
So happily she'll bid them adieu,
Before they go to their new home.

Amid the sand and heat of Sakhmet,
If a new companion interests you.
Visit Peopatra for a new Petpet,
And wish her a Happy Peophin Day, too!

Venuquin the Peophin
by a_ramsell

Two voyagers were on a seafaring adventure,
When suddenly it started to pour.
The pair of adventurers set off for home,
But realized they'd lost sight of the shore.

The pair bickered and fought
As they tried to come up with a plan.
They couldn't agree on a direction,
Though both wanted to return to dry land.

The hour grew late, and both 'pets were soaked,
But neither remarked on their grave situation.
They were so engrossed in their predicament, that
They didn't notice the boat moving on its own volition.

Suddenly one of the two gave a shout
As the shoreline came into view.
Both 'pets finally noticed noticed the boat's movement.
Someone was guiding them, but who?

After a moment, a head poked out of the sea.
Venuquin, the famed Peophin guide,
Smiled, and gestured toward the shore.
As the pair watched her with awe, the storm began to subside.

Before the two 'pets could thank her,
She disappeared under the water.
No doubt off to guide more sailors
Who desperately needed her.

The Grey Peophin
by lyndsey4657

I saw her sitting there. 
She looked so sad but beautiful.
The grey peophin, in all of her majesty. 

If only she knew how graceful she looked.
Even with the sadness on her face.
There was a tiny glimmer in her eye.

Laying on the rocks, the grey peophin.
Her beautiful mane shining in the light.
If she only knew, how beautiful she was. 

Maybe then,
She wouldn't be so sad.                       
The grey peophin.

Riding the Waves of Elegance
by calcious_lalo

The day has come to remember
Neopia's most loyal species,
their hooves more fine than an amber,
Peophins, Maraqua's primacies.

Their foreheads ressemble their pride,
Their fins made to conquer the seas,
When they join the battle on your side,
there is no more danger, no fear.

The wise may remember the legend,
Of Marak, "The Peophin Waverider"
His courage has surely kept billiant,
As one of Altador's presiders.

Their honour forms their reputation,
althought they are shy at ocassions,
If you befriend one of these creatures,
You're up for a magical future.

The Darigan Peophin Legend
by guddi6

In waters so deep they churn to black
Where monsters seek their prey
Small fry whisper of a legend
That from coast to coast will stray.
Of a mystic creature who wears the dark
And cuts through oceans' tide,
Her royal mane shadows eyes
That glint with ruby shine.

With a coat of amethyst rich and dark
Her fins weave through water's force
Past secret cavern, reef and seagrass
She keeps her steady course.
The places where no sunshine lights
Her golden crest does glow
And she haunts the seas, rising only
As a legend from below.

Peophin Petpet Shopkeeper
by stmarshall

On her way to the Sahkmet market,
Peopatra noticed something rather peculiar,
By the river amongst the long reeds.
It was difficult to reach but she managed the maneuver.

Carefully inching closer to get a better look,
She saw a slithery green thing with yellow spots.
It was an injured Wadjet trembling with fear,
Its body wound up for protection in literal knots.

Cradling the poor thing with tender embrace,
She decided the market could wait another day.
With loving care and a bowl of trusty tchea broth,
She nursed the little Wadjets sickness away.

Peopatra realised she had a passion for this,
She loved Petpets and they loved her.
But her modest home was soon overrun,
The Lost Desert’s equivalent of an animal shelter.

Nuks and Djutis and Ettaphants,
Khnums and Gebs and Sunuteks,
Scarabugs, Keprus and Scamanders,
Turtmids, Selkets and, of course, Wadjets.

So she scrimped and saved until she had enough,
To put down a deposit for her very own Petpet Stall,
In Sahkmet market she opened up shop,
Her goal is to provide Petpets for all!

In a Peophin's Garden
by yllaille

On a fine evening
in a peophin's garden —
	still warm from day's sun.

glides among fruits and flowers,
	frangrant in the dusk.

	Plurby bushes and
lemwarts, kau slips and foozettes —
	honeyplumes so sweet!

	But she misses the
gardens of Maraqua deep,
	cool pearls and dark ferns —

	Kelp groves ruffled by
salt currents instead of wind;
	no dirt but white sand.

	A mournful cry, then,
from a nearby furrn — weeeee woo,
	a homesick lament.

peers into the foliage
	and bright eyes stare back.

	A weewoo, of course,
that songbird of eventide...
	but such a surprise!

	Instead of wings, fins;
In place of feathers, scales —
	Maraquan, this bird.

	"Come with me little
one," says the peophin, "and
	we'll both sing of home."

	So the weewoo hops
onto her shoulder and then
	they sing of the depths.

	And with her new friend
Alisandera misses
	home a little less.

Ode to The Wave
by trubiekatie

With the refreshed look of Altador,
I’m headed there to enjoy the summer day.
Heading past the Exquisite Ambrosia,
Marveling at the ships harbored in bay.

On this Peophin Day, I want to pay my respects,
So a visit to the Hall of Heroes is a must.
That janitor Yurble is still grumbling,
As he mops the floor near the tall busts.

There, a famous Peophin stands tall, 
Among the likes of King Altador and Gordos.
Marak, known also as The Wave,
His statue is detailed and so grandiose.

I’ve heard stories that he lead a large clan,
Of Peophins to defend a nearby village.
Stopping a group of armed fisherman,
Saving the town and preventing a pillage.

After Altador’s named him a protector,
He was embodied in stone for all to see.
Standing tall, next to the ruined Darkest Faerie,
He overlooks the beckoning sea.

A toast to you, Marak the Peophin,
On a day to celebrate you and your tribe.
We thank you for your act of heroism,
For which King Altador did ascribe.

Venuquin the Guiding Peophin
by kayahtik

Far out in the ocean blue
Lives a legend known to few.
She is shrouded in mystery, 
More than any Peophin in history. 

The tales call her Venuquin,
And she is the guiding Peophin. 
For any ship lost at sea, 
She provides the missing key. 

Be it wind and rain or dark of night,
She will lead you toward the light.
Remember, there is naught to fear
When the guide Venuquin is near. 

When next you find you've lost your way,
Look to the waves, breathe, and say,
“Mother of Peophins, I call to you,
Like those before, please guide me through.”

Marak, Rider of the Waves
by umbrex

Marak, a brave and noble peophin,
one of the protectors of Altador.
By defending those in a nearby village,
he showed a heroism not seen before.

The proud possessor of many a title:
Sea Warrior, a knight, and Rider of Waves.
While they are all equally venerable,
Marak is best known for the lives he saves.

Standing tall and facing the tides of war,
Marak and his fellow Peophins defended the sea.
In the face of violence, into the fray they rode.
No more valiant, noble, or kind could they be.

Although many ages have passed,
Marak lives on in his constellation.
Look up at the starry night sky and see
the visage of the villagers' salvation.

And even today, we remember him.
And to this day, his clan lives on.
Embodying his ideals, will, and courage,
inheritors of his righteousness and brawn.

Celebrating Peopatra This Peophin Day
by painted_dreams87

If ever you should find yourself
in the city of Sakhmet,
stop by the Petpet Stall.
You'll meet a new friend, I bet.

The shopkeeper, Peopatra
is one of the kindest you'll meet.
She makes her mission to care
for petpets she finds on the street.

She's never turned away
a single petpet from her door.
Her motto is there's always
room for one more.

This Peophin Day,
why not give a petpet a home?
You'll make Peopatra happy,
plus have a companion with whom to roam.

With so many petpets to choose from,
you're sure to find the right one.
In no time at all,
the pair of you will laugh and have fun.

Peophins Are the Key to Happiness
by caityc923

Have you ever seen anyone so beautiful as the Peophin?
She is majestic, even when not Royal.
She glides through the sea, even when not Maraquan.
She is versatile. She is wise. She is loyal.

Each pet has its own traits, everyone knows.
The Peophin, more than most, is a shy Neopet
And so, when they bond with their owner,
The two become a close set.

Much can be said for the magic of this land,
But no one knows more than Peophins.
It is said that when they are at their merriest,
Happiness spreads across the land, and everyone wins.

The Paddling Peophin
by cybunny_2000567

Swimming all across the sea
A face glittering with glee
The Peophin soars across the water
Sunlight beating down in thick waves

She dips, she twists, she leaps
Aiming forever down into the deep
To find treasures buried within
A greatest dream to find those beauties

Down near the bottom, a glimmer of gold
She dives right down, oh so bold
A hunter after her finest prey
Her hooves click around it, and up she goes

A diadem she’s fished up, what luck!
Into her mane, it she tucks
And swims away under the sun
On this happy, beautiful day

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