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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Acara Day Special!

Ylana: the Acara Warrior Queen
by chirigami

I am Ylana, warrior Queen,
I am darkness, I am light,
I am the stars in the night sky,
you will see me when it's time to fight.

I am famous, I am revered,
The named a weapon after me.
It blasts, it bursts, it wins all fights,
Which, if I'm honest, is a real feat. 

Unless I am present, in which case it's not,
Because I am the one that jumps out in the night,
To respond to orders, to do my job,
I let you know when you are right.

I follow no leader, unless they pay.
I am a warrior for hire.
So here's my job ad, just let me know,
When you want to be on the side of fire.

Princess Fernypoo, the young Acara
by superpepe

A young Acara who goes by 
the name of Princess Fernypoo, 
has the dream of attaining 
the title of Cheat! champion. 

Being young of age and rich, 
she is clearly your typical 
spoilt princess living in her 
father's large and grand castle. 

With the help of her father, 
she gained a lot of confidence 
from defeating royal subjects 
to improve her playing skills. 

This however was just a sham, 
for her father arranged their loss, 
as failing to do so would 
get them thrown in the royal moat. 

Without her father's protection 
since leaving the Royal Estate, 
her bad temper began to show 
as she struggled to win games. 

Despite her selfish nature, 
she can be a loyal friend. 
Putting down her arrogance, 
she helped Brucey B retrieve his coin!

The Acara Who Purveys Fine Fruits
by _brainchild_

O'er the luscious grass I stroll.
Brightvale is so grand.
I have a very simple goal,
My Neopoints in hand.

I plan to buy some tasty fruit
With everlasting flavor.
I'll bite into the sweetest loot.
Its sugared taste I'll savor!

This bounty offered by the land
Is sold by someone green.
This Acara meets demands
Placed by you and me!

"Would you like a nice Sroom Fruit?
You'll surely love its taste.
What, this food isn't for you?
Then pick yourself, no haste!"

I buy a Furanga Fruit.
Its orange hue I admire.
It's yummy and furry to boot!
This treat I shall desire.

I am grateful to this pet,
An Acara so grand
Who allows people to get
The treasures of the land.

Fun at the Festival
by bellycat17

There's nothin' like sippin' juice
on a beach in the summer
Let's hope it doesn't rain
that would be a bummer!

Plenty of fun in the sun
for all my neopian friends
be careful of how many neopoints 
you might spend!

There's swimming and
dancing and laughing
and celebrating and
pranking too!

Don't miss out at the
Acara Aquatic Water Festival
Oh and don't forget the food
it's best of all!

The Acara Who Doesn't Like getting Wet
by skro

Zoorit the Acara, one morning,
woke up and outside it was pouring
he squinted his eyes
and said with a sigh
“Today’s gonna be rather boring.”

He cooked up a breakfast so fine
and sat at the table to dine
he looked at the date
and exclaimed as he ate
“Today was supposed to be mine!”

Acara day had come at last
the passing year had gone so fast
“Today’s for festivities,
and merry activities,
and yet it is so overcast!”

Zoorit couldn’t help be be glum;
he figured he’ll miss all the fun
“What point going out
if only to pout
as the downpour continues to come?”

“I’ll be soaked to my very bones…
Maybe lightning? Too many unknowns…
I’ll have to stay in”
He said with chagrin,
crossed his arms and then let out a groan.

Just then the rain started stopping
And Zoorit stood there just gawping 
he put on his shoes
snapped out of the blues,
“I can go out without getting sopping!”

An Aquatic Assembly
by dumbliedore

An Acara always aims to wade
across an admirable ocean wave
and abscond, amidst amorphous tide,
amused, alone, an animal guide.

Alas! An Acara approaches near--
apparent and arching and absent of drear, 
actualizing an abyssal address with cheer,
as an assuring, annual affair anchors here.

Adhere, aquiline avians, amphibians too,
Aliens, apples, and agueenas blue,
Avocados and aubergines, an actual slew!
All awaiting and awakened, adjoining the crew.

Amusement athirst! Abundant and small!
Altogether abounding, an azure windfall!
All applaud the Acara, as the curtain's call...
After an age— the Acara Aquatic Festival!

Fauna, the trainer of Yooyus
by a_ramsell

Fauna, the Gatherer,
Is a kind and gentle soul.
There's no lost or wayward petpet
That she cannot console.

Her warm, caring smile
And empathetic gaze
Radiate from her kindly face
Like the sun's brilliant rays.

This notable Acara
Is known across the land for
Being one of the twelve protectors
Of the land of Altador.

Fauna cares for all creatures,
Whether big or small,
But her favorite type of petpet
Sometimes takes the form of a ball.

This patient, sweet Acara
Donates much of her time
To training those wild Yooyus,
And keeping them in line.

She works with these rowdy petpets
So they're ready for the games.
Her Yooyus know the Altador Cup
Is their grandest claim to fame.

So, the next time you grab a Yooyu,
And hurl it toward the net,
Spare a thought for the Acara named Fauna,
Lest her hard work you forget!

Acara to Peophin
by etheralessence

"Acara," asked the Peophin,
"Why do you try to swim?
Your body shows no gills or tail,
nor any sort of fin."

"Peophin," the Acara pried,
"Do you ever walk on land?"

"Why yes," the Peophin replied,
"If I want to, then I can."

"Though you have no legs to walk?
Though you cannot stand?"

"Ah, I see," Peophin sighed,
"There's nothing that you lack.
For when you truly want something,
Nothing can hold you back."

Vira On The Wall
by lilpenguinswobble

Vira, Vira
On the wall
Who's the prettiest Acara of them all?
With a mane so shiny, pretty and new...
No wonder all Neopians want to look like you

They always come and gawk
At the pretty Vira as she stalks
In the fields filled with flowers
Not knowing about the evil powers

In order to be the fairest of them all
Vira turned into an evil doll
No one knows why she let herself fall
But her beauty only grew overall

The Acara Festival
by uncatena

Everybody dance and cheer
For today is the Acara Festival!
To celebrate our favourite feline friend
That we hold near and dear.

With their soft supple fur, 
They glide through the water.
They're the fastest swimmers,
That there ever were! 

They're always on the hunt,
In water or on land.
If there's treasure nearby,
Acaras will be leading the front.

If you have an Acara as a pet,
You are one of the lucky ones!
Give them an extra tight hug,
For they're the best Neopet yet!

Oh, Acaras are so amazing,
They're playful, joyful, and beautiful.
They love swimming with their friends,
And certainly deserve today's praising!

Ylana, Acara Bounty Hunter
by stmarshall

I’m sure you have heard of her,
Or know of her reputation at least,
The statuesque Acara bounty hunter,
Always available for lease.

A runaway adolescent, a family fortune lost,
Young Ylana Claymore turned to Dr. Sloth’s cause.
She did her job at Dr. Sloth’s cost,
Hunting the resistance without pause.

She’s rather striking actually,
Decked out in gadgets – 
Armor and artillery,
Kneepads and aviator helmet.

Ylana Claymore soon changed her name,
She wanted no association to her past,
Especially now as she was gaining fame,
Ylana Skyfire – here at last.

Blaster in hand, she teleported into the room,
All eyes on her, almost as if in a trance.
Then there was a very loud boom,
Straight at the members of the resistance.

Despite her efforts and Dr. Sloth’s funds,
The planetary conqueror’s plans were not to be.
The war is lost despite battles won,
Time now for a hasty retreat.

When Sloth was untimely defeated,
Ylana was at a loss.
She found her services no longer needed,
For now she had no boss.

Mutant Acara Haiku
by jaeconde

Beware, from afar
For he is not kind-natured
Like most Acaras

Menacing creature
Striking fear into your heart
With gleaming blue eyes

Curved horns and talons - 
Weapons in the Battledome -
Sharper than a sword

Matted crimson fur
Protected by his armour
Up and down his spine

Stir not his anger
And if his temper worsens
Blue eyes turn to red

Beware, from afar
For he is not merciful
Like most Acaras.

Acara Day Across Neopia
by ivoryangelxo

Deep within the thickets grooves,
A Woodland Acara tries to set the mood.
Wispy branches hung with bliss, 
Flowers and blossoms carefully spread not an inch missed.

Under the dark blue sea, 
A Maraquan Acara swims with glee.
Shimmering shells are places all around,
Singing and laughing is everywhere to be found.

High above in her castles perch,
 A Royal Acara smiles and smirks.
Her castle has streamers colored of silver and gold,
She has an audience waiting for stories to be told.

In the sand covered dunes,
A Desert Acara hums celebration tunes. 
Glittering and shimmering hues of jewels set ablaze, 
A fire roars within a cave.
Every Acara is gathered round,
To hear the stories passed down.

Way above in the bright clouds,
A Faerie Acara buzzes cheerily around. 
Dancing among the suns bright rays,
A celebration is bound to take place.

In the darkest hidden corners of a cove,
A Wraith Acara welcomes others into his abode. 
Usually hidden and kept from sight,
Even the Wraiths welcome celebration on this night.

Flames crackle, bubble, and burst,
A celebration tune is rehearsed.
The air is sweltering, and the lava is hot,
Although for a Magma Acara a volcano is the perfect spot. 

Every Acara across Neopia celebrates in a different way,
But one thing is for sure,
They all wish you a,
Happy Acara Day!

Acara Aquatic Festival
by she_chose_love

Today we head down,
to the sea.
For a special celebration,
do you know what it could be?

It involves swimming,
in the summer sun.
It is a special festival,
that is a lot of fun.

Today is the Acara Aquatic Festival,
many have waited for this all year.
This festival is one,
that many Acaras hold very dear.

All kinds of fun things,
will take place today.
New Acara colors will come out as well,
and new Acara themed items, hooray.

So head down to the sea,
before it gets too full.
Enjoy the celebrations,
there is no way this day could ever be dull!

Mipsy, the Acara Wizardess
by kougra6004

Blue of fur and pure of heart
Powerful right from the start
If you don't mind, let me explain
How Mipsy saved us from Terask's reign

In White River City where we met
That city noble, peaceful and wet
Across a broken bridge I crossed
When I found her, not a moment was lost

She joined right away, or I joined her
As she was clearly the stronger warrior
Though frail when hit, she never wavered
And through the air, magic spells quavered

Her power then grew more and more
As through the cold mountains and caves we bore
In a single strike, great monsters fell!
Despite the frostbite, we all felt well

The desert was no more a struggle
Mipsy easily tore through the rubble
And with a healer and a ranger
She nevermore had to fear any danger

An explosion on one, a hailstorm on many
Great spells were more common than a penny
Speeding us through the horrid wood
She grinned as in the ashes she stood.

Finally in the captured land
Against the great dragon we took our stand
And who should land the killing blow?
Mipsy, the finest wizard I know.

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